How To Simplify Your Life?

How do we live a simple life? That’s what we all must ask ourselves. You need to take a step back and learn to simplify your life because, without it, you’ll always be tired of yourself and the things you loved to do. By simplifying your life, you can enjoy even the tiniest things and be in control of your life.

Life can be hard and exhausting sometimes. It’s never easy for anyone but we strive to make the best of our day. However, we’re always looking for things that make us happy. Things that make our life more enjoyable.

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Sure, you have work; a lot of it at that, but that doesn’t mean you will give up the things that make you happy. That you will just work your butt off, earn, and feed your family, and then repeat the cycle as if you’re a robot.

No, we’re not robots which is why we must also work hard on keeping ourselves happy and sane. God created us not only to work but also to enjoy the pleasures of life which he has bestowed upon us and to be close to our relatives as well.

If you want to be happy, stress-free, and always be surrounded by tranquility and choices you can easily make, then continue to read on because today, I’m going to share with you some amazing tips that can help you simplify your life for the better.

11 Ways To Simplify Your Life!


  • Set Monthly Goals

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    When you set monthly goals, you get this motivation that yes, you have to fulfill/complete what you started. This way you can break your bad habits, change your lifestyle, and even complete goals you had a hard time finishing.

  • Reduce The Time You Watch T.V

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    Television can and is a big distractor. It can pull you away from your goals, make you lazy, make you forget things, and even make you crazy! (no offense to all those binge-watchers!) There’s no harm in watching one episode a day, but five-six episodes mean using 5-6 hours of your day….just down the drain!

    That’s not how we should live life. You can do SO MUCH in those precious 5-6 years instead of watching television or Netflix. Yes, I know that you have your excuses such as ‘I can’t stop watching because it’s freaking interesting!’ and ‘I wanted to know what happens in the next episode!’ but you need to put a limit to your inquisitiveness and start doing something that will help you be proud of yourself and your life.

  • Declutter Your Closet

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    We all have so man clothes but nothing to wear, right? (lol, I know you get me) but yeah, it’s time we get into our closet and pull out all the clothes we don’t need and give them in charity (to someone who actually needs) Trust me, you will feel good and your closet will look neat and tidy too! It’s two birds with one stone, girl!

  • Follow A Morning Routine

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    Sometimes, when you wake up, you might get a little confused as to what to first; should you check your emails? eat and then work out? or workout and then eat? Or wait…should you drink coffee first? All of these things may make you hazy and crazy and you might end up sleeping your morning off! And now that it’s lockdown season and we’re all always in our homes, this could be a big problem. However, if you make and follow a specific morning routine that works according to your needs; then you can get up every morning knowing what to do and when. This way you won’t feel as if there’s too much work to do and you can do it step by step.

  • Pay Off Your Debt

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    Being a middle-class family, I know how debt can jeopardize your family. I am saying this through my personal experience and believe me when I say that paying off debts is one way to have a simple life. You don’t want the people you are indebted to, calling you every single day, or the bank to come to your house to ask for money. It’s a harsh and cruel world out there and being in debt is gonna make it worse.

  • Stop Being Negative

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    Negativity can ruin your life. Yes, I’m going to say it once again; it’s going to ruin your life and by the time you’re at the bed of the ocean, you will be filled with regret and guilt knowing that all this time, if only you could have thought positively then maybe things could have been changed for the better. Think negativity as your enemy, as your bully, and you need to fight this bully so that you can control your own life instead of letting someone or something tell you what to do. Also, you’re just wasting your time thinking negative thoughts when you could have opened up your laptop and started your own blog!

  • Use Less Social Media

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    Ladies, Gentlemen, and pretty non-binary people out there, we have another enemy among us and that is Social Media. Yes, we waste our time on social media and also hope to get things done! That doesn’t work at all! If you want to get somewhere in your life, then you have to put down that damn phone, close your Instagram (by the way, follow me! it’s @writernxtdoor), and start working on who you want to be! Instead, what you can do is learn new courses such as Blogging, How to become a voice-over artist, and more through Fiverr Learn! 

  • Make A List Of Priorities

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    This way, you can have an organized mind and clarity of what really matters most in your life. It can be either taking a course on Udemy or starting a Fiverr account where you can sell your creative services to others who are in need of it.

