11 Best Tips To Spend A Cold Evening

Don’t you just love when the wind is blowing outside and you’re inside your warm room/living room and just sipping a cup of hot chocolate or coffee or your favorite drink that has lots of whipped cream, marshmallows, cinnamon/chocolate stick and cherry on top!

If you don’t then that sucks because I certainly love cold evenings! They are the best because I love winter season and I get to do so many things that make me happy! And sometimes when it’s super cold, we don’t even go outside because we are all kind of lazy and just want to stay warm. So;

Let me list down the things that you can do on cold evenings~ 

  1. Read a mystery book.
  2. Bake cookies
  3. Or try a new recipe!
  4. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket and watch romantic movies/dramas 
  5. Play games with your friends/family; especially board games.
  6. If you don’t want to drink something hot, then eat ice cream! (I sometimes do that)
  7. Just Dance! 
  8. Or you can play video games because what better way to spend a cold evening if not winning Battle Royale?
  9. If you’re alone then try journaling because just getting your thoughts out will make you feel much better than you did a minute ago.
  10. If you’re spending the evening with your spouse or boyfriend, then this is the perfect time to eat your favorite cake and open up. Share your feelings, thoughts and just let it all flow. 
  11. And if you’re a workaholic/Author/Blogger/Vlogger like me, then do those stuff because sometimes we just don’t like wasting our precious time, right? 

These are a few things which I do and which you can do too on a cold/lazy evening.If you have some ideas, then why don’t you comment down below and let me know? 

Until then, 

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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The Stranger (A Poem)

Giggles surround me like the subtle tune of the black and white keys,
I’m happy, but I’m not happy.

I want to laugh with them too,
Know their inside jokes, rhythm and feel what they are feeling,

But I’m outside their group,
alone, knees to my chest, in my own universe, as they say.

Call me, I’ll come,
call me, I’ll join.

I’m not invisible,
I’ve no superpowers to make myself disappear.

Your words and jollity reaches me,
I’m greedy,
I’m lonely.

I have friends,
Only they are imaginary,

Help me fight them,
So that I can be with you—
in your giggles and tickles.

To those misfits, I feel you.


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Disney’s Christopher Robin ‘Winnie The Pooh’ Trailer

“A few wrinkles maybe.”

I have only read a book and watched a few shows of Winnie the Pooh and I really am unaware of what the actual story is about. Who is Pooh and what’s his story are such questions that I need answering of. But the moment I saw Pooh in the trailer, I decided that I wouldn’t see it because without doubt, there will be waterworks. I just felt so sad after watching the trailer…I guess it was because Pooh came to meet Christopher Robin or because Christopher Robin still remembers Pooh…I don’t know which, but it wrenched my heart.

But Pooh looks so cute, oh my gosh, like I wish he was in front of me so that I could just squeeze him!
Like I said though, I’m having second thoughts about watching the movie…

Anyway, be sure to check out the trailer if you still haven’t and comment your thoughts on it!


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My Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep 25 ‘The Divine and the Wicked’

This week’s episode of Riverdale was not so interesting, in my opinion, of course. Though, it wasn’t boring either. There were fights, reunions and more Archie Andrews.

The FBI keeps on pressuring Archie to keep digging the secrets of Hiram Lodge and Archie is now stuck between the good and the bad. He did gain Hiram’s trust and became an intern and he also gets to be a part of Hiram’s inner-inner circle, however, the more he is hanging around the Lodge, the more he is confused and indecisive of the decisions he is making. But, Hiram seems to be getting closer to Archie after finding out about what he did to Nick St. Claire (Are we gonna see Veronica in a white dress soon? Who knows) On the other hand, Veronica has her confirmation and not to mention, she did look beautiful in all white. Although, I do hate it sometimes that she keeps such close eye on Archie and his dad and keeps asking what they talk about in Hiram’s office. But, like she said herself, she doesn’t want Archie to get mixed up with her savage family. After all, Archie is her beacon in the night.

Archie did a good job of telling Hiram about Papa Poutine’s plan on executing Hiram. And I can’t say whether or not I feel bad for him because that old man had some nerve to insult Pop Tate’s cooking like that! Way to go, Hiram Lodge.

