I seriously don’t know what’s going on. Why did this had to happen…Why is racism poisoning our hearts? Why are we diving deep down into the roots of race and gender? why are we being so mean to human beings? Aren’t Blacks human? Don’t they have a soul? Don’t they have the right to live?

Can’t we stand up and just say one word together; Enough. Enough. Enough.

Please, it’s enough. How much blood are you going to shed? How many people are you going to bury or hang alive? How many names will you write on the tombstones? how many poetry and songs will you sing?

Aren’t you tired? Aren’t you tired of holding those banners that have the words, Black Lives Matter all over? Aren’t you tired of yelling, screaming, running around under the heat and aren’t you exhausted to see no change?

Source: The Source Magazine

Blacks are humans too. Just like us, they are kind, merciful, generous, loving and caring then why do you distinguish them? why do you categorize them and label them as ‘others?’ why do you do this? Please, tell me, I need to know.

Even though I’m not a Black, I feel their pain. I feel their grief. I feel their tragic history crawling up to my heart and throat and choking me with sadness. Is this the world we’re living in? Is this what it means to be human? Then isn’t it better to die if all we get is abuse, discrimination, rascim, and comments that break and tear us apart.

When you look at Whites, what do you feel? Nothing.

But when you look at Blacks? Everything?

Isn’t this injustice? Isn’t this called biasness?

Black Lives Matter as much as every lives. You matter, you matter, you matter, George Floyd matters, Breonna Taylor matters, Ahmaud Arbery matters and those lives that are lost in the protests and before matter.

Let’s all become anti-racist so that we can make the world a better place. Is that too much to ask for? Can’t our hearts soften and become kind? Can’t we embrace each other’s ethnicity and background and forget about what our skin color is and just…just shake hands, kiss each other’s cheeks, bump our foreheads and smile?

Please, don’t make this a ‘dream’ but make it a ‘reality.’ Don’t say it’s impossible, say it’s possible and take action! Remember, to start a revolution you don’t need a large group, but one man/woman with a strong voice is enough.

Donate. Sign petitions and support the protests as much as you can.

Click here to know where you can donate your dollars.



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What would you like to be recognized for when you are older?

Hm, this is an easy question and I don’t think I need to think too much to answer it.

Of course, I want to be recognized as a bestselling Author. It’s my dream. My one true goal in life that I want to accomplish no matter what.
I want people to just see my book and go like, “OMG! I love this Author’s work! She’s just awesome!”

It’s a simple dream, a simple hope, but I’ll give it my all!

Being recognized without you forcefully telling it to people is a great achievement and not many people can get that.
However, it’s not as easy as you think it is, to become a recognized author.

Sure, for some, it’s a one-night waiting and fame knocks on the door like Amazon Delivery,
but for others, it takes months or even years. For people like us, it’s a dream come true.
It’s what matters when we sit in front of the laptop and let our fingers do the working.

And not even writers but other people as well. Other occupations too are difficult to get recognized for.
I hope one day, some day at least, that you all will get recognized for the dreams you’re chasing. For the goal that you’re pursuing.

For the moment you’ve been waiting.

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Paradise (A Poetry, A Musing)

“I hope for a hereafter, where there would be four rivers,
one of clear water, one of milk, one of honey and one of wine.
a place where there would be high thrones and tall people;
where green silk clothes would be worn, with gold bracelets and crown full of rubies.
Peace will be lingering in the air,
evil will be jealous, its heart blaring as bright as the sun rays.
the sand underneath the feet would be of gems, from emeralds, to sapphire, to topaz and diamonds.
and there would be boys like pearls walking around, their beauty too bashful to perceive, unimaginative to fathom.
a life I want,
a life I dream of.
where every sound is like a soft piano key,
where every heart beat is tranquility.
There would be nothing but what you wish for,
a place filled with possibilites, infinities and everlasting certainties.
Smiles will be on each and every face,
a joyous moment that will never perish.
a place that will never end.
an irresistible beginning that will last forever.
Oh, how I would give anything to stain myself with a piece of heaven,
Oh, I would rather get martyred than die in vain.
everyone asks if there is a life other than this, other than today.
I will say Yes, there is.
A Nirvana that will be a thousand times better than your lousy Saturdays.
You wont be sad,
you wont be hurt,
you’ll only feel glad,
you’ll be overflowing with mirth.”
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My Favorite Organization