  • Woah, There…Slow Down

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    Take a deep breath and don’t try to think of anything for a while. Just close your eyes and maybe think of cute sea turtles, kittens or baby hamsters! Chill bro, your work isn’t going to go anywhere and neither is your laptop. Now, once you have taken a few minutes off of your screen, you can now eat a fruit or a piece of chocolate and get back to work. Your mind will feel refreshed and you will become more productive.

  • Avoid Multi-Tasking

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    Multitasking can make you feel anxious and hyper. It’s like, you need to complete whatever tasks you have in hand even though you could have done it one by one and finished it quicker. Avoid multitasking and try to keep only one-two tabs open on your laptop. It’s good to work one project at a time instead of being all over the computer screen as if you’re playing the piano!

  • Write To-Do List

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    The best way to stay organized and have a clear mind in the morning is to make your to-do list right before you go to sleep. This way, you can know what to prioritize and what to keep aside.

I hope this simple guide on how to simplify your life has helped you (don’t know about you, but it has helped me a lot!) and if you ever feel as if you’re too tired and just want to lie down; do that, please, because you need to take care of your body and your mind too.

Times can be stressful but with a bit of organizing and maybe a couple of deep breaths, you can definitely make it work!

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in my next article!
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Hate it but don’t Vape It

Did you know that there are currently 1 billion smokers worldwide? And as the rise of vaping among teenagers continues, it’s no doubt that the number will gradually increase. The teens have begun to vape either because they are pressured by its trend or believe it to make them look cool. 

E-cigarettes are a battery-operated device that emits doses of vaporized nicotine and non-nicotine mixtures. They resemble conventional cigarettes but without burning tobacco. 

The majority of the teenagers these days are vaping due to the fact that 1) it’s flavorful and is 95% less harmful than smoking and 2) It’s aimed to provide a similar sensation to inhaling tobacco smoke. 

However, in September 2019, Federal and Health Authorities investigated an outbreak of a severe lung disease that was linked with e-cigarettes and other vaping products. 

Although many believe that they are the better alternative to quit smoking, there is a manifest risk and a negative impact on the users such as lung and bladder cancer and heart diseases. 

Furthermore, e-cigarettes contain nicotine which is highly addictive and can trigger changes in the adolescent brain. The e-cigarettes also produce an aerosol that contains solvents, toxicants, and flavorings which are more likely harmful. 

India has already banned E-cigarettes and the authorities are tightening the regulations to discourage young people from using them, but is that enough to stop those who are addicted? Can you guarantee that they won’t use Tobacco in the form of cigarettes which is a far worse substitute and is easily at one’s disposal? 

However, here are some ways we can help people quit Vaping. 

  1. Talk to them and change their perspective about vaping. 
  2. Join them in counseling sessions.
  3. Help them look into Nicotine replacement therapy.
  4. Lastly, surround them with positive people. 

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A Letter From My Younger Self


              You, but just a little younger.

So, I see that you’ve published a novel. Let me just congratulate you because you’ve made me so proud of myself. You’ve achieved what I strove to and yeah, it is thanks to me that you were able to ascend the first few steps to reach your ultimate dream, but still…You didn’t give up either and that’s all that matters in the end.

You’ve learned so much, you’ve evolved into a fine woman and your brain has developed so much lol, that I can’t even fathom how you managed to acquire such knowledge without even completing your high school.

You make me self-satisfied and seeing you brings tears to my eyes. You’re thanking me, but I thank you for continuing what I started and still moving on without stopping.

I have nothing more to say. And even if I did you already know what it might be. It will all be a bunch of Thank you’s, sorry’s and I love you’s for my mistakes, my triumphs and my gratification. 

Don’t give up, ever, okay?
If we do, our dream will only be just a dream.

Let’s always keep dream with open eyes.

*Hugs tightly*


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Types of Teens

Let’s start off with the quote, “We are all different in our own ways.” 

We can’t say, “Why is he/she like that?” or “You could do better if you’re like he/she.”

No, it’s not right and it’s not fair. Each person has their personality, style, attitude, sense and taste. If we try to change that, then who are we?

