11 Writing Tips That Will Make You A Better Writer

A good writer listens to others; they take each other’s advice, they lock their pride and they humbly reach out for help. Yes, we have ego, we hate suggestions and we stress over petty things and we get annoyed easily.
But, sixty percent of the writers are pretty good at taking good advice and implementing them.

Anyway, my point is, if you want to be a good writer, you don’t need to listen to others. In fact, you can do it yourself. Let me give you a few tips that’ll help you become a better writer (if you’re too shy or too narcissistic to take help of others) P.S. I’m talking about the majority of writers including me, so don’t hate me.

  • 1) 
  • Choose a book title that will not only grab the reader’s attention but will make them feel something. It should make the reader confuse, or sad, or happy!
  • 2) This is the most important point of all. Organize your ideas before you begin writing. I regret not using this point the first time I began writing my novel…
  • 3) Add your own style and voice to your writing. Sure, you like Agatha Christie or Roald Dahl or John Green, but you can’t be them to make a book of your own. You need to be you so that people can recognize who you are and not just some copycat or wannabe.
  • 4) Make sure you stick to the point. Don’t write unnecessary stuff that’ll take a page or two without it making any sense or point.
  • 5) Use your words wisely. Keep sentences and paragraphs short but make it meaningful. Like Poetry.
  • 6) Read a lot. Read. Read. Read. That’s what everyone says, and they say that because it’s the truth. The more you read, the more your writing will improve.
  • 7) Reread and revise your writing. Don’t be lazy. Edit calmly and gingerly.
  • 8) Don’t be afraid of what people will think. They will think a million things but it’s up to you how you’ll make change their thinking. Forget the comments, who needs comments? You just want to get your story on the page, right? so do it and don’t stop.
  • 9) Always remember the six senses. Describe your characters, your actions and your surroundings well.
  • 10) Add a little humor. Yes, even if it’s a murder mystery or a horror book. No one likes a serious novel.
  • 11) Last but not the least, dude, enjoy what you write because if YOU don’t enjoy your story, then you can’t expect others to enjoy your story. Write scenes that make YOU happy, that make YOU sad, that make YOU angry.

Use these tips and I promise you, you’ll write a best-seller in no time. It takes time and patience, but you’ll get there. Eventually.

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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List Of Books I Want To Read This Year

We all love reading, don’t we all? We love escaping from our reality and just indulge in someone else’s life. It’s so strange how such something fictional can sometimes make us feel sane. Books are capable of playing with our emotions and thoughts and the more you read, I’ve realized the more focused you are in your life.

I didn’t read much last year, but this year I have decided to at least finish reading 10+ books! I know 10 is still a low number but for me, it’s a start. I’m just so busy that for me 10 is a still a great number.

Anyway, below is my list of the books I want to read this year!

  1. Outsider – Stephen King
  2. The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas
  3. Elevation – Stephen King
  4. I’ll Be Gone In The Dark – Michelle Mcnamara
  5. The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This One – Amanda Lovelace
  6. Children of Blood and Bone – Tomi Adeyemi
  7. Leah on the Offbeat – Becky Albertalli
  8. Kingdom of Ash – Sarah J. Maas
  9. The Trials of Apollo – Rick Riordan
  10. Sadie – Courtney Summers
  11. What if it’s us – Adam Silvera
  12. All the Little Lights – Jamie McGuire
  13. Emergency Contact – Mary H.K. Choi
  14. Starry Eyes – Jenn Bennett
  15. The Cheerleaders – Kaza Thomas
  16. Love, Hate and Other Filters – Samira Ahmed
  17. The Dark Between Stars – Atticus
  18. Take me With you – Andrea Gibson
  19. Helium – Rudy Francisco
  20. Dracul – Dacre Stoker
  21. Then she was gone – Lisa Jewell
  22. The Chalk Man – C.J. Tudor

Hopefully, this year I would be able to complete them all.

I would love to know which books you guys are looking forward to read this year! There are some interesting and under-rated ones out there that needs a reader like you and me, right?

Do let me know in the comments!

Until then,

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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The Golden Snitch (A Harry Potter Poem)

“It’s not time yet, they won’t let me free.
The players are yet to get ready, yet to come to the vast field.

