“Yet again the renowned painter Jellal Fernandez has sold his latest painting called “Girl in Pink shoes” for 5 million dollars at the Osaka painting museum. It has been said that the painting will soon be put up for auction at the upcoming Japan’s art festival, also there has been a word that Enthusiasts from various countries will be present at the time of the auctioning. We do have to say that Jellal Fernandez has been the talk of the town lately, and the people are with no doubt- anticipating his next painting which he said was called, “The lonely blond girl” Oooo the name itself gives you the feeling that the painting will be once again auctioned at an incredible value. This is Levy Mcgarden, reporting for Fiore News. Thank you and have a goodnight.”


Jellal’s first painting was called, “The demon lady”


His second painting was called, “The girl who sore the sky.”


And his third painting was called, “The girl under the sea.”


All three of his paintings were sold and auctioned for more than a million dollars each which obviously makes him the most richest man in Fiore.


However, instead of living in a grand mansion he chose to live in a small, spacious apartment in the Main Street of Fiore.


Many people had questioned his way of living although he had so much wealth, but all he said was that he wanted to live a simple life like everyone else.

And opposite his building was an average shop which sells pizza.


It wasn’t the best in town, but it wasn’t that bad as well.


Many a times when Jellal heedlessly missed his dinner, he used to order a cheese pizza with no tomatoes and capsicum. He liked it, it was good and it surely filled his growling stomach, but set aside the taste of the cheese and the onions Jellal likes, there was another reason he used to order the pizza thrice a week.


And that reason was Erza Scarlet.


A 19 year old girl who works at the pizza shop in front of Jellal Fernandez’s apartment.


Due to the lack of employment at the shop, Erza was the only girl to devote her time at the shop full time. She used to deliver orders to as far as the town ends and come back to only get more busier with orders instead of a little rest for legs.


Her family consisting of only a mother and a sister, lived in the slums of Fiore.


Not the best place for a beautiful girl to live in, but poverty was just as common as it was in other cities and it couldn’t be helped. 


It was a rather cruel and selfish world, but Erza never complained.


She worked hard, and in a way she liked it. She liked her job, she liked delivering pizzas to strangers; some annoying and some a little too nice, but Erza Scarlet would always keep a smile on her face no matter what and that’s what Jellal liked about her. Her smile, her cheerfulness and her unusual joy in working extremely hard.


The buzzer rang and Jellal quickly placed his paintbrush in the water bowl and dashed towards the door to open it.


He flung it open rather forcefully and there she was. Like a portrait, still with the box of pizza and a smile.


“Hey.” He uttered first with a grin.


“Your pizza sir.” She said and handed it over to him quite delicately.


“It will be 8 bucks.” She mentioned. Jellal began searching his pockets but it seems like he had not kept any before hand.


“Uh, wait a minute. Sorry.” He said and placed the pizza on the table before going inside his bedroom for the wallet.


Meanwhile Erza observed Jellal’s apartment from the outside.


It was cute she thought. Not much furnitures or decorations but colourful.


She noticed a canvas sitting in front of his small window, it was blank, but appeared very ready to be filled with paints.


“Sorry for the wait. Here you go.” Jellal apologised and handed the exact change to her.


“Thank you very much. Please order again.” Erza bowed deeply and got up again to leave.


“Wait !” Jellal suddenly yelled.


A little surprised, Erza turned her head around, “yes ?” She said.


“Uh…um..I know this is-like-abrupt but..um..Are you free tomorrow Erza ?” Jellal asked with much hesitancy.


Erza was speechless, she was confused and had no idea what to reply to him, after all Jellal was a stranger to her. It was also the first time anyone ever asked Erza if she was free tomorrow so poor Scarlet had no answer to give out to the blue-haired stranger.


Jellal waited for her answer quite eagerly. He could feel the beating of his heart rising and his body getting warm. Funny he thought, that only girls would feel this way in Manga and Drama’s but boys feel the same way as well. In any case, it was reality and not just a Drama where only a girl would have feelings.


Erza’s options in her mind were, “Yes, I’m free tomorrow since it’s Sunday.” And, “No…I have plans for tomorrow so sorry..”


Now, she just had to choose either one of them and get it at the tip of her tongue.


“Um..” She began but she didn’t select an option yet. “I-” it was hard choosing, so she left it to her heart to talk, after all doesn’t everyone quote, “Do what your heart says to do.”