Jughead and FP have a bit of daddy-son argument regarding the Pickens Statue and the Snake Charmer but the case of the missing head of General Pickens is easily solved by our very own Buggy! I did like it when they got together to first talk as just friends and then gradually, in the end, they ended up together. But I didn’t like it when Betty didn’t mention about her dark side to Jughead when Juggy openly confirmed that yeah, something did happen with Toni after they had broken up. This shows how honest Jughead is. Anyway, Jughead gets to smile in the end because everything is settled, thanks to his dad. I like FP. Everyone is so afraid of him. He’s like this cool dad anyone would want.

Josie and Veronica are friends again, but I still think the Mayor is up to something…I don’t like her. She looks so evil and poor Josie seems like a puppet beside her. However, these two beauties sing perfectly at her confirmation and it’s always nice to hear them out.

I missed Cheryl in this episode. Plus, I think Hal left the house using Chic as an excuse only to go to Penelope Blossom…Speaking of Chic, that guy keeps getting suspicious every single minute. How can he show the dirty side to her sister like that? Doesn’t he care what would happen to her? Sure, he yelled at her for not doing something reckless but dude, that’s not enough. And what surprised me in the end was when Betty got home after her cute little reunion with Jughead, she sees her Ex-Serpent mom cleaning a pool of blood of a stranger in the kitchen. Like WTH. All the more, she is freaking calm and cool by it all and on top of that she asks if Elizabeth locked the door or not.

I can’t wait to find out what happens next! I’m pretty sure we are in for more mystery and heart thumps in the next episode of Riverdale.

My Rating: 3/5

See you in my next post~

I’m your Writer Next Door!


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My Mini Review of Ore Monogatari

“Why won’t human emotions, not even my own, work out the way we want.”

At first, I didn’t have the mood to watch this movie but for some reason, I decided to give it a go and being honest, it was a good, comedic watch.

Ore Monogatari is a manga based romantic-comedy live action. The story is about a first year high school student named, Takao Gouda (Ryohei Suzuki). He is 2m tall and weighs more than a 100 hundred kgs which makes him the least popular guy among girls but male students adore him. He has an honest and righteous character and would run to help anyone who is in need. Takeo has a handsome best friend named, Makoto Sunakawa (Kentaro Sakaguchi) who is the most popular among girls. Even the girl Takao likes ends up falling for Sunakawa but our kind-hearted Takeo leaves his love for his best friend knowing that there is no way a girl would ever like him because of how he looks.

His friend Sunakawa though is quite supportive and mindful of him and although he wants people to recognize how warmhearted Takeo is, he couldn’t do anything about it because of Takeo’s huge size.

However, one-day Takeo saves a female student named Rinko Yamato (Mei Nagano) from a pervert and falls in love with her at first sight. Given Takeo’s nature, he feels that Rinko likes Sunakawa but of course Sunakawa isn’t the one Rinko likes. Takeo then struggles to liaise between Rinko and Sunakawa which makes Rinko think that she might be a nuisance to Takeo (all because of the Takeo’s misunderstanding)

This movie has many comical and pitiful scenes. Seeing how Takeo can’t understand Rinko’s feelings makes us frustrated till the end of the movie. I couldn’t perceive Sunakawa’s feelings of how he thinks of Rinko (does he like her or not? But I’m sure if I read the manga or watch the anime, I’ll get to know a little about his side of the story too) They showed a strong bond between Takeo and Sunakawa throughout the entire movie which at some point made me think that maybe Takeo likes Sunakawa (Hahaha, I went a little too far with my imagination)

I do have to mention that there were too many delicious foods that made me salivate last night. Rinko learns a lot of things from different people and makes tempting dishes to make Takeo like her (step one of making someone like you) But undoubtedly, Takeo thinks that she made it for Sunakawa and tells her to keep making these things to keep his friend happy. Rinko doesn’t know why Takeo thinks like that until the middle of the movie. Wanting the two most important to him to be happy, he tells Yamato what a great guy Suna was which only causes Yamato to cry and leave Takeo. Suna tells the dejected Rinko why Takeo thinks like that. Since then, Rinko tries her utter best to do everything she can to show her love to him.

I liked how Rinko didn’t give up on Takeo and kept her love spirit alive. The movie was coming to an end and Takeo still hadn’t understood Rinko’s feelings but right then, Sunakawa, becoming the matchmaker, planned something to make him realize that all this time, Rinko truly loved Takeo and not Sunakawa.

