10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me!

I know that I’ve done this topic maybe a few too many times, but you see, you still and might not know everything about me. Therefore, today I will list down 10 things that you probably don’t know about me. I just hope I don’t bore you! So, without further ado, grab your cup of joe and continue reading Amigo~

  • I’m now a Freelance writer working on Fiverr – This is what I wanted to tell you guys for months! I am proud to announce that I have now started my gigs on Fiverr which officially makes me a freelancer! I’ve earned around $36 in 3 months and I think it’s not bad for just a beginner like me, right? I have seven gigs which you guys should tots check out whenever you’re free and most of them start from just $5! I will link it down below just so you guys can have a nice and deep lookey~


  • I got a new cat – And I’ve named it Casper because it’s a beautiful ash grey and he’s a boy and he’s very, very, very and I mean it okay? Very mischievous…I should have named him Loki
  • I’m now a big fan of Captain Marvel!
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  • I have PCOS and I’m doing my best to live my life as healthily and beautifully as possible. Ladies, it’s okay, I’m with you as well. Let’s fight this together, okay?
  • Sometimes I just feel as though I have stopped moving in my life even though the world around me is enjoying and travelling and doing what they truly love. That feeling sucks but I manage to cope with it somehow…
  • I love my family a lot and I miss them very much. They are the ones to support me in whatever matter I decide, and nothing is more important to me than family ties. *Plays Fast and Furious background at the back*
  • I crave chocolates or any kind of sweets every single day but because I’m dieting, I try to hold back. It’s absolute torture, isn’t it?
  • I roleplay as Erza Scarlet on Instagram and Amino.
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  • I love Kim Jongin. As in literally. As in no joke and as in “I wish to marry him.”
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  1. Last but not the least, I have fallen in love with teas. Be it any kind of teas, I would drink them. It’s particularly strange because when I was around fifteen, I only used to drink coffee…

So, these are the 10 thins which you found out about me just now. I wonder if you and I have something in common or not…Hm, if we do, will you give me a holler? We can then maybe discuss our lives over a tub of ice cream or dark chocolate bar.

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Until then,

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Peace neighbors~

See you in my next post,


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This or That Challenge!

I’ve seen so many people doing this, and I wanted to try it too, because why not~ Also, since it’s Ramadan I’m not having any time to publish any posts for you guys, so why don’t I make it up to you all? I’ll try to be more active from now on! Because lately, I’ve been gaining followers and I certainly don’t want to lose them (shamelessly being honest)

Anyway, let’s start this challenge!

DAY or NIGHT? Night, of course. It’s always night.

RURAL or URBAN? Hm…This is hard. It also depends on my mood, but right now, I would choose Rural.

BUS or TRAIN? Train.

MOUNTAIN or BEACH? Mountains! I would love me some wind~

SUNRISE or SUNSET? – Ugh…this is hard. I love both! But if I had to choose…then it would be sunrise because nothing beats the beautiful sun rays as it comes up to greet us.

DOGS or CATS? – Cats! (I have a cat named Ginger by the way)

ZOO or AQUARIUM? – Aquarium because underwater creatures amaze me…


SINGING or DANCING? – Dancing all the way~ If you can move, you can dance *winks*

GOLD or SILVER? – Gold.

BOOKS or MOVIES? – Hm…I think I’ll have to choose books because you can easily get immersed in it and you get more feels than the movie is able give.

WINTER or SUMMER? – No doubt, it’s Winter.

ROSES or SUNFLOWERS? – Roses are good, but sunflowers have a story of their own.

KISSES or HUGS? – I’m more of a hugs person.

TATTOOS or PIERCINGS? – Piercings. Tattoos are harmful, and I can’t do it, so.

DRESSES or SKIRTS? – I rarely wear skirts, so it’s dresses for me.

HEELS or SNEAKERS? – Sneakers. Comfort is everything.

LONG HAIR or SHORT HAIR? – Long hair because now I’m sick of having short hair.

MAKEUP or NATURAL LOOK? – Natural look. Makeup hides the true beauty.

TEA or COFFEE? – And this is a billion-dollar question…Hm…Mm…Uh…*Sighs* Coffee it is, I guess.

HAMBURGER or PIZZA? – Tell me one person who hasn’t chose Pizza.

VANILLA or CHOCOLATE? – Is that even a question? Chocolate is bae~

BATH or SHOWER? – Shower because I don’t like to spend much time in the bathroom.

DINE IN or TAKEAWAY? – I prefer dine in.

NIGHT IN or NIGHT OUT? – Night out. The city is the most beautiful at that time.

IPHONE or ANDROID? – Android.

CURLY HAIR or STRAIGHT HAIR? – Curly hair. Not that I hate straight hair, but curls are cuter.

ICE CREAM or DONUTS? – This is easy. Donuts.

SMILE or GAME FACE? – Smile.

And, the end.

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini article and I repeat, I’ll try to be more active!

Before going, let me ask you a THIS and THAT challenge: SLEEPING or WORKING OUT?

Let me know in the comments below~ Don’t forget to like and share this post if you like!

See you in my next post neighbors~


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