“Yes…I’m free tomorrow.” Erza said and for her it was unexpected as it may be because she herself didn’t expect her heart to choose that option.


“Alright !” Jellal blurted excitedly. “Then, tomorrow lets meet at the park. Noon sounds good ?”


Erza nodded with her head down. “Awesome, see you then.”


Erza nodded again and turned around to leave quickly before Jellal could stop her again. She was embarrassed but she liked the feeling, because it was different and she felt something like this for the first time.


Jellal waited until Erza vanished from her sight and promptly closed the door.


Happiness filled his apartment and he felt like he could touch the sky with just a light jump on his toes.


He was eager to meet Erza tomorrow, and he was eager to confess to her about her feelings but he also reasoned that it would be too sudden and Erza wouldn’t like it. So he decided to first take it slow, to get to know more about each other and then when the time was right, when both will be comfortable around each other, he would confess.



The place the blue-haired guy thought of taking Erza was the seashore situated at the end of the very Fiore, where the border to Magnolia town starts.


Erza surely looked bewildered as she stepped onto the soft sand. She didn’t expect that Jellal would bring her here at their very first meeting because usually Erza read in magazines that when a boy and girl meet for the first time, typically they would go to the cafe or stay at the park and talk, but this. This was different from those magazines, this was nice.


“Let’s see the sunset together.” Jellal said as he glued his gaze on the waves gradually wetting the sand and its shells.


“Is it alright with you ? Aren’t you busy ?” Erza asked hesitatingly and looked at him.


“Not at all.” He said. “And you ? Is it alright with you ?”


“I don’t have any plans today. I want to see the sunset with you as well.” She confessed and slightly curved up her lips.


Jellal was a little surprised, actually more than surprised because he didn’t expect Erza to agree with him so easily. He thought he had to insist a little but everything went so smoothly, without any chapters of argument.



As days passed by like north wind, the love of the red and blue haired individuals blossomed into a fine looking flower.


Every day, after her shift, Erza would drop at Jellal’s house for dinner. There were days that they passed alone, immersed in their own work, but there came nights when they were together, for hours and hours until they would eventually fall into deep slumber.


On some specific nights, Jellal and Erza would sit facing his blank canvas under the moonlight and just talk. About them, about their future, and then suddenly end up just staring at each other.

One day, Jellal called Erza to come arrive at his house at sharp nine’ o clock.


Perplexed, Erza agreed to him without probing into the matter.At exactly nine, she rang his bell and immediately, Jellal opened it with a face of excitement and happiness.

“You seem happy. Anything special today ?” Erza asked as Jellal pulled her down on the couch beside her.


He stared into her eyes and pulled her closer by the hips. “Erza, do you love me ?” He asked.


He was breathing heavily, his face had become slightly serious and certainly, he was expecting a definite answer from her. “Of course.” She said unhesitatingly.

“Then can you do me a favor ?” He asked. “If I can.” She replied with a smile.

“Will you-” He paused. Erza suddenly began contemplating.


“Will you” is quite a dangerous word for a girl who was only in love with a boy for two months. Sure, there are many ways to ask a question with “Will you” but Erza thought that it would be the closest one of them all. The red haired lass looked at the latter doubtfully, and a little anxiously. “It’s too soon..” She thought.


“Will you-” He began again and this time got closer to her, “Become my painting ?”



Erza wore a red dress, scarlet actually, perfectly matching her hair color. She sat in front of the window ( where they would mostly spend their precious time together ) and posed elegantly.


Erza looked beautiful without any make-up and that’s what Jellal liked. She was a natural beauty, with a face of Hera. “Pose naturally.” Jellal said and stood behind his blank canvas with his withered paint brush and messily colored palette.


“Naturally as in ? Do you want me to smile or stay blank ?” She asked.

“Stay blank, but smile with your eyes. They are pretty and believe me, I will make them even prettier.” Erza chuckled and adjusted herself calmly on the average piece of wood and leather. She masked a serious face, only leaving out the eyes. Those eyes captivated Jellal. Night after night Scarlet would pose and Fernandes would play with his brush. Strokes high and low, the dipping of the paint brush in the water, the smell of the oil paints and late night coffees, the deliberately colored rugs and splashes of blurbs of red paints became more and more addictive to both the poser and the painter.


Erza began to spend more of her nights at Jellal’s house. And she didn’t mind of course because she was contented to be with the one she loved so deeply. Before she knew it, she couldn’t control her overpowering feelings for Jellal.


