Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe!

I am a total peanut butter fan. I can eat an entire jar of peanut butter in one go (though, I wouldn’t be able to do that, of course) I eat peanut butter before and after my workouts or even eat it as a snack with an apple or banana.

You can make so many things with peanut butter such as smoothies, milkshakes, cookies, cakes, and even protein bars! But today, I’m going to share a simple peanut butter recipe that can be made in just minutes and with simple ingredients!

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Now that we’re stuck at home during this awful outbreak (I hope everyone’s safe and sound) you could try this recipe and share it with your friends and family 😀 Of course, by keeping a safe distance that is hehe.

Today, I’m going to share Peanut Butter Cookies recipe with you! It’s Gluten and Dairy Free and all you need is:


Peanut butter



Desired Nuts

Chocolate Chips

Peanut butter cookies


Preheat the oven to 180-degree Celsius and grease a cookie tray.

Combine Peanut Butter, eggs, sugar and mix them until they have a smooth consistency.

Then add your desired nuts or chocolate chips and spoon them on the greased tray.

Bake them for 12 minutes or until lightly browned.

Let the cookies cool down a little before you wolf them down.

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And that’s it! Isn’t it simple and quick? It’s also delicious and you will definitely get praised for it! Now that you have read this post, get up, head to the kitchen, and make it right now!

Let me know in the comments if you have tried this recipe or not. And if yes, did you like it?

I will be back soon with another recipe!

Until then,

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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Who is the better cook?

My mother or my grandmother?

Its a simple actually really and you don’t need to think too much about it.

The best cook in the family is grandmothers, of course. No one can compete her recipes and taste no matter how much we try.

Although we implement her dishes, the taste is so kuch different than the one she makes. Sometimes the texture too isn’t right. And the burst of flavors don’t burst so easily.

Grandmothers cooking is the best and you won’t find the deliciousness of her cooking anywhere else in the world. Everyone thinks that, right?

Her cooking is rare, like lost magic.

Though, I’m not saying I don’t like mom’s cooking. Her cooking is similar to grandma’s, just slightly different in terms of flavor. Since nowadays, the old time recipes are now being fusioned so easily. The originality of it all has just vanished from some houses.

Damn…I now miss my grandmothers cooking. I haven’t been able to meet her or my grandfather for the past few months and I miss them both terribly.


I can smell the aroma of her cooking right now…I can taste the spices she adds in her curries…My mouth is literally watering right now.

Ugh, why ain’t I rich enough to book a flight ticket already? or have a private jet?

Anyway, I wonder who you guys think is the best cook; your mom or your grandmother?

Comment below to let me know! May the best cook win!

See you in my next post~



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