My Top 24 Goals For This Year

Having goals is a good thing because you have something to work on. Something to look forward to every day you wake up. Goals can be anything; from “Being in the Gym for 2 hours” or “Traveling to places”. You just have to be diligent and active in completing them because trust me, the feeling of striking the goal in your journal is a feeling you mustn’t miss.

So, here are my 10 goals that I wish to do this year.

  1. Publish a Poetry Book.
  2. Travel to different places (still have to decide which places to go)
  3. Become a successful vlogger.
  4. Meet Kim Jongin (Hopefully, this year)
  5. Lose weight.
  6. Write a novel and publish it.
  7. Read more books.
  8. Learn a new language.
  9. Learn cooking/baking.
  10. Collaborate with a Youtuber.
  11. Give more in Charity.
  12. Gain more Islamic Knowledge.
  13. Become more prayerful.
  14. Make a new Webtoon.
  15. Sky dive.
  16. Get my driving license.
  17. See the Northern Lights.
  18. Go on a cruise.
  19. Become famous (Lol)
  20. Learn ice skating.
  21. Pay off all the debts.
  22. Be more patient.
  23. Write more.
  24. Live with a smile on my face.

These are my current goals and I really hope I can achieve them all with the help of my Lord, the Almighty.

Anyway guys, what are your goals? I’m sure you have a list lying around somewhere! If you do then please comment down below to let me know what those are so that we can motivate and inspire each other to achieve them slowly, but surely.

Until then,

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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What I Am Most Looking Forward To This Year

So, 2019 is finally here. Time flies so fast doesn’t it? It’s like you never know when the world will end. I’m excited and also worried for this year because last year didn’t go pretty well (not complaining though because life has its ups and downs) but I only pray that this year would go smoothly and that there won’t be any problems whatsoever.

I want to escape from all the stresses, I want my dreams to come true, I want to be selfish and pray for my own happiness because I’m so tired…Of course, I won’t do that because I want my family, friends and those people who are suffering from different issues to be happy too.

I realize that I am asking for too much but you have no idea how strong prayers are. One prayer can change everything. I am a very religious person so all my optiscim comes from my Lord. I can’t thank Him enough for giving me such a good life.

This year, the thing I am looking forward to is my sister’s wedding! She will be getting married this march and I can’t wait for it because after 10/11 months, my family will get together again!! It would be so much fun but It’s also sad because then I won’t be sharing the room with my sister anymore. It will definitely be hard for me but she has to live her own life, right? She can’t always stay with her family.

I also am looking forward for miracles this year. I want to publish a book and I hope it happens this year. I want to do so many things but because of my financial disability, I’m unable to do the things I love the most. I just pray that everything settles itself and that it goes back to how it all used to be four years ago.

I want to travel to places, I want to experience new things and I want to meet my one and only…If God Wills.

So yeah, hopefully, 2019 will be less stressful and more merry for all of us!

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11 Best Tips To Spend A Cold Evening

Don’t you just love when the wind is blowing outside and you’re inside your warm room/living room and just sipping a cup of hot chocolate or coffee or your favorite drink that has lots of whipped cream, marshmallows, cinnamon/chocolate stick and cherry on top!

If you don’t then that sucks because I certainly love cold evenings! They are the best because I love winter season and I get to do so many things that make me happy! And sometimes when it’s super cold, we don’t even go outside because we are all kind of lazy and just want to stay warm. So;

Let me list down the things that you can do on cold evenings~ 

  1. Read a mystery book.
  2. Bake cookies
  3. Or try a new recipe!
  4. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket and watch romantic movies/dramas 
  5. Play games with your friends/family; especially board games.
  6. If you don’t want to drink something hot, then eat ice cream! (I sometimes do that)
  7. Just Dance! 
  8. Or you can play video games because what better way to spend a cold evening if not winning Battle Royale?
  9. If you’re alone then try journaling because just getting your thoughts out will make you feel much better than you did a minute ago.
  10. If you’re spending the evening with your spouse or boyfriend, then this is the perfect time to eat your favorite cake and open up. Share your feelings, thoughts and just let it all flow. 
  11. And if you’re a workaholic/Author/Blogger/Vlogger like me, then do those stuff because sometimes we just don’t like wasting our precious time, right? 

These are a few things which I do and which you can do too on a cold/lazy evening.If you have some ideas, then why don’t you comment down below and let me know? 

Until then, 

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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Today I feel…


Finally, my prayers, my hoping, my wishing, my dreaming, my longing have been answered.