I’m stuck in this box until they are ready on their brooms,
Ready, set, go! And I’m free, invisible to all, flying round and around.

Two players from opposite teams try to catch me,
I’m excited, but I’m afraid that one or the other would see—

Alas, my freedom would be gone, I would have to wait until I’m once more set free.

So I try to run fast. Faster and away,
from the extended arms that come my way.

I’m golden, I’m bright,
that makes my chances of getting caught, more likely and tight.

Left, right, up and down, I dodge,
Time is slowly running out on the giant watch.

A few minutes left, and no one has caught me,
perhaps this is my chance to be wild and free?

By cheers and wind, I’m overdosed,
I go through the loops, the hoops, and the goalposts.

Hah! A few seconds are left, no one can catch me–
Damn, I’m stuck, why can’t I move forward? Why can’t I reach that tree?

Darkness surrounded me so suddenly,
My heart beat rose, and I realized,
That I was caught by somebody.

I fell in gloom, in utter despair,
I don’t want to be locked up in the box again,
I want to always keep breathing this fresh air.

Boisterous screams, and thundering claps sent a shiver down my spine,
Headmasters and Professors, each celebrated with a glass of wine.

I was raised high and shown to the people that I was defeated,
My pride and my joy were shattered to bloody pieces.

Locked again was I in the box all alone,
They think I’m special, but woe! They can’t hear my cry, my unceasing moan.

When will I come out again?
When will I be free?
Perchance in the next game,
I’ll be released from the pain,
and escape to the sea.”

– inspired by the Golden Snitch. 

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Mini Review of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Book

I absolutely loved this part of the HP series. It was so interesting and intense, I couldn’t keep the book down at all.

In his fourth year, Harry Potter is unwillingly selected to take part in the tri-wizard tournament. Furthermore, in this part, we get to see more of Lord Voldemort and his evil doings.

None of the chapters felt boring to me, in fact, I was so immersed in it that time certainly ticked away like dust.

I was happy to see dobby back again with Harry Potter! And I do have one thing to confess, and that is I love Cedric Diggory as much as the Hufflepuffs do.

His death at the end was ultimately tragic and I still can’t make myself forget about it. I’m truly heart broken right now and like every reader I wish he could’ve stayed longer. Curse you Wormtail!

J.K Rowling is such a great author that I sometimes wonder how she gets these ideas, how she happens to write so flawlessly and how she manages to captures our hearts.

The meeting of the two schools; The Drumstrang and the Beauxbatons was amusing and gave the feeling of an inter-school competition.

I’m glad that Ron is gradually able to feel something for Hermoine but it pains me to see Harry see Cho with desperate eyes but she had her heart with Cedric. She did cry a lot when he died…

As always, Dumbledore is my favourite character of all. He’s cool, he’s calm and he’s scary when he’s serious. Like Harry, I too feel calm whenever Dumbledore’s part comes. I don’t know why that is but I guess he does has that ‘Grandparent’ vibe to him, doesn’t he?

Professor Snape is still cold and wicked towards Harry, Ron and Hermoine. And not to forget the rumor about Hermoine being Harry’s girlfriend! Oh, no, I don’t quite ship them as much as I do her and Ron! I’m eagerly waiting for the part when the two souls finally confess to each other….(Don’t tell me in which part that’s gonna be. I want it to be a surprise :P)

And of course, who would forget our mini boss, Draco Malfoy. Harry Potter isn’t Harry Potter if Draco doesn’t tease him or his friends. Though in this part, he kept it to his limits (Probably because of the new Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher)

It was such a big damn mystery on who put Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire! Of course, I won’t reveal the characters name since it would just ruin your day if you haven’t read HP but you totally gotta read this part because it’s awesome and I personally love it!

It touched me quite hard when Mrs. Weasly comes in as Harry’s guardian. I could somehow feel the happiness Harry feels of having a ‘mother’ by his side.

In the end, I’m assuming that this is the best book of the Harry Potter series (Although, I can’t be completely sure right now because I still have three parts left to read)

Its the perfect book to read when you don’t have anything to and hey, It’s Harry Potter for cookies sake so go and start reading it right now!

Rating: 4/5


See you in my next post~



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My Mini Review of The Murder on the Orient Express Movie

“I detect criminals. I do not protect them.”

