List Of Books I Want To Read This Year

We all love reading, don’t we all? We love escaping from our reality and just indulge in someone else’s life. It’s so strange how such something fictional can sometimes make us feel sane. Books are capable of playing with our emotions and thoughts and the more you read, I’ve realized the more focused you are in your life.

I didn’t read much last year, but this year I have decided to at least finish reading 10+ books! I know 10 is still a low number but for me, it’s a start. I’m just so busy that for me 10 is a still a great number.

Anyway, below is my list of the books I want to read this year!

  1. Outsider – Stephen King
  2. The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas
  3. Elevation – Stephen King
  4. I’ll Be Gone In The Dark – Michelle Mcnamara
  5. The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This One – Amanda Lovelace
  6. Children of Blood and Bone – Tomi Adeyemi
  7. Leah on the Offbeat – Becky Albertalli
  8. Kingdom of Ash – Sarah J. Maas
  9. The Trials of Apollo – Rick Riordan
  10. Sadie – Courtney Summers
  11. What if it’s us – Adam Silvera
  12. All the Little Lights – Jamie McGuire
  13. Emergency Contact – Mary H.K. Choi
  14. Starry Eyes – Jenn Bennett
  15. The Cheerleaders – Kaza Thomas
  16. Love, Hate and Other Filters – Samira Ahmed
  17. The Dark Between Stars – Atticus
  18. Take me With you – Andrea Gibson
  19. Helium – Rudy Francisco
  20. Dracul – Dacre Stoker
  21. Then she was gone – Lisa Jewell
  22. The Chalk Man – C.J. Tudor

Hopefully, this year I would be able to complete them all.

I would love to know which books you guys are looking forward to read this year! There are some interesting and under-rated ones out there that needs a reader like you and me, right?

Do let me know in the comments!

Until then,

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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Mini Review of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Book

I absolutely loved this part of the HP series. It was so interesting and intense, I couldn’t keep the book down at all.

In his fourth year, Harry Potter is unwillingly selected to take part in the tri-wizard tournament. Furthermore, in this part, we get to see more of Lord Voldemort and his evil doings.

None of the chapters felt boring to me, in fact, I was so immersed in it that time certainly ticked away like dust.

I was happy to see dobby back again with Harry Potter! And I do have one thing to confess, and that is I love Cedric Diggory as much as the Hufflepuffs do.

His death at the end was ultimately tragic and I still can’t make myself forget about it. I’m truly heart broken right now and like every reader I wish he could’ve stayed longer. Curse you Wormtail!

J.K Rowling is such a great author that I sometimes wonder how she gets these ideas, how she happens to write so flawlessly and how she manages to captures our hearts.

The meeting of the two schools; The Drumstrang and the Beauxbatons was amusing and gave the feeling of an inter-school competition.

I’m glad that Ron is gradually able to feel something for Hermoine but it pains me to see Harry see Cho with desperate eyes but she had her heart with Cedric. She did cry a lot when he died…

As always, Dumbledore is my favourite character of all. He’s cool, he’s calm and he’s scary when he’s serious. Like Harry, I too feel calm whenever Dumbledore’s part comes. I don’t know why that is but I guess he does has that ‘Grandparent’ vibe to him, doesn’t he?

Professor Snape is still cold and wicked towards Harry, Ron and Hermoine. And not to forget the rumor about Hermoine being Harry’s girlfriend! Oh, no, I don’t quite ship them as much as I do her and Ron! I’m eagerly waiting for the part when the two souls finally confess to each other….(Don’t tell me in which part that’s gonna be. I want it to be a surprise :P)

And of course, who would forget our mini boss, Draco Malfoy. Harry Potter isn’t Harry Potter if Draco doesn’t tease him or his friends. Though in this part, he kept it to his limits (Probably because of the new Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher)

It was such a big damn mystery on who put Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire! Of course, I won’t reveal the characters name since it would just ruin your day if you haven’t read HP but you totally gotta read this part because it’s awesome and I personally love it!