I feel blessed. I feel content with everything now.

Not many people get what they wish or desire and some get it too easily.

But not many are grateful with what they have, while others complain even though they have everything.

But the joy of getting what you want is quite different, isn’t it?

The hapoiness you feel after hearing some good news or seeing something good happen to you is undescribable.

I like that feeling. I like to smile and I like to feel good.

Well, don’t we all?

I wish these happy moments would keep on coming.

But I have also realized that patience plays a big role in our lives. If we don’t have patience, then we wouldn’t really feel the joy that we thought we would feel.

Patience is connected with contentment. Both have to be equal if you want a taste the sweetness of the thing you have been eagerly waiting for to happen.

I wonder how you’re feeling today?

I hope you’re feeling happy too. This world is large, but hey, we’re living in the same planet aren’t we? We might be strangers, but we’re looking at the same sky and moon, aren’t we?

Why not tell me how you’re feeling today?

If you’re sad then maybe I can be a shoulder for you to cry on.

And if you’re happy then maybe we can share a delicious chocolate cake and party all night!

Just kidding. I don’t party.


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One thing to do today

Hello everyone.

I hope you all are having a great day. If not, then I apologize because I know, it sucks. You might be annoyed or angry or just feeling gloomy, but you know what? Its life.

If life doesn’t have any ups and downs, how can you discover new emotions? New things and new opportunities?

Everyday is a good day, its up to us how we handle ourselves and our surroundings.

Its up to you how you can control your anger, how you can forgive others and how you can be patient with the problems you are facing.

Eventually, problems will die. They are not everlasting. But your patience can be.

We are made strong. We can handle anything that comes in our way if we just stay positive and strive to achieve our dreams and our goals.

But to do that, you know what is the one thing you have to do now?

Its to be thankful to yourself, your family, friends, your surroundings and the way you’re living now. So many people wish to have a life like you, but here you are, all healthy and reading my post on your phone or tablet or laptop or whatever…

Be thankful to everything you have or get. Don’t be proud. Don’t be careless, but know the reality of things from everyone’s point of view.

Everyone has bad and good days, but think of all the things you have while others don’t.

Be grateful.

Smile like its your last day.

Thank everyone in your family for being there for you. Thank yourself for being strong and know that this life is temporary.

No point in worrying about small things, okay?

Have patience, pray, and everything will set on its own.

Perhaps, your time of happiness hasn’t come now, but one day—it can be tomorrow or an hour from now or after reading my post—your time will come to shine and to feel glad and to feel as if you’re on seventh heaven!

I hope you guys felt a bit motivated by this post of mine. I just want you all to stay happy, okay? Stay strong and don’t let anything break you down.

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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Things that give me Hope

Sometimes, I lose creativity. I get all gloomy and irritated for no reason. I get all hyped up over little things and sometimes I just don’t know what I’m feeling or trying to feel.
But I’ve realized that its at that time, that seeing or understanding small things which we thought were trivial, gives us hope. It sparks our imagination, it banishes the darkness we were feeling and helps us smile, helps us become artistic and brings out the poet hidden within us.

Let me list a few things that give me hope when I’m going through that arduous stage.

Kim Jongin
Small towns
Antique stores
A good book
Night life of cities
Northern lights
Sound of rivers
Aesthetic quotes and images.
Red Moon
Realizing that someday we’ll die
Talking to Grandma/Grandpa
Hot Chocolate with a pinch of cinnamon
Completing a task
Knowing that I have a goal to reach
Reading knowledgeable books
Libraries/Book stores
Comments and likes from my readers who support and love my works
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Bucket Lists
Polaroid photos
Reading in the dark

These are a few things that I recall giving me a lot of hope, emotions and inspiration.
What are the things that give you hope?

Feel free to comment~ I would love to know about it.

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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What would you like to be recognized for when you are older?

Hm, this is an easy question and I don’t think I need to think too much to answer it.

Of course, I want to be recognized as a bestselling Author. It’s my dream. My one true goal in life that I want to accomplish no matter what.
I want people to just see my book and go like, “OMG! I love this Author’s work! She’s just awesome!”

It’s a simple dream, a simple hope, but I’ll give it my all!

Being recognized without you forcefully telling it to people is a great achievement and not many people can get that.
However, it’s not as easy as you think it is, to become a recognized author.

Sure, for some, it’s a one-night waiting and fame knocks on the door like Amazon Delivery,
but for others, it takes months or even years. For people like us, it’s a dream come true.
It’s what matters when we sit in front of the laptop and let our fingers do the working.