Jellal wouldn’t show Erza what he painted, in fact whenever she came around the canvas, he would turn it or place a white sheet on it saying, “Wonders will never cease. So Wait. Patiently.” Although nodding her head to what Jellal said, she did try to peek several times through the white sheet or by means of tricks but unfortunately she would fail every time,In conclusion making his boy friend a little furious.


However with a kiss on his cheek, everything-from rage to arguments- would settle down. On days when Scarlet would whine on being bored just sitting there for straight hours, Fernandes would put down his brush and spend some time with her, like slow-dancing or sitting in their bedroom while funnily talking about their so-called future or an excellent candle light dinner. He had never once made the girl he loved sad. And Erza thought that maybe, he was really the right guy for him.But no, not maybe. She was absolutely certain.



Jellal had taken a break to go the washroom before clearly warning Erza to “not peek until he gets back.”


Erza replied lethargically and picked up a book from beside the table. She was reading her bookmarked page, but the words didn’t seem to go through her head at all.Her eyes would unconciously turn to the canvas but remembering Jellal’s stern warning she would avert it back to the book. This time, her heart was beating fast. She couldn’t calm down and she knew why. Because she was having second thoughts on having a look at the picture no matter the later circumstances.


She decided that she would just peek and not look at the whole picture and if by chance Jellal caught her red-handed, she would end their expected fight with a kiss.

Erza snickered, and quickly glanced in the direction the bathroom.Her insticts told her that it would take maybe another five minutes for Jellal to come out, so she swiftly dashed towards the canvas and pulled the sheet off from it.


Erza, staring at the canvas in bewilderment, stood there still. Frozen.



“I loved you-No..I still love you, that’s why I want you to be my painting. I want you to stay alive forever. That’s what I said to the previous girls, they are still very alive Erza.”




Erza wanted to scream, run, hide but all her thoughts went impracticable.




“Do you know the painting called the ‘Girl in pink shoes ?” Well..that was actually my ex-girlfriend Meredy. She was sweet, she was cute, she was a good kisser, but then she said she didn’t love me anymore cause I wasn’t good enough for her.” Jellal smacked his lips, “So I killed her.”




His eyes had a strange twinkle of amusement in them.




“And I painted another painting called, ‘The lonely Blond Girl’, Her name was Lucy, I met her at a conventional store, she was struggling with her things cause she was new to the town, so I helped her and then she began looking at me like her Angel, but then she said she already had a boyfriend and that I mistook her kindness, so-yea.” He laughed and got up from his chair, casually sauntering towards Erza, he grabbed her handcuffed hands and began walking. “See, I did have reasons to kill them, so that doesn’t really make me a bad guy..just a little mental yea, but whatever.”




Erza’s feet were no longer in her control.




“Hm…let’s see–then there came the demon lady, Ultear, was my first crush but she dumped me. “The girl who sore the sky, younger than me, but said I had flaws she couldn’t turn a blind eye to.”And comes the girl under the sea, Juvia, slightly annoying, but a really good baker, In fact she didn’t betray me like the other girls, however she found out about me like you did so-“




“You killed them all..” Erza softly muffled.




Jellal impassively shrugged his shoulders and opened the door to his dark room.




“And now comes ‘Scarlet’, Erza, the one who I grew to love more than anyone in this world, has a perfect smile, the perfect attitude, the perfect personality, but found out about my wrong doings and wanted to run away from me-” He pushed her on the floor and sighed, “So, I killed her.”




Erza’s eyes shot open, her body frozen and her mind vacant.




Jellal turned around and headed to his closet, only to return to Erza with an axe in his hand. He closed the door behind him and switched on the lights. A sadistic smirk was plastered on his face, so despicable and sinister.




Futile tears ran down Erza’s cheeks.




She was living such a good and a happy life, but all of a sudden..what was with this twist ?How could she have not seen this coming..how could she get herself trapped so easily ?




“Erza.” He slowly walked over to her, his every step emitting a kind of sinful aura. “I could clearly read what you are thinking and yes, everything’s wrong in this twisted world.” He winked raising his axe, and swung it.







“And once more Jellal Fernandez has become the talk of the town with the ladies and gents alike. He sold his new painting called the ‘Scarlet’ for over thirty five million dollars ! Wow that’s a big sum for a mere painting but what intrigued the buyer to take it was that he felt a kