So, summer’s kinda nearing guys, I mean, where I live it’s already getting hot and I wish the cold would last long since I love it more than I will ever love summer but I can’t argue with nature because all seasons are important and needs to be treated equally. THINGS TO DO IN SUMMER! […]

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Having Grandparents is the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for. It’s like having a guardian angel beside you to protect and prevent you from doing anything wrong and harmful. Some people are quite unfortunate that they don’t get to see their grandmom and grandpa after their birth and that’s pretty sad because the joy […]

Just Random

Being Lazy

Okay let’s be honest here guys, we all are lazy. Somewhere when the time comes, people abruptly change. Like if you are an energetic person, one day you will not feel so and just lay on your bed sloppily. Or if you are a person who lays on the bed but then suddenly you remember […]