The moral of this story was to never judge a person by their looks and to believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter how you look, the only thing that’s important is how you’re deep inside and I think Rinko comprehended that well.

This movie was absolutely clean, funny and I was not one bit bored. Everything went smoothly and yeah, there were awkward and upsetting moments but that’s what makes this movie so good. The actors portrayed their characters well. The scenery was nice to look at it. There were feels and laughs and the best part was that there was an happy ending! I do hope Sunakawa finds someone as well but I’m sure Rinko and Takeo will do their best to make that happen. After watching this movie, I’m thinking of reading the manga as well since there would be much detailed emotions and background to the story.

I would recommend this movie to all those who want to have a good laugh with slight feels and a smooth ending.

My Rating: 4/5

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28 Things to do this Fall!

Who says you can’t enjoy any month of the year? Every month is always exciting and fun-filled and this month too is beautiful because it’s Autumn. I love Autumn season because the leaves turn so red and crunchy. Just watching the trees filled with such radiance gives me inspiration and it’s the best time to do pleasant and enjoyable stuff with family and with the one you love.

Here are a few things you can do to make this month memorable:-

  1. Go apple picking!
  2. Go somewhere you haven’t been to.
  3. You could go hiking. It’s the best weather.
  4. Read in a place where there’s no one but just you and the Autumn trees. I’m sure you will experience complete tranquility.
  5. Or, you could go to an antique shop. (But be sure to buy something before you check its history…You never know, it might be cursed)
  6. Host a bonfire.
  7. Have a horror movie day!
  8. Go pumpkin picking because they all do so.
  9. Go horseback riding.
  10. Visit a fall festival!
  11. Go to a haunted house.
  12. It’s okay to sometimes not sleep and just stare at the stars. Acknowledge the beauty of such a creation.
  13. Do a fall photoshoot with your friends!
  14. Watch the sunset. This one’s always a must on my list.
  15. Do you like the shape of pinecones? It’s just too cute, right? So, why don’t you try collecting them?
  16. Hop in a leaf pile! Y.O.L.O.
  17. Bake an apple or pumpkin pie.
  18. Have you tried navigating through a corn maze? No? Then be careful if you do.
  19. Wear your favorite sweaters, boots and scarves.
  20. Dip apples in caramel.
  21. Make a fall wreath.
  22. Attend a local football game.
  23. Make pumpkin soup!
  24. Light up your cinnamon candles.
  25. Go to a countryside and spot a scarecrow!
  26. Knit a scarf for your family or friends or just for yourself.
  27. Tell scary stories.
  28. Lastly, make a list for the things you are thankful for because you never know what will happen tomorrow.


I hope you guys will enjoy your fall with everyone around you.

Don’t stress, take a deep breath and just go with the flow. It’s okay to do childish things sometimes.


Then, see you guys in my next post.


I’m your Writer Next Door!

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Summer Bucket List!

Since I wrote a bucket list for sisters, I thought ‘why not do a summer bucket list’ because obviously, it’s summer and some of you might be out of ideas for having fun on such an awesomely-hot-weather.

Before listing some of the things you could do, if you see something that you’ve already done the last summer or the summer before that or summers ago, why not do it again with different people this time? It would be fun, different and hell, different memories is all that matters, right?

