I had always wanted to start a Youtube Channel. But I was too afraid. Too shy. Too scared of finding out people’s thoughts on me. Too afraid to know what my mom and dad would think.

I didn’t have any confidence. But I really wanted to make a channel and not just for making money, but to show the world that a Muslim girl does have her freedom. That she can be funny too, that she has a life too because I’ve seen that a lot of people have a huge misunderstanding that Muslim girls who wear a Niqab (mask) who veil themselves have no freedom or life.

But that’s so not true. We enjoy ourselves even if we don’t show it on our faces. While staying in our religion, we enjoy the blessings God has given us. That’s what matters. And that’s what I wanted to show the world.

I tried making a video with my sister a few times, but it didn’t work. We would get too shy or the video would seem meh.
Months passed and I had actually completely given up the idea of even making a Youtube. I was a bit sad because I was really passionate on making a video but I couldn’t. It kind of broke me.

But then I came to Dubai and that’s when I suddenly decided again, or you can say that God told me to make a channel and post a video. I had a feeling that I had to start somewhere. Forget the quality or the sound of the background of the video. JUST START RECORDING!
And this time, I didn’t let my fear get the best of me. I was scared, hell too nervous to even smile even though there was no one around me to judge me or tell me that my scarf wasn’t right or my eyes were too squinty.

I wrote a poem, I breathed deeply a few times and then, because I have no real camera to record, I began recording in my phone. It’s Samsung so there was no problem with the quality of the video.

It took me a few takes to record the video and believe me, my heart was thumping so loud that it hurt…But I didn’t stop. I was sweating. But I didn’t stop. I recorded the video, showed it to my sister and guess what? She gave me the green signal. She told me that it was good and the next minute, she edited and uploaded it.

My poem was my first video.
And then I wrote two more poems and uploaded that as well because I want to be a poet.

Then we went to many places in Dubai and I vlogged it all and as I kept talking to the camera, I felt a bit at ease every single second. That’s when I knew that with patience and practise and a bit of fear, you can do anything.
You can BE anything.

Even though I have only uploaded five videos right now, I just can’t wait to get in front of the camera and start recording my next video. I can’t wait to shape myself into a person my family and other people would be proud of.

Thanks to my sister, I don’t have to worry about editing my videos but I must learn it quick because she won’t be around all the time, right?

So yeah…I now have 14 Subscribers and a few views but I won’t stop making videos.
I know that it will take time for me to be known, to get verified, to have a million subscribers and to get that lovely silver/golden youtube plate, but if I stop now, I won’t get any of that.

Besides, I have God with me to help me fulfill my dreams, so no worries.

I pray for other people who are too scared to do what they want to do that someday, they will wrap their fear in a blanket and toss it in their cupboards.

You gotta start somewhere!

That being said, my neighbors, I hope you will support my channel as well as you have supported and loved my blog.
Click the link below, watch my videos, comment on them, like them and if you really think I deserve to be known, then please Subscribe to my channel and share with your friends because without the help of you guys, I can’t do anything.

My Dubai Vlog

of course, God is there, but God also made you guys to help me too!

My Youtube Channel : Writer Next Door

Thank you and Happy Watching neighbors~