Poetry | May 9th |

In the end, 
we’re all awake now,
just twisting and turning in our beds.

The moon is nigh,
the cicada’s chirp at night,
the soft breeze calms our nerves, 
but what good is it to have no one beside?

Is this reality or just a dream?
we hope it’s a dream because we’re afraid of being alone,
dying alone.

We’re afraid of drying without seeing anyone else besides us.
Why do we fear death so much?
Why do we fear the soft and tranquil night that helps us sleep?
Why are we always looking to find someone?
Why do we fear the most beautiful thing?


Moon, night time
Source: Unsplash


A/N: Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well. Here is my question of the day: Would you prefer night or day? 

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To Kim Jongin (A Poem)

Like every flower that blooms,
on a beautiful spring day,
i hope for a day when i will look into your eyes,
and make beautiful promises.

A promise which i will never break,
a promise that will remind us,
of how we finally came to be.

Recently, i’ve read something that made my heart beat rapidly,
i couldn’t help but enjoy a cup of ice cream,
and pray with much anticipation all night.

i want you to have a good life,
i want to give you love that no one ever was able to give you.
i will care for you endlessly,
i will make sure that you will never get disappointed by me.

Good days will come,
i’m certain of it.
days when we will hold each others hands,
and walk through the memory lane.

The seasons will change,
but my love for you won’t.
i’m waiting for a ‘i love you,’
and a ‘forever.’

I’m waiting for you,
my love,
my bear,
my one and only.

— Kim Jongin, let’s hope, okay?

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Don’t worry (A poem)

My love, take a deep breath and just let it go.
This life is nothing, 
but a wind that’s blowing.

You’re just a traveler,
a person living on rent,
so why bother with worldly stuff,
and enjoy yourself.

Look at the ocean,
at the birds that fly high,
fill yourself with awe,
and try to smile. 

There’s so much for you to see,
but you can’t do it if you’re unhappy.
I beg you, please don’t worry,
life has many more blessings than just petty things.

So, don’t worry,
live happy.
Take a break,
and let things fall on its own;
in its own place.

— Worrying will get you nowhere. 

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Try to Survive

Why do we hate each other?

What’s gotten into us?

Why do we not understand one anothers feelings?

Did our hearts become hard like stones;
that not even stabbing in the heart with a sharp knife would make you cry?

Why is it that we’ve become like robots?
Heartless and merciless?

When did we change?
When did we become so cruel?

We’re ruining ourselves.
We will be the end of us, I swear.

There’s a fire inside of us that’s blazing violently,
Not even a storm or a hurricane can extinguish it.

We need to change,
we need to be who we were once.

I know it won’t be easy,
but we have to try.

This world is just a test,
so hold on and survive,

because the end is very near.
because believe me, you’re not going to live a hundred years.

— An important note.

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Dancing in the Dark

Our bodies moved side by side,
the old love song played in the background. 

Your hand was on my delicate waist,
a kiss on my forehead is all it takes,
to make our hearts burn intensely,
the night where the stars shine brightly,
are the best nights of my life. 

We would hold each other until the music stops,
we would wish the music never stops.


How one day I’d love to dance

with the special somebody…

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If I were an Animal…(A Poem)

If I could be an animal,
I would be an Eagle.

I would soar the skies,
Hunt with my sharp eyes.

I would stretch my wings,
and sing a beautiful lullaby.

If I could be an animal,
I would be an Eagle.

I would awe the watchers,
I would go round and round in big circles;
above the grey clouds,
I would look down and feel proud.

I would be one with the pink and red shades,
I would fight, I would die,
but I won’t be caged.



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Drip Drop Drip (A Poem)

While the droplets of cold hail fall down on the muddy ground,
A flower blooms, a life borns, and death watches from afar.

Sometimes, people run from the mercy,
Sometimes, they enjoy it.
And sometimes, they don’t care;
Whether they get wet, or get cold, or have runny nose.

As the sound of storms smack against the window,
a cup of hot chocolate must be by our side,
to calm our souls, and ease our minds.