I was eager to watch The Murder On The Orient Express since I read the book and I truly loved it. It was filled with such mystery and the like any other Agatha Christie novel, finding the culprit was complex.

The Murder on the Orient Express is a film adapted from the famous detective author, Agatha Christie. Its about a Famous Detective named Hercule Poirot who investigates a murder that takes place on the train.

One coach. Many suspects.

I thought the movie would be precise from the book, however, I was wrong. There were many added elements to it and I didn’t quite feel the apprehension that has to be there in a murder mystery movie. I also thought Hercule Poirot was a serious man, but I was wrong about that too. Maybe I felt this way because I’ve read the book, but I only hoped they wouldn’t have changed anything and had kept it as it was.

Although, there were a few things I did like. The settings were perfect, the characters played their parts well, some of the dialogues were as it was in the book which I think was the main part that kept me from changing the channel and of course, our Johnny Depp was as always charming and talented. He plays the part of the murdered victim named Ratchett. The direction was dexterous as well.

Nonetheless the minor changes here and there, I liked the movie. It was enjoyable, and I probably think there’s going to be another part of the Hercule Poirot series since at the end of movie, before the credits, an officer comes to receive Poirot and says that there is another murder case, a murder that took place in Egypt, on the Nile.

I literally clapped my hands at that in excitement and I would surely watch it if the movie is ever made (which I’m sure is going to happen or else why would they hint it like that?)

My Rating: 3/5

See you in my next post~

I’m your Writer Next Door!

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My Mini Review on The Snowman Movie

“The winter sun rises. The frozen man melts. The inevitable cycle continues.”

The Snowman is a crime, thriller movie and is based on the book written by the Norwegian writer, Jo Nesbo. Being honest, I thought the movie wouldn’t be good because of the foul reviews, however, I liked it. More or less. It started out slow and a bit dull, but the story line was respectable, and I wonder why most of them have a different opinion about it.

It’s a story about a drunk detective investigating a series of brutal murders that happen only in Winter. As a lover of crime, I was too eager to watch the movie and it didn’t disappoint me, actually. I mean, the ending was a bit…let’s say, not perfect but hey, as long as the plot works, I’m okay with it.

Though I must mention, the scenes were a bit too abrupt or a bit too confusing at times. There were more cut scenes than a continuous one. Also, one more reason I sat to watch this movie was because of Michael Fassbender. I’ve taken quite a liking to him since the Assassins Creed.

Pointing out the culprit wasn’t too hard either and I thought there will be much more murders and a lot of bloodier scenes since the most crime movies I’ve watched are filled with abundant gore (I do write gore myself, so this didn’t get to me much) Although, I did love seeing Norway haha. I wish to go there sometimes to see the Northern Lights.

The plot was however, in my personal opinion, common and too simple for such a culprit. Now that I think about it, it was a silly reason to kill all those innocent women.

I don’t really recommend this movie but if you’re just looking to pass some time and if you like Michael Fassbender then sure, go ahead and watch it. There’s no harm in it whatsoever. I fairly liked it and I guess you might as well. Just don’t curse me if you didn’t like the movie, okay? These reviews of mine are entirely personal. Thank you for understanding.

My Rating: 2/5

See you in my next post~

I’m your Writer Next Door!





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My Review of Boku Wa Ashita, Kinou No Kimi To Date Suru

Once again, I had stumbled on a Japanese movie and I was glad I did.
Boku wa ashita, kinou no kimi to date suru, is a tragic movie based on a novel written by Takafumi Nanatsuki.

To be honest, I wanted to see the movie for Nana but to my surprise, Sota was starring as well which gave me one more reason to see this heart-clenching story.

This youthful romance story is about a University guy named Takatoshi Minamiyama (Sota Fukushi). He is a major in art at an art University in Kyoto. One day, on the train to his Uni, Takatoshi sees a girl named Emi Fukuju (Nana Komatsu) and falls in love with her at first sight. Soon, mustering his courage, he talks to her at a station.

The first fifteen-twenty minutes or so of the story was going quite well and smoothly. I mean, yeah, the title did give away the surprise but I really wasn’t expecting something so bitter.

