A few months ago, Line Webtoon held a competition. Whoever wins they get like a whooping 80,000$! Can you believe that?

And who wouldn’t want to compete for 80,000$, right? So, I decided to participate in this contest even though I knew that I wouldn’t win. But, I kept my faith in God and just started drawing. 

At first, I thought of asking someone from Fiverr or Instagram to draw for me, but then mom told me to do it myself because we didn’t have much money to pay for the illustrations and stuff. And heck, they charge a lot. Like literally a lot and it’s according to the panels so it gets more expensive. 

I started to draw in my Microsoft Surface because it had a pen and I used Adobe Sketchbook. But after a few chapters, I decided to buy XP-Pen which is a drawing pad for beginners. Thanks to Mom, my dad agreed on buying it for me since it was in our budget and we told him that it was for a competition, so he happily bought it for me. 

I love you dad.

Anyway, another awesome thing that happened was that when I begin drawing, Adobe Sketchbook wasn’t free. I was using a trial version and everyday I was afraid that when the trial ends, I would have to pay for the subscription which I didn’t want to because…expensive (low money alert!) 

But, I think God wanted me to give a shot on drawing this webtoon, so the next day when I opened Adobe to draw, it said that it was now FREE! Like seriously, it was all meant to be. 

I thanked God for giving me this awesome opportunity to try something new and just like that, I ended up creating 21 episodes of my webtoon.

Now that you’ve read this, I beg you, please click the link below and check out my webtoon because I’ve spent a lot of time and effort in giving you guys a good comic to read. 

Have you Fallen for me Yet?


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Thank you and Happy Reading my lovely neighbors~