Letter Of Advice To My Last Year Self

Dear last year self…

I know that you have gone through a lot, but you held on. You were patient with whatever came your way and you stayed strong. Most of them can’t do what you did. You are such a brave and wise person and I’m so proud of you.

I just want to say that you keep doing what you’re best at and leave everything in God’s hands. God is the best of the planners and He won’t ever make you feel sad. He knows what’s good and bad for you. He knows everything.

Just be patient and keep hoping because that’s what you’re good at. I know it hurts and sometimes you just wish things went your way, but remember; good things comes to those who wait.

I love you for having a strong mind and heart and never forget your Creator. After all, you’re living for Him and only for Him. These worldly things are nothing but play and you must work hard to please your Loving Lord.

Pray for every small thing and never give up. Even if your Imaan gets low, don’t worry because the devil will sometimes whisper unimaginable things to you. You must fight back and repent to God. You musn’t let the devil play with your mind. I know you can do it. You’ve done it before.

Pray. Hope. Trust in God. Repeat.

From, Your 2019 Self.

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Home Alone

What do you do when you’re home alone?

I always go out with my parents; be it grocery shopping or for some random business work, but sometimes when I don’t have the mood.to get up and get ready, I tend to stay at home in my warm PJ’s and just take a day off doing nothing.

As soon as my parents leave, I grab my cookie jar, sit in front of my T.V/Laptop and watch something that I had been thinking of watching for the past month.

Its actually fun and calming to see something while thinking nothing and having no sounds around you. You’re just you. Your own best friend. You laugh, cry and get scared by yourself. It’s like you’re in an apocalyptic world, you know.

But, eventually, I end up texting my mom or dad and asking them where they are right now and how much time will it take for them to come home.

What do you guys do when you’re home alone?

Do comment below!

Until then,

See you in my next post neighbors,


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This or That Challenge!

I’ve seen so many people doing this, and I wanted to try it too, because why not~ Also, since it’s Ramadan I’m not having any time to publish any posts for you guys, so why don’t I make it up to you all? I’ll try to be more active from now on! Because lately, I’ve been gaining followers and I certainly don’t want to lose them (shamelessly being honest)

Anyway, let’s start this challenge!

DAY or NIGHT? Night, of course. It’s always night.

RURAL or URBAN? Hm…This is hard. It also depends on my mood, but right now, I would choose Rural.

BUS or TRAIN? Train.

MOUNTAIN or BEACH? Mountains! I would love me some wind~

SUNRISE or SUNSET? – Ugh…this is hard. I love both! But if I had to choose…then it would be sunrise because nothing beats the beautiful sun rays as it comes up to greet us.

DOGS or CATS? – Cats! (I have a cat named Ginger by the way)

ZOO or AQUARIUM? – Aquarium because underwater creatures amaze me…


SINGING or DANCING? – Dancing all the way~ If you can move, you can dance *winks*

GOLD or SILVER? – Gold.

BOOKS or MOVIES? – Hm…I think I’ll have to choose books because you can easily get immersed in it and you get more feels than the movie is able give.

WINTER or SUMMER? – No doubt, it’s Winter.

ROSES or SUNFLOWERS? – Roses are good, but sunflowers have a story of their own.

KISSES or HUGS? – I’m more of a hugs person.

TATTOOS or PIERCINGS? – Piercings. Tattoos are harmful, and I can’t do it, so.

DRESSES or SKIRTS? – I rarely wear skirts, so it’s dresses for me.

HEELS or SNEAKERS? – Sneakers. Comfort is everything.

LONG HAIR or SHORT HAIR? – Long hair because now I’m sick of having short hair.

MAKEUP or NATURAL LOOK? – Natural look. Makeup hides the true beauty.

TEA or COFFEE? – And this is a billion-dollar question…Hm…Mm…Uh…*Sighs* Coffee it is, I guess.

HAMBURGER or PIZZA? – Tell me one person who hasn’t chose Pizza.

VANILLA or CHOCOLATE? – Is that even a question? Chocolate is bae~

BATH or SHOWER? – Shower because I don’t like to spend much time in the bathroom.

DINE IN or TAKEAWAY? – I prefer dine in.

NIGHT IN or NIGHT OUT? – Night out. The city is the most beautiful at that time.

IPHONE or ANDROID? – Android.

CURLY HAIR or STRAIGHT HAIR? – Curly hair. Not that I hate straight hair, but curls are cuter.

ICE CREAM or DONUTS? – This is easy. Donuts.

SMILE or GAME FACE? – Smile.

And, the end.

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini article and I repeat, I’ll try to be more active!

Before going, let me ask you a THIS and THAT challenge: SLEEPING or WORKING OUT?

Let me know in the comments below~ Don’t forget to like and share this post if you like!

See you in my next post neighbors~


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