Heck, I can’t choose a favorite organization because each of the organizations have their own purpose and goals, that too all for the good. Choosing a particular organization isn’t right or fair. They all must be respected for their good deeds and hard work equally.

These organizations inspire me, and I can’t help but dream of joining one myself when I grow up a little more. I bet it must feel great to support a cause, to help the people in need, to fight for what’s right. I want to feel that goodness, I want to be a part of something virtuous and banish the evil!

Okay, that was too much, but you got my point, right? I would choose any organization as long as it works according to its rules and doesn’t involve vain or vile things.
With that, I have said what I needed to. Now that I’ve talked about this, its time I add ‘Join an Organization’ in my bucket list.

What about you guys?
Which Organization do you want to join and why?

Comment below and don’t forget to like this post and follow me for more mini reads like this.

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~



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A Letter To My Younger Self

    My younger self

     Let me start abruptly and with no formality whatsoever. You were so brainless. Like seriously, you didn’t even know the meaning of manifesto or know that albeit means though. You didn’t even know how to form words like, ‘And the sun drifted through the windows and shone on the face of the most beautiful handmaiden there ever lived.’

You just sat, drew or painted something and you were actually good at it but then I wonder…How did you become a writer when you were so into art and playing Nintendo all the time?

How were you able to form such extreme words and publish your first novel when you didn’t even know what you were good at?

The only answer the you right now has, ‘it was meant to be’. Everything, from dropping out of school, to struggling to sit and weave words, to publishing, was destined and we can’t question destiny, can we?

I’m so proud of you right now that now, I’m always grateful to God in what you have come to achieve.

As time passed, you grew less brainless. Less careless but more stressed. You went through a lot, you cried a lot, at some point you were even hopeless, but you held on.

You kept your feet firm on the ground, which is utterly difficult for many of us to do so but you did it and I can’t be more pleased to see you make me who I am today.

Thank you my younger self for not giving up when life was turning and twisting hard. For persevering to reach your goal until the very end, and for not losing hope because hope is one thing that we blindly allow our souls to occupy.

You have worked hard so now rest, because its time for me to carry on the weight. To reach the top and to make my dreams and wishes come true.

I won’t let your efforts be in vain.

I won’t disappoint you. I promise.

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Why do we write?

Why do we write?

Its the same question again and again, right? And we get the same answer all the time.

We write to spill our inner feelings and thoughts. We write to free ourselves from the invisible cage we’re locked in. We write to satisfy and our soul, and to calm our anxious heart down.

We write because sometimes its just in our blood to do so. We write because there’s this thing nagging at the back of your mind and you HAVE to get rid of it.

We write because it makes us feel happy. It animates us, relieves us from our stress, gives us a chance to think things over or through and clears our disordered mind.

We write because if we don’t, we might break. We might lose our ourselves. We might suffocate. We might die.

We write because we have no choice.

We write because sadly, its the one thing we’re good at.

We write because we can’t speak. Our voices doesn’t reach them no matter how loud we try to be.

We write because we can’t properly convey our feelings unless its on a piece of paper.

We write because…sometimes its just, ‘just’.

We write because our mind is different from theirs.

We write because our body turns numb if we don’t bleed the words.

We write because we’re not good at expressing ourselves.

We write because we love adventures. We love long, late night trips, and coffee and cinnamon.

We write because we want to be praised. We want to be proud of ourselves. We want to hear the awesome exclamations and applauds.