It touched me quite hard when Mrs. Weasly comes in as Harry’s guardian. I could somehow feel the happiness Harry feels of having a ‘mother’ by his side.

In the end, I’m assuming that this is the best book of the Harry Potter series (Although, I can’t be completely sure right now because I still have three parts left to read)

Its the perfect book to read when you don’t have anything to and hey, It’s Harry Potter for cookies sake so go and start reading it right now!

Rating: 4/5


See you in my next post~



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15 Things you do when you’re alone.

Heyo peeps! Wassup? (Sorry for being so informal lol. Being a good girl isn’t an option. It’s a choice) 

So, the past few days, I have been scrolling through posts on Pinterest for any blog ideas I can use to write and thanks to the people who post there, I got a few that I can use for a few days or maybe months.

I’m gonna just take a second and promote Pinterest a little since it’s so so so so so useful. (Yes, five so’s) It’s a great app for bloggers and writers who become the victims of writer’s block. It’s helped me a lot and I’m sure it’s been a great companion to others as well. You can literally find any topic…I mean, literally. So if you’re not using Pinterest then I suggest you go use it right now because hell, I’m a fan and should you be.

Anyway, today’s post is about THINGS YOU DO WHEN YOU’RE ALONE!

I’m ninety-nine point nine percent sure that a human being has two sides. One, when they are between two or more people and two, when they are all alone.

When we’re alone, we tend to do things that we don’t usually do or don’t want others to see what we want to do. It’s human nature, of course. We are our true selves when we no one’s watching us.

We do stuff like :-

  1. Sing under the shower as if you’re in The Voice.
  2. Praise yourself in front of the mirror. Trust me, sometimes our faces just looks too good to be true.
  3. While baking or cooking we act as if we’re in a cooking show. We speak aloud as if we have an audience in front of us. Besides, doing that makes baking even more fun!
  4. Have you pretended as if you’re in a music video? Don’t lie, I’m sure you have.
  5. You meticulously plan how you’re going to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse. You suddenly see a hammer and bam, you’re like, “I gotta put that in my Z.A.T.K. (Zombie Apocalypse Tool Kit)
  6. We pick our nose. It’s common.
  7. Have you ever planned about robbing a bank or maybe, breaking into a prison and then breaking someone out from there? No? Then let me tell you something.

    “Somewhere deep in our little mind, we are all criminals.” 

  8. You just sit there on the couch or recliner and just ponder; “What am I going to do If I have a million dollars?” And let me be honest, I always think of opening a charity house.
  9. Okay, so you have a glass of water in front of you. What do you do, huh? That’s right, you think you can pick it up by just thinking or staring at it. I actually tried this a few times as a kid after watching Matilda… And all I ever got was disappointment. Shouldn’t have believed that movie.
  10. Alohomora! “Well, that didn’t work…” But don’t worry, keep trying it. Maybe one day, the door will just pop open.
  11. I’m sure this everyone must have experienced. Remembering that embarrassing moment from years ago.  It’s like suddenly, the mind evilly plans to leave us in a cringy state or stop us from sleeping half of the night.
  12. “They say we have seven people around the world that looks like us…I wonder what my look-alike is doing right now…thinking the same thing I’m thinking? Wow…that would be so epic…and creepy.”
  13. You dance in front of the mirror thinking that you’re in Step up 6. And once those dope moves are danced, you never remember what you just did.
  14. You try to touch your toes to your forehead…No one tried that? Okay then, shouldn’t have added this point…
  15. You know there’s no Joe Jonas beside you but hey, it doesn’t hurt to talk to the ‘Imaginary Joe Jonas’ once in a while.

That’s how much I know what people do when they’re alone or at least what do. And guess what, we shouldn’t be embarrassed to agree and accept what we are because that’s how we like ourselves. That’s what makes us, us. These are just a few habits that we won’t be changing any time soon. And there’s also no need to lie about such trivial things, right? What? Can’t we just have some fun when we’re alone?

These are just a few points I know but if there’s something different that you do, then why don’t you leave a comment and let me know? It’s fun to know each other’s strange habits.

