The Best Part of a Rainy Day

I love rains. It makes me feel creative. It makes me happy. Seeing the water splat on my bedroom window and listening to the droplets drumming on the concretes makes me feel something…It’s a kind of feeling that I can’t describe properly. Perhaps, it’s inspirational, or maybe it’s love. I don’t know, but I feel something.

And that’s the best part of a rainy day. You can feel so many emotions at the same time. You can recall and make so many memories.

You can make a cup of hot chocolate and read a good book.
You can write a novel; be it any genre because rain can be incorporated in many and any stories.

I wish rainy days just wouldn’t end.
My imagination reaches its peak when I stare at the unfocused world. At the dark grey clouds and at the abandoning streets.

It’s like the world has come to an end.
As if when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be the only one awake.

Rains are beautiful. They give you a sense of hope, tragedy and a sense of impossibility and the unseen.

“Poets love rain, you know why? 
because it makes them feel lonely, 
and that’s when they take out their pen and paper.”



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Drip Drop Drip (A Poem)

While the droplets of cold hail fall down on the muddy ground,
A flower blooms, a life borns, and death watches from afar.

Sometimes, people run from the mercy,
Sometimes, they enjoy it.
And sometimes, they don’t care;
Whether they get wet, or get cold, or have runny nose.

As the sound of storms smack against the window,
a cup of hot chocolate must be by our side,
to calm our souls, and ease our minds.

It’s okay, it’s just rain.
but what if there’s a flood,
what if it’s a deadly torment?
A mere punishment?

Coldness wraps us with a bit of fear,
A book for distraction,
or talking for hours with a friend or family member;
would soothe the hearts, and bring close the loved ones and dear.

Don’t worry,
Sometimes, a rain is just a rain.
It’s what most people wait for,
what most people ask for.

Under the rain,
There are laughters,
talks; some vain, some meaningful.

It gives us a bit of happiness,
for most people, it turns out to be a sad day,
threads of meloncholy sway around them,
clouds of darkness follow them.

Drip, drop, drip, drop,
the rhythm helps me sleep at night.
Tranquility kisses my cheek,
and whispers a soft goodnight.


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