We try to find the right teens to mingle with but first off, we try to find ourselves. We differentiate of what category we will fit into and think twice before joining a specific group of teenagers.

Because what if you suddenly join one that seems to you like good people but they turn out to be these crazy, metal loving, junk eating, rule breaking creatures?


So that’s why, let’s first get to know the types of teens there are around us. That way, you can choose the one that seems relevant and you don’t have to be in a mess.


  1. Geeks. They don’t care what goes around them, they are in love with their books and if you ask them a question like, “Is humanity made for loving? Or the other way round?” They would answer it within the snap of the fingers. Although, I have to say, they are types in geeks as well. There might be computer geeks, math geeks, anime geeks, music loving geeks, comic book geeks, game geeks and a whole lot of geeks that are obsessed with just one particular stuff. They are mostly introverts (Lucky if you find an extrovert) and are not too fond of socializing.
  2. Skaters. You might know these guys as the cool dudes of the school because of their long hair and oversized tees and pants. They don’t care about studies, no. All they want is people to praise their awesome stunts. When it comes to breaking rules, they are the rebellious ones. However, not all skaters are bad. Some just want to have some fun and take it to the next level while some spend dozens of hours practicing to be the best among them all.
  3. Jocks. The famous ones walking amongst us. These guys and girls can be spotted anywhere in the school because these guys are hella popular. They take athlete seriously no matter what the cost is. You might have to look out for the bullies, though. Not a good experience once they have their eyes on you. The adults do tend to look at them as leaders so you might not get any chance for complaining. But, if you think you can fit into that group without any problem then hallelujah!
  4. Outsiders/ Newcomers. These guys don’t want to join any group. They are by nature lone wolfs and avoid any interaction with a group of people. However, some enthusiastic outsiders make their own circle of friends and some just have a few awesome ones to spend the time at the cafeteria. They get the ‘looks’ from others and are a red target for the bullies. An outsider is almost like an alien and if you’re friends with one of them, the others will push you away too. But some teens are just good enough to be alone and enjoy their time with themselves.
  5. Indies/ Hipsters. These are the vintage-fashionista’s that wear skinny jeans, crop tops, heart-shaped sunglasses and just about anything that matches their independent attitude. They try to define themselves by way of clothing. And it’s just super hard to get into their group unless you have a top that has an epic quote from an epic movie that people never have heard of.
  6. Scenesters. These guys are thirsty to fit in. They devote their time to fashion, clubs and particular bands. They might be misunderstood for hipsters for their fashion sense but you can distinguish them from their weird hairstyles and colors. Often, these guys are called posers and wannabe’s but not all of them are like that. Some are just straight-edge scenesters.
  7. Nerds. These guys are like robots. They study. They study. And they keep on studying. They are teased often and are called the ‘teachers pet’. Reminder: They top the class. Every single time. Less intelligent people tend to get annoyed at them easily since they’re the first ones to raise their hand in the class. They don’t have fashion sense and have a hard time socializing since for teens even now, being ‘too brainy’ isn’t A-OK.
  8. Preps. The well-groomed teens wearing polo shirts. These guys are popular as well and are generally overlapped with jocks because of their competitiveness in tennis and golf. These guys might not bully but you should look out for their overachieving anything attitude, being in too many clubs, completing homework beforehand and the obsession of getting into the right college.
  9. Mean girls. The one group that we want to stay away from. They are into the latest fashion and gossiping is just their drug. These girls are hungry for popularity because often they feel insecure. They don’t have a perfect relationship with their best friend and would most likely talk behind their back. In other words, they make more ‘frenemies’ than friends or enemies. However, you better watch out for their verbal bullying…it gets intense.
  10. Emo kids. Ever saw one with black t-shirt, black pant, neon streaked hair and piercings? These guys are just another word for angst, goth and gloom. They don’t let out their feelings so easily, they are the victims of depression, self-injury and bipolar tendencies. They might seem intimidating, but talking to them would make them happy even if they don’t show it and if they let something out, listen to them. All they need is a friend.


I have successfully finished listing the types of teens there are in every school. All I can say is that being a teenage isn’t easy. There will be happy, emotional and vexing times but that’s what helps us grow, right?


I hope this post has helped you in any way and well, see you in the next post.


I’m your Writer Next Door!

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