My Favorite Disney Movies (Part 1)

I am not a movie geek but just like everyone else, I love watching a good movie. I know that some of the movies that I will list, might not be to your liking because no doubt, everyone has their own likes and dislikes. But still, I propose you continue reading this post. Who knows, you might find something that we both like in common! I don’t even watch movies that much unless it has good reviews, or the trailer is like super epic. Additionally, I’m very choosy when it comes to watching movies. Sometimes I have this urge to watch an action film, but when I’m just getting ready to watch that movie with a bucket of popcorn, my mind dramatically changes, saying, “Why you watching an action movie? Watch a romance movie!” Seriously, it’s so annoying because I had been wasting my precious hour to find the right print with the right subtitles of the freaking action movie!

Sorry…I just hate it when that happens.

However, strangely, I happen to like and watch more Disney based movies. That’s what’s magical about Disney; anyone can watch it. Be you young or old, you will understand and feel the emotions the characters are feeling. I love Disney but unfortunately, I have never been to Disneyland… Let me just go inside a hole and cry….

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Anyway, without further rambling, here is my favorite Disney list: –

  • Mulan
  • Moana
  • Tangled
  • Cars
  • Cinderella
  • Finding Nemo
  • Snow-white
  • Aladdin
  • High School Musical
  • The Jungle Book
  • Maleficent
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  • The Princess Diaries
  • Peter Pan
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Narnia
  • Sky High
  • Tron
  • Bolt
  • Frozen
  • Toy Story 1
  • Wreck-it-Ralph
  • Big Hero 6
  • Zootopia
  • Inside Out
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This is part 1 of the movie category, so stay tuned for part 2 which is, “My Favorite Pixar Movies.”
If you see a movie which you liked, comment down below or just like this post!

Also, go check out my previous posts if you haven’t! They are fun to read too and I’m sure it would be worthwhile~

Until then,

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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Mini Review of Swindlers ‘Korean Movie’

Last night, I watched this movie with dad and my sister and we totally liked it because it was our kind of a movie. The story is about a man who joins an unlikely group to achieve one, common goal—Trapping the world’s most dangerous con man. The plot entirely revolves around scamming and money laundering with a twist of suspense that I’m certain many will love.

What I liked about this movie was the hidden motives that the characters were stubborn on disclosing. The movie is also about how conning can ruin poor people’s lives and lose their loved ones. Revenge isn’t the best option but if you’ve a dedicated group to help you, then revenge is definitely best served cold. It also shows us that sometimes you can’t trust Law, that sometimes you must take the matters in your own hands; of course, with a bit of help with the enemy himself. Swindlers is a meaningful movie that displays the reality that goes around people who are victims to such racket. There was emotion, comedy, mystery and surge for vengeance which makes this the perfectly popped popcorn.

There was this tiny twist that made the movie even more interesting to watch but I won’t reveal what it is because that’s the main part of the story itself and I don’t want to spoil that for you guys.

If you’re into these types of movies then it’s you better add it to your ‘watch later’ list because trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

However, the only thing I have to crib about is that it was a bit slow paced for me and I couldn’t quite understand what was going on after the movie actually started (though I suppose I have to blame the subtitles for it) Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie but my dad enjoyed it more than I did and I’m satisfied with the ending.

*Whispers* I think there’s going to be sequel…

Swindlers – Korean Movie Trailer

Rating: 7/10

Peace neighbors

See you in my next post~




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My Mini Review of Disney.Pixar’s Coco

“Success doesn’t come for free. You have to do whatever it takes to seize your moment.” – Ernesto De La Cruz

Okay, okay, I know I’m wayyyyy too late but like everyone says, it’s never too late to watch a Disney movie.

Coco is a movie about a Mexican kid named Miguel who loves music to his death, however because of his family’s ban on music, they wouldn’t let him play. Desperate to become a talented singer like his idol Ernesto De La Cruz, Miguel unexpectedly finds himself in the Land of the Dead. There he meets a trickster named Hector and the two of them embark on a wonderful journey filled with music, love, tradition and family history.

The moment I saw that it was produced by Pixar Animation studios, I knew what was coming; Uncontroable tears and abundant emotions.

By the way, let me just mention to you that there won’t be any bad remarks because I absolutely loved the movie! Heck, Its the best movie of the month for me!

The story was so touching, I literally cried. No joke. I get too emotional, too easily.

The artwork, the songs, and the characters were all too perfect. There was not a moment where I felt like the movie had lost its magic. There was agitations and sentiments until the very end.

Hats off to such spectacular imagination.

Its a movie that has to be watched again. A movie that will make you cry one more time. One more time. And one more time.

At first, I wondered why the name was Coco but then as the story progressed, it all made sense. The real story belongs to Mama Coco, Miguel’s great grandmother.

I have a very sensitive spot when it comes to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s and that’s the reason why I had to secretly wipe my tears before my family could see me (My sister saw me though…it was embarrassing)

Beaides the emotions, there were a couple of comedic aspects as well that made the movie enjoyable to watch.

Miguel’s passion for singing and going too far to reach his dream is relatable with many of us but the main moral of the story was that family comes first. They say what’s best for us. They care about us and about our dreams and yet, it’s us (the kids) that don’t understand them properly. We must listen to our Family because they are the ones to guide us, be it to our house or our dreams.

My rating: 5/5

See you in my next post~

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My Mini Review of The Murder on the Orient Express Movie

“I detect criminals. I do not protect them.”

I was eager to watch The Murder On The Orient Express since I read the book and I truly loved it. It was filled with such mystery and the like any other Agatha Christie novel, finding the culprit was complex.