  • I definitely want to do this sometime. Host a bonfire party at the BEACH! It’s always exciting to go in large groups—be it friends or family—and just sit in a BIG circle around the fire and talk and sing and eat s’mores. Also, at times like this, we tend to get emotional and occasionally, it’s not bad to let our feelings to our closet. Let them know your true emotions so that they can know you better.
  • Go on a vacation but there’s a catch to it. Don’t use your phone. Keep it only for emergencies but cut off all relations with your social buddies and just enjoy some peace of mind. Don’t let technology avert you from the beauty of nature. (Tweet that, it’s my own quote, lol)
  • Or if you don’t want to go on a vacation because you already went last month, then why not try taking a cooking class and learning some new recipes? At least you can feed it to your baby brother or sister and cooking is an art that take your stress away. Trust me. Plus, you can add that ‘chef’ in your bio if you think you’re too good already *winks*
  • Go to an outdoor music festival. I always add this in my list because I think it’s the most refreshing thing to do. I mean yeah, it could get a little sweaty but when everyone’s enjoying you don’t care about perspiration, you just enjoy the beats, the kicks and just let go.
  • Take a weekend off from your work, writing, blogging, dancing, singing and go on a road trip in an open jeep or truck or whatever you find pleasure in. Maybe camp out somewhere nice and once more, it’s the people and memories that matter, not the place.
  • Dip dye your hair with a color that defines the true you. It’s summer, man. No rules.
  • Go to a drive-in movie! And speaking of drive-in movie, I do have to say, #Riverdale is an awesome #Netflix series to watch this summer. It’s mysterious and it’s Archie, so why not?
  • Try some new restaurants that you thought you wanted to go to but didn’t have the time to. It’s also a good way to spend time with your beloved haha.
  • This might be boring, but why not try playing with your hair? If you love braiding your hair then try some new hairstyles and blog about it so that your hairstyle becomes the “trend” of the year.
  • Don’t forget to buy a retro style bathing suit because it’s chic.
  • Oh, and before doing all those things above, make a summer playlist so that you won’t have to be clumsy when someone yells, “play some damn good music!”
  • Go on a picnic maybe? Nah, too cliche? Not your type? Then spend a day at the water-park!!!!!
  • Call your friends, whoever they may be—bullies, cowards, nerds, jerks—and have a water gun fight. Take out all the anger, frustration and get that beast out of that petty cage! Go #hardcore girl!
  • This is a must. Watch the sunrise at the beach. It’s romantic, filled with feels and it’s good to capture a moment like that. If you have already done this then do it again because sunrises are always different.
  • You could also host a family game night! I know some of you would think it’s boring but believe me, it’s a lot more fun than you thought it would be. I won’t say the details, experience it yourself and perhaps, share it with me sometime if you want it.
  • If you have a clean, large, grassy patched backyard, then why not sleep under the stars?
  • Go bowling. It’s a must-do. I love bowling and it’s so competitive but not to mention, annoying when you can’t hit a strike after five or six rounds already.
  • You can learn to surf. Plus, when a girl surfs in a retro bathing suit, the boys always go ‘woo’.
  • Just Explore.
  • There are so many more things to do but you know what, this one’s a little less tiring than going to a game of baseball and less boring than just napping on a hammock…It’s Falling in love. Fall in love and your summer will be the best summer ever.


I hope you guys enjoy your summer because there’s still time for it to come to an end. There’s still time for you to make Polaroid memories and there’s still time for you to find your soul mate.

“Summer’s all about passion.”

Have fun and enjoy!

I’m your Writer Next Door.

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10 things you probably don’t know about me.

Of course, you just stumble upon my blog and read this post and be like, “I don’t even know you so why do I need to know you deeper?”

Well, let me just say that ‘We all Start as Strangers.’

Did you see what I just did there? I used the tagline of my own Novel…

*Sigh* but also because it’s fun to read and get to know other people, right? Like, you start to get to know about me and yeah, it’s interesting but then suddenly, you begin to feel a strange connection. A connection that can make us friends.

What if by knowing about me you find your twin? What if we have things in common? What if we know each other but we don’t?

Yeah, that doesn’t make sense but as a matter of fact, there’s no harm in telling a little about myself.

So, here’ the ten things you probably don’t know or want to know about me!

  1. I’m the Author of The 13: We all Start as Strangers.
  2. I am a Cat lover and I have a cat named Ginger.
  3. I love playing games!
  4. And also have a passion for dancing.
  5. I am a good artist too, though, not that great…
  6. I live in India.
  7. I love watching Anime’s and am a total fan of Fairy Tail and Death Note!
  8. I’m 18 (well, just turned a few days ago)
  9. I became a blogger for fun.
  10. I love chocolate chip cookues and doughnuts. (Lol)

I know, I know…Ten things isn’t enough to get to know someone but hey, this is a good start, right?

Do you find something that you have in common with me? If you do, then what are you waiting for? Come on, talk to me! Let’s become friends for a lifetime! Hahaha

Don’t worry though, I plan on doing these more often so that my readers will get to know me a little deeper and in depth.

It was fun writing this post.

So long,

I’m your Writer Next Door~

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Random blabber.

So I went out today with my mom and the weather really annoyed me. I mean my clothes were sticking to my back and I was sweating and I was thirsty and I really wanted to pee but there was no washroom so I had to hold it and yeah…I didn’t like it. 