One night, Emi forgets her diary at Takatoshi’s house and that’s when Emi had to reveal her devasting secret. She is from a parallel universe where time flows in the opposite direction of this universe. Which means, when Takatoshi is 25, Emi is 15 and When Takatoshi is 35, Emi is 5. To make this even more disastrous, Emi and Takatoshi are only able to meet for 30 days every 5 years because that’s where the loophole in their time cycles is.

At first, the plot confused me a little. I had to repeatedly keep asking my sister what the hell was going on. But when I finally and completely realized what was happening, my heart sank deep. I couldn’t bear to watch such an amazing couple being in such a miserable situation.

The movie gets more and more intensely sad when we get absorbed by the strong feeling of the characters. What pains me is that the Emi that Takatoshi meets each day, has no memory of the days they had spent time together in his timeline because she hasn’t experienced them yet and vice versa for Takatoshi in Emi’s timeline.

So the only memory they have is of today’s. The memory of the next day for Takatoshi and the memory of the next day for Emi is shared with a different version of the other person which means, there are no actual shared memories. However yet, they continue to love each other and try to make their relationship work.

I could somehow truly feel the pain they both were feeling. The movie didn’t make me cry but it was so sensitive. One more thing that makes the viewers go, “I’m done with this movie…and my life.” Is realizing that once Takatoshi reaches 40+, there won’t be any more opportunities to see Emi because in her timeline, she wouldn’t have been born yet and it would be same for her.

Takatoshi and Emi won’t be able to see each other anymore because the other person wouldn’t be in existence… (Yeah, cry on that!)

In the end, me and my sister just blankly stared at the credits screen. Our mind was stuck on the bittersweet ending. When I still think about it, I feel my heart pinching.

I loved everything about this movie; the setting, the aesthetic feeling, the actors, the emotions, the feels, the sadness. Unlike others, I am satisfied with minor touching scenes that just stays on your mind for a while. This movie shows us the real bond of true lovers that even though they are going through such a hard time, they try to cherish each of the second they spend together. They try not to show how painful it is for the both of them to live like this and yet, till the end they are smiling.

It was a really good movie and it could be watched a second time but I don’t want to feel all those pitiful emotions again so I’m going to give up on that idea.

I have a feeling most people wouldn’t like the movie since it wouldn’t reach their expectation and would think it as a bore because it’s slow paced.

But I do suggest you to watch it attest once because you don’t want to miss out on this  amazingly, unhappy movie.

I recommend this movie to all those who wants to see or feel how a heart break is.

My rating: 5/5

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My Mini Book Review of Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.

TITLE – Murder at Orient Express. 

AUTHOR – Agatha Christie. 


“The murderer is with us–on the train now…” 


Agatha Christie is best known for her detective novels and this one has just made my mind blown. Murder at Orient Express is one of the Hercule Poirot series which has now been made a movie and will be releasing this November. I’m a fan of Johnny Depp and a few other actors who are playing the defined parts of many of Christie’s characters so I will definitely hit the theaters to watch how this amazing story has been directed.


I won’t give any spoilers since I myself hate it. 


The actual story begins with Hercule Poirot refusing a case of a passenger traveling to a three-days’ journey across Europe with him. However, just after midnight, the Orient Express is stopped in its tracks by a snowdrift and by morning, the millionaire Simon Ratchett is found dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times. But what surprises me is that the door was latched from the inside. That’s when Hercule Poirot decides that the murderer would be from among the passengers. The train doesn’t move and the storm gets strong and Hercule Poirot must find the culprit before it strikes again. The middle part is all about interrogation, evidences and the detective’s precise guesses that makes the story even more suspicious. The mysteries that unlocked were unsuspected and pivotal. It evidently ends with the detective catching the culprit but what good would it be if I said who it was, right?


The main character is the Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot who is a small man with a head shaped like an egg. Agatha Christie describes him as so in the book; By the step leading up into the sleeping-car stood a young French lieutenant, resplendent in uniform, conversing with a small man [Hercule Poirot] muffled up to the ears of whom nothing was visible but a pink-tipped nose and the two points of an upward-curled mustache. 


Poirot has dark hair and green eyes that shines like a cat’s when he is struck by an idea.

I have grown to like Hercule Poirot and his way of dealing with the cases. However, one thing I cannot change is I keep imagining him as Pierce Brosnan. The way he speaks, the way he looks, it’s fitting to the British actor somehow.