I had fun writing this post. See you in my next post~

I’m your Writer Next Door. 


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Summer Bucket List!

Since I wrote a bucket list for sisters, I thought ‘why not do a summer bucket list’ because obviously, it’s summer and some of you might be out of ideas for having fun on such an awesomely-hot-weather.

Before listing some of the things you could do, if you see something that you’ve already done the last summer or the summer before that or summers ago, why not do it again with different people this time? It would be fun, different and hell, different memories is all that matters, right?

  • I definitely want to do this sometime. Host a bonfire party at the BEACH! It’s always exciting to go in large groups—be it friends or family—and just sit in a BIG circle around the fire and talk and sing and eat s’mores. Also, at times like this, we tend to get emotional and occasionally, it’s not bad to let our feelings to our closet. Let them know your true emotions so that they can know you better.
  • Go on a vacation but there’s a catch to it. Don’t use your phone. Keep it only for emergencies but cut off all relations with your social buddies and just enjoy some peace of mind. Don’t let technology avert you from the beauty of nature. (Tweet that, it’s my own quote, lol)
  • Or if you don’t want to go on a vacation because you already went last month, then why not try taking a cooking class and learning some new recipes? At least you can feed it to your baby brother or sister and cooking is an art that take your stress away. Trust me. Plus, you can add that ‘chef’ in your bio if you think you’re too good already *winks*
  • Go to an outdoor music festival. I always add this in my list because I think it’s the most refreshing thing to do. I mean yeah, it could get a little sweaty but when everyone’s enjoying you don’t care about perspiration, you just enjoy the beats, the kicks and just let go.
  • Take a weekend off from your work, writing, blogging, dancing, singing and go on a road trip in an open jeep or truck or whatever you find pleasure in. Maybe camp out somewhere nice and once more, it’s the people and memories that matter, not the place.
  • Dip dye your hair with a color that defines the true you. It’s summer, man. No rules.
  • Go to a drive-in movie! And speaking of drive-in movie, I do have to say, #Riverdale is an awesome #Netflix series to watch this summer. It’s mysterious and it’s Archie, so why not?
  • Try some new restaurants that you thought you wanted to go to but didn’t have the time to. It’s also a good way to spend time with your beloved haha.
  • This might be boring, but why not try playing with your hair? If you love braiding your hair then try some new hairstyles and blog about it so that your hairstyle becomes the “trend” of the year.
  • Don’t forget to buy a retro style bathing suit because it’s chic.
  • Oh, and before doing all those things above, make a summer playlist so that you won’t have to be clumsy when someone yells, “play some damn good music!”
  • Go on a picnic maybe? Nah, too cliche? Not your type? Then spend a day at the water-park!!!!!
  • Call your friends, whoever they may be—bullies, cowards, nerds, jerks—and have a water gun fight. Take out all the anger, frustration and get that beast out of that petty cage! Go #hardcore girl!
  • This is a must. Watch the sunrise at the beach. It’s romantic, filled with feels and it’s good to capture a moment like that. If you have already done this then do it again because sunrises are always different.
  • You could also host a family game night! I know some of you would think it’s boring but believe me, it’s a lot more fun than you thought it would be. I won’t say the details, experience it yourself and perhaps, share it with me sometime if you want it.
  • If you have a clean, large, grassy patched backyard, then why not sleep under the stars?
  • Go bowling. It’s a must-do. I love bowling and it’s so competitive but not to mention, annoying when you can’t hit a strike after five or six rounds already.
  • You can learn to surf. Plus, when a girl surfs in a retro bathing suit, the boys always go ‘woo’.
  • Just Explore.
  • There are so many more things to do but you know what, this one’s a little less tiring than going to a game of baseball and less boring than just napping on a hammock…It’s Falling in love. Fall in love and your summer will be the best summer ever.


I hope you guys enjoy your summer because there’s still time for it to come to an end. There’s still time for you to make Polaroid memories and there’s still time for you to find your soul mate.

“Summer’s all about passion.”

Have fun and enjoy!

I’m your Writer Next Door.

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