The Murder on the Orient Express is a film adapted from the famous detective author, Agatha Christie. Its about a Famous Detective named Hercule Poirot who investigates a murder that takes place on the train.

One coach. Many suspects.

I thought the movie would be precise from the book, however, I was wrong. There were many added elements to it and I didn’t quite feel the apprehension that has to be there in a murder mystery movie. I also thought Hercule Poirot was a serious man, but I was wrong about that too. Maybe I felt this way because I’ve read the book, but I only hoped they wouldn’t have changed anything and had kept it as it was.

Although, there were a few things I did like. The settings were perfect, the characters played their parts well, some of the dialogues were as it was in the book which I think was the main part that kept me from changing the channel and of course, our Johnny Depp was as always charming and talented. He plays the part of the murdered victim named Ratchett. The direction was dexterous as well.

Nonetheless the minor changes here and there, I liked the movie. It was enjoyable, and I probably think there’s going to be another part of the Hercule Poirot series since at the end of movie, before the credits, an officer comes to receive Poirot and says that there is another murder case, a murder that took place in Egypt, on the Nile.

I literally clapped my hands at that in excitement and I would surely watch it if the movie is ever made (which I’m sure is going to happen or else why would they hint it like that?)

My Rating: 3/5

See you in my next post~

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My Mini Review of Kidnap Movie

“You took the wrong kid.”

I finally got to watch Kidnap with my family last night. I like Halle Berry since she’s such a beautiful actress. Unfortunately, I have to say that I didn’t like the movie. I mean, it was good and all, but it just didn’t get to me. The plot was simple, and the motive of the kidnappers was unclear.

The movie is about a single mother named Karla Dyson who goes to a park on a typical afternoon when unexpectedly the kidnappers snatch her young son Frankie.

I knew I wasn’t going to like the movie since the time the chase started, since the time Halle Berry started to repeatedly say, “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” and since the time I felt she over-reacted a bit. The movie was smooth but for some reason, I just didn’t feel satisfied after watching it. Although, my mom and dad liked the movie. Probably because it’s Halle Berry and probably because they like chasing and a slight-tension stuff.

It kinda annoyed me the way the camera directions were but I’m not complaining.

Also, I’m pretty sure there are people who will without doubt help if someone shouts that her kid is being kidnapped and not just ignore her and leave…They should have showed what was reality.

I did acknowledge her mother’s instinct when she had no idea which route to take or what to do next to save her poor kid. Indeed, a mother’s instinct is stronger than any others.

Anyway, there isn’t really much to tell about this movie but there’s no harm in watching it. It’s not that bad. My parents liked it so I guess your parents might like it too. I’m just too conflicted whether to like it or not. But I’m just going to go with my heart and gut.

My Rating: 2/5

See you in my next post.

I’m your Writer Next Door!


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My Mini Review on The Snowman Movie

“The winter sun rises. The frozen man melts. The inevitable cycle continues.”

The Snowman is a crime, thriller movie and is based on the book written by the Norwegian writer, Jo Nesbo. Being honest, I thought the movie wouldn’t be good because of the foul reviews, however, I liked it. More or less. It started out slow and a bit dull, but the story line was respectable, and I wonder why most of them have a different opinion about it.

It’s a story about a drunk detective investigating a series of brutal murders that happen only in Winter. As a lover of crime, I was too eager to watch the movie and it didn’t disappoint me, actually. I mean, the ending was a bit…let’s say, not perfect but hey, as long as the plot works, I’m okay with it.

Though I must mention, the scenes were a bit too abrupt or a bit too confusing at times. There were more cut scenes than a continuous one. Also, one more reason I sat to watch this movie was because of Michael Fassbender. I’ve taken quite a liking to him since the Assassins Creed.

Pointing out the culprit wasn’t too hard either and I thought there will be much more murders and a lot of bloodier scenes since the most crime movies I’ve watched are filled with abundant gore (I do write gore myself, so this didn’t get to me much) Although, I did love seeing Norway haha. I wish to go there sometimes to see the Northern Lights.

The plot was however, in my personal opinion, common and too simple for such a culprit. Now that I think about it, it was a silly reason to kill all those innocent women.

I don’t really recommend this movie but if you’re just looking to pass some time and if you like Michael Fassbender then sure, go ahead and watch it. There’s no harm in it whatsoever. I fairly liked it and I guess you might as well. Just don’t curse me if you didn’t like the movie, okay? These reviews of mine are entirely personal. Thank you for understanding.

My Rating: 2/5

See you in my next post~

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My Mini Review of Maze Runner Trailer

The new Maze Runner trailer was filled with action, drama and intensity. I’m super excited to see Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

Death Cure is the last series of the Maze Runner Saga and I’m anticipating how it will end. I don’t recall much from the last two films; Maze Runner and Scorch Trials (have to watch them again before Death Cure releases) however, seeing the trailer made me feel that this one will be as thrilling as the previous parts.

I was surprised to see the stunts the characters performed. Not to mention and no offence, I was annoyed to see the heroin because in the previous part she had kinda betrayed her group. Damn, the moment the trailer starts my heart just went ‘BOOM’. They have to go back to the walls and hell, it’s like, ‘Do or Die, Make you choice.’

The train teaser got me hyped and I’m having my fingers crossed it’s gonna be as epic as they showed it to be. ‘Wohoo’ because shooting is the real thing, like it or not. I’m a gamer and when it comes to shooting down bad guys, I’m all up for it.

In the end, guess I can’t wait until January for the film to release, that too in IMAX!

I would like to read the books though. I want to see if they have changed anything or kept it as it was. Perhaps, if I have time then I might give the book a go. Besides, books have more detailed emotions than movies, correct?

So long then.

I’m your Writer Next Door.

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