We write because its our duty to do so. Its what we are destined to do. We can’t change that, ever.

We write because…We love to make people cry, make them laugh, bring terror in their eyes, tense their hearts and occupy their minds.

We write because we love to. Because no one can stop us. Because its a lifetime journey that will never perish, that’ll never get boring, and that’ll forever excite us.

We write because we can’t take drugs to forget about the bad memories, or drink to paralyze our pain.

We write because others want us to. Because we have something to tell. Because we’re filled up with so much secret and mystery.

Because we’re the most alive people.

Because others are mostly dead inside.

That’s why we write. And we’re clearly unstoppable. 


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5 Books Everyone Should Read

Below is the list of five books that everyone should read at least once. Also, these are my personal faves and if you haven’t read them yet, I suggest you should because I don’t want you to miss out on the good stuff.

  • The Giver – Lois Lowry


  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Jk Rowling

hp gof.GIF

  • Charlie and the chocolate factory – Roaldh Dahl


  • Twilight – Stephenie Meyer


  • The Book Thief – Markus Zusak


(I’m pretty sure most of you all might’ve already read these books since they are famous and the most-read of all times)

Anywho, enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment your thoughts about the books above if you’ve read them or are planning to~

Then, see you in my next post, neighbors!

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Mini Review of Jung Ilhoon’s ‘She’s Gone’ MV

She’s Gone is the title track of the solo debut album titled, ‘Big Wave’ released by BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon. The song is about Ilhoon’s girlfriend who leaves him perhaps for another guy? But he says that’s he’s alright with it, that he’s going to endure the pain anyway and live his life to the fullest now instead of mopping over her. He also tells that she’s evil and that he’s now set free from the prison he was living in. He alleviates himself by saying that he escaped himself because she had messed up herself. The song has a combined feeling of love and animosity and he can’t help feeling that way now that she’s gone. Nevertheless, he tells her to live well, to not regret her decision, to take care of her herself and with a final goodbye, he tells her that he loves her.

This song and MV could’ve gone slow and tragic but since our Ilhoon is a rapper, he’s not going to make us cry. Instead, he induced it with an up-beat, country-rock concord that just makes your head bob to the rhythm and forget that it’s an unhappy song of a lover boy. In the video, Ilhoon is seen being carefree and enjoying his time with his friends showing that he has already gotten over her. We see no tears or breaking of the walls or a dark cloud hanging above his head, but we do see the breaking of a beer bottle and that’s only natural, isn’t it? He also shows his frustration by playing shooting games in an arcade.

I liked Ilhoon’s style, attitude and his insouciant vibe. As the song slowly comes to an end, there’s the clapping of the hands as if it was an anthem. An anthem for all those who lose their girls like him. A goodbye anthem you could say.

I liked the MV because of its dark rooms and alleys, smoking gas, awesome background dancers and our very own Ilhoon being Ilhoon. It’s a song that just lifts even the most dejected man. The perfect song that can be listened to when you’ve just broke up.

She’s Gone MV

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbors

See you in my next post~


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Mini Review of Camila Cabello’s ‘Never Be the Same’ MV

I heard this song a few weeks ago and I totally love it and seeing that Camila released an official video of it, I got hyped up and running. It’s absolutely my type of song because it speaks of a painful, difficult kind of love. A one-sided love but not really one sided.

The music video is a montage of recorded footages of a lazy-in-bed style Camila in a hotel room. She is seen wearing couture in aesthetic and professional environments. She has this messy hair and slightly exhausted look that really allures the viewers gazes. Her voice is beautiful; her high and low tones gave us the meaning she was trying to convey of pain and desperation. The beats of the drums give a strong vibe and the mid-tempo and R&B rhythms make this song a hit to the ears; It just sticks there in your mind like art.

I can’t help but feel that Camila and Selena have much in common; perhaps its their style of music or the aspects that makes me want to compare.

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbors

See you in my next post~




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