My favorite part of the story would be the collecting of the evidences from the passengers since it’s the key point of the entire book. It was an amusing book, to be fair. Hercule Poirot’s calmness and patience in solving the case makes the book even-paced.


I would recommend this book to crime and mystery readers and to those who love an interesting book with a twisted ending.


My rating: 4.5/5 




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Randomly promoting~

Sorry for not blogging much everyone. Let me be truthful and just say that I didn’t have any motivation to blog. And damn, being an awesome blogger and getting paid at the same time needs a little skill, don’t you think?
At the moment, I’m a bit low on my allowance to actually spend on blogging (which I think is a very important part if you wanna be a blogger) But, in any case, I would like to thank the very few of my readers who read my blog even though it’s superrrr random!
I think this post is a good time to promote my ‘stories’ that I’m currently writing on Wattpad. I’m sure many of you are Wattpadders but even if you’re not, then take my advice and make an account because I need you to follow me and vote on my stories and perhaps, might also give me your feedback whether or not it’s good or bad or at least at the brink of average.
I have started writing a new novel titled, Our Broken Paradise. It’s a Young Adult, Gore, Dystopian, Mystery, and Thriller novel. I’m sure many of you love blood and shit so I think this might be the book to pass your time.
Summary: “Sweetie, it’s our Broken Paradise.”
Oregon has turned into a deadly, abandoned city. A city so cursed and frightful, no one dares enter it or rather, are not allowed to by the guards that have closed the walls for people of Oregon to leave. Only those who survive roam the ruined paths and take shelter deep within where no soul can find them.
And as unfortunate as one can get, Lina Ling wakes up from her deep, long coma but only to find out that her memories have been broken and forgotten.
Will Lina be able to piece her life back together in such a dangerous world? Or will her fate take her to a completely different path?
“It’s all a matter of time before we become like one of them.”

And the other book which I’m writing is a Fanfiction based on our very own K-pop boy band, EXO!
Okay, who loves EXO? Raise your hand or scream or whatever! If you don’t know who EXO is, then I suggest you search it on Google right this minute, buddy.
It’s a cute, romantic, comedy and drama-ish fanfiction which I shall presume that only girls who love romance and idols will read. Lol.
Though, it won’t hurt if you give it a try, right?
SSummary: Can a writer fall in love with an Idol?
Well…it all started with a Coke.
Aaliyah, an eighteen-year novelist heads to New York for her debut book signing.
Not long after does she find out that EXO, the famous Kpop boy group was staying in the same hotel as her!
And as circumstances intertwine, each of the members gets to know a little about Aaliyah.
Slowly and then all at once.

So yeah, these two I have been simultaneously writing and I would really appreciate it if you guys would read my stories because I write them with so much love and inspiration from you guys.
You can find me on Wattpad here- https://www.wattpad.com/user/aaliyahchan
Happy Reading everyone!
I’m your Writer Next Door~

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone book review

Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone. 

Okay, so at first I thought, “Why are people always so hyped up on Harry Potter. Why do they keep saying it’s the best book they have ever read.” And believe me, I was quite jealous of Ma’am J.K.Rowling for being such a great author.

However, I managed to command my mind to at least start reading it. If you don’t like it then stop reading but don’t get to conclusions if you haven’t read it yet. So then, I opened the pdf (Since I’m a little broke to buy books at the time) and began reading. 

Trust me when I say, people were right. I was hooked right from the first line. Each word, each paragraph was so interesting and ugh, I finished the book in a week or so. 

Right from the beginning, I had fallen in love with Harry Potter. His thoughts, his emotions all got to me so smoothly. The author’s words had possessed me. She made me enter the world I became so fond of. Only a few chosen authors can make us feel like we are right in front of Albus Dumbledore and the frustration that we can’t do anything to beat the hell out of Draco Malfoy. 

I have to say, J.K.Rowling isn’t just called the Queen/God of writing for nothing. Hats off to her. She gave me inspiration and motivation and she has become my shining example. 

I suggest everyone who still hasn’t read Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone, who have the same thinking as me to stop reading this blog, buy that book and open it. 

Well, you gotta come back and like and share and follow my blog but first, read it and tell me your very first thoughts after completing the book. 

Thank you for reading.

This was your Writer next door.


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