It’s okay, it’s just rain.
but what if there’s a flood,
what if it’s a deadly torment?
A mere punishment?

Coldness wraps us with a bit of fear,
A book for distraction,
or talking for hours with a friend or family member;
would soothe the hearts, and bring close the loved ones and dear.

Don’t worry,
Sometimes, a rain is just a rain.
It’s what most people wait for,
what most people ask for.

Under the rain,
There are laughters,
talks; some vain, some meaningful.

It gives us a bit of happiness,
for most people, it turns out to be a sad day,
threads of meloncholy sway around them,
clouds of darkness follow them.

Drip, drop, drip, drop,
the rhythm helps me sleep at night.
Tranquility kisses my cheek,
and whispers a soft goodnight.


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Breakfast (A Random Poem)

Get up my love,
and brush your teeth.
Head to the kitchen and turn on the heat.
Grab your slices of brown bread and toast it nicely,
Let the sides crisp and then remove it onto a plate carefully.
Don’t forget to turn off the heat!
Spread your favorite butter and jam and then eat.
Fill your tummy with something delicious,
Sure, you’re dieting but don’t let your mom get suspicious.
Clean the plate, dry it and place it back in its rack,
Then tiptoe your way back–
To your room and sleep it off,
until mom comes or your alarm goes off!
– A mundane poem
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Paradise (A Poetry, A Musing)

“I hope for a hereafter, where there would be four rivers,
one of clear water, one of milk, one of honey and one of wine.
a place where there would be high thrones and tall people;
where green silk clothes would be worn, with gold bracelets and crown full of rubies.
Peace will be lingering in the air,
evil will be jealous, its heart blaring as bright as the sun rays.
the sand underneath the feet would be of gems, from emeralds, to sapphire, to topaz and diamonds.
and there would be boys like pearls walking around, their beauty too bashful to perceive, unimaginative to fathom.
a life I want,
a life I dream of.
where every sound is like a soft piano key,
where every heart beat is tranquility.
There would be nothing but what you wish for,
a place filled with possibilites, infinities and everlasting certainties.
Smiles will be on each and every face,
a joyous moment that will never perish.
a place that will never end.
an irresistible beginning that will last forever.
Oh, how I would give anything to stain myself with a piece of heaven,
Oh, I would rather get martyred than die in vain.
everyone asks if there is a life other than this, other than today.
I will say Yes, there is.
A Nirvana that will be a thousand times better than your lousy Saturdays.
You wont be sad,
you wont be hurt,
you’ll only feel glad,
you’ll be overflowing with mirth.”
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Psychotic Sweetheart

My room turns cold,
although the heater is on.
it stinks here…
like expired milk, rotten meat and corn.
the door closes on its own,
a dark shadow follows,
i close my eyes and hope,
that it goes back to its gallows.
sweat drips from my neck and onto the floor,
when i open my eyes to no sound,
i see a blood and gore;
spilled everywhere, like soft cushions,
for a second, i thought i was dreaming, an epic aggression.
what took me by surprise was that i had a baseball bat in my hand,
it had fragments of brain and skin and hair twirled around it, like a friendship band.
i became breathless, i dropped the bat,
and ran out the room, like an helpless rat.
but the door wouldn’t budge,
i tried yanking it open, twisting and turning the knob;
though in vain, i swore ‘what the fudge.’
i was stuck, i was alone,
in my apartment, i thought there was a ghost.
but in reality, none of them exist,
it was just my mind, playing silly tricks.
the bat was mine, the brains were my lovers,
i hated him, for he cheated me,
so i killed him, forgetting to wear my leather gloves.
suddenly, i wasn’t feeling regret,
i fell on my knees, and took out a pack of cigarettes.
i lit it up, the smell intoxicated me,
i took a puff, and i felt free.
like a bird escaping from its cage,
i drowned my rage–
in the guts and blood of my beloved dead.
— insane lovers; obsession, possession, domination. 
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