And not even writers but other people as well. Other occupations too are difficult to get recognized for.
I hope one day, some day at least, that you all will get recognized for the dreams you’re chasing. For the goal that you’re pursuing.

For the moment you’ve been waiting.

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Mini Review of Jung Ilhoon’s ‘She’s Gone’ MV

She’s Gone is the title track of the solo debut album titled, ‘Big Wave’ released by BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon. The song is about Ilhoon’s girlfriend who leaves him perhaps for another guy? But he says that’s he’s alright with it, that he’s going to endure the pain anyway and live his life to the fullest now instead of mopping over her. He also tells that she’s evil and that he’s now set free from the prison he was living in. He alleviates himself by saying that he escaped himself because she had messed up herself. The song has a combined feeling of love and animosity and he can’t help feeling that way now that she’s gone. Nevertheless, he tells her to live well, to not regret her decision, to take care of her herself and with a final goodbye, he tells her that he loves her.

This song and MV could’ve gone slow and tragic but since our Ilhoon is a rapper, he’s not going to make us cry. Instead, he induced it with an up-beat, country-rock concord that just makes your head bob to the rhythm and forget that it’s an unhappy song of a lover boy. In the video, Ilhoon is seen being carefree and enjoying his time with his friends showing that he has already gotten over her. We see no tears or breaking of the walls or a dark cloud hanging above his head, but we do see the breaking of a beer bottle and that’s only natural, isn’t it? He also shows his frustration by playing shooting games in an arcade.

I liked Ilhoon’s style, attitude and his insouciant vibe. As the song slowly comes to an end, there’s the clapping of the hands as if it was an anthem. An anthem for all those who lose their girls like him. A goodbye anthem you could say.

I liked the MV because of its dark rooms and alleys, smoking gas, awesome background dancers and our very own Ilhoon being Ilhoon. It’s a song that just lifts even the most dejected man. The perfect song that can be listened to when you’ve just broke up.

She’s Gone MV

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbors

See you in my next post~


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Mini Review of Camila Cabello’s ‘Never Be the Same’ MV

I heard this song a few weeks ago and I totally love it and seeing that Camila released an official video of it, I got hyped up and running. It’s absolutely my type of song because it speaks of a painful, difficult kind of love. A one-sided love but not really one sided.

The music video is a montage of recorded footages of a lazy-in-bed style Camila in a hotel room. She is seen wearing couture in aesthetic and professional environments. She has this messy hair and slightly exhausted look that really allures the viewers gazes. Her voice is beautiful; her high and low tones gave us the meaning she was trying to convey of pain and desperation. The beats of the drums give a strong vibe and the mid-tempo and R&B rhythms make this song a hit to the ears; It just sticks there in your mind like art.

I can’t help but feel that Camila and Selena have much in common; perhaps its their style of music or the aspects that makes me want to compare.

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbors

See you in my next post~




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Mini Review of MAMAMOO’s Starry Night MV

I love MAMAMOO and every time I find out that they have released a music video, I get completely overwhelmed because their music is always so diverse and catchy. This one is no exception. MAMAMOO released two music videos titled, ‘Starry Night’ and ‘Star Wind Flower Sun’ both of which are a must listen to! The song speaks about a broken and faded relationship. Before the fall of the cupid, the couples spent time under the starry night but as the months passed and as they looked upon the starry night again, she recalls the memories, the time they spent together under that same night sky and she is troubled by it because no matter how months have passed, how many seasons has rushed past her, she can’t get him out of his head.

I love the theme and the concept the girls produced. It’s utterly touching and it kind of sticks with you for a while. The girls look so beautiful and dreamy and for me, I’ve once more fallen in love with Solar and her Celtic hair.

The MV begins with a pleasant guitar melody and finger snaps and I can’t help but wonder where I’ve heard that tune before…Their voices are so pleasing, and their harmonization makes the song ever more alluring. The sceneries have caught my eye the most because what I truly love in MV’s is the background more than the foreground. Their choreography is simple, yet it evidently brings out the charm in them. The video also gives me a fairy tale vibe from time to time because of the vistas they have shown. As the MV sadly comes to an end, they give us this aesthetic feeling that really lifts my spirits up!

I loved the video and everything about it; the theme, the landscapes, the lyrics and no doubt, the four gorgeous looking idols. I would say that this song is the perfect spring song that we’ve all been wanting.


Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbors

See you in my next post~


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