I crave Ghiradelli’s ice cream now.

And I wanna go someplace where there is snow so that I can roll and make snow angels. 

I started reading Book Thief by Markus Zusak and because there are a few german sentences in there, I began talking to German people on Hello Talk. I don’t even know why I’m reading that book but since I started it, I gotta end it, right? 

I haven’t met my school friends in like seven years so I’m really planning on having a reunion sometime this December but I’m also very nervous because I’m afraid they won’t remember me If I try and call them 😛 They would be like, “Who the hell is this?” 

Though, I’m 94% sure that won’t happen. 

There are times when I’m too desperate and impatient for people to buy my book but then after all the throwing of the pillows on the ground and stuffing a handful of Oreos in my mouth, I say to myself, “You didn’t write to become famous. You wrote because it’s your passion.” And that’s actually true because I didn’t publish my book so that I could get money. I published it because I wanted to see my own story and words in a hardcover and paperback and my dad fulfilled that wish for me. 

I love you, dad. He has supported me all the way and I am utterly grateful to him. My debut novel is, in fact, dedicated to him only. 

Anyway, thank you for reading this short blabbering part of mine and have a great day everyone. 

Don’t give up on things because your time will eventually come when you’re going to rise and rise and never look down again. 

So long~

I’m your writer next door. 

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So, summer’s kinda nearing guys, I mean, where I live it’s already getting hot and I wish the cold would last long since I love it more than I will ever love summer but I can’t argue with nature because all seasons are important and needs to be treated equally.


Summer. What comes first in your mind when you think of the word summer?

Vacation ? Family ? Party with friends? Sleep ? Or Adventure?

Well, undoubtedly there are a lot of things you can do in 3 months.

As in:-

1) Like everyone recommends, go to the beach! Swim in the cool blue sea, make sand castles, tan yourself a little and finally, when the night approaches, lay a blanket on the cold sand and star gaze with the ones you love, be it a person or a pet *wink*

2) With friends or family, enjoy a whole day bowling since I have heard a lot of people say that bowling releases all the tension and the stress. Release some yourself and let out the beast !!!

3) You know what’s more fun? Blowing bubbles! Yaasssss !

4) Summer does make you thirsty, doesn’t it? Hm..what’s the best drink to quench your thirst then? I’m sure many of you would say Cola or sparkling water, but the best thing one should make is lemonade. It will keep you cool and refreshed all day long and gives you a slight dash of energy. Instruction – Keep making them until the end of scorch trials.


5) Sun means summer, and summer means water, and water means fight together we say WATER FIGHT !!

6) Do you ever just feel lazy after a tired hot day at the beach or in your own private or neihbours lawn eating barbecued chicken but you just don’t have the mood to go to the ice cream shop? Then why not make one at home beforehand. Popsicles are fun and easy to make, plus it will be in your reach. Just open the freezer and smack on those icy dudes!

7) One word. Fire works. Nothing like it.

8) Sometimes, when family go out for dinner with other family members, WE the poor teens are left at home baby sitting our little brothers or sisters, so to make the night fun for you as well why don’t you call your most trust worthy and awesome friends and make your night a GAME NIGHT! Any game is fine as long as no one gets hurt, be it from the inside or out.

9) Movies. Yes, watch movies, and actually, this one you can do it alone sometimes. You do know that you can complete a whole of lot series in three whole months right? So get your tub of ice cream, jump on your bed, sign in on Netflix and you go girl! Don’t care about dark circles cause summer is all about fun and no makeup.

10) Or if you are not the movie type, go complete a book you never read or completed. I think that is the best way anyone can spend their time. Books can take you to another dimension, it can teach you a lot of things, and it can make you feel a lot more than you thought you would. So in a way, it’s pretty interesting how one can learn and experiance so much by just reading.

Last but not the least, it’s not a point but an obvious fact. STAY COOL. LITERALLY.

There are a lot more you could than just these 10, like, go hiking, or visit the farmers market, or go to the amusement park, or plant a garden or write an awesome book.

Summer is all about you. Yourself. Enjoyment, excitement and like I have said before, Adventure.

So put on your shorts, wear your cutest top, don’t forget the sunglasses, slip on your sandals and get out of your house before the sun says its goodbyes.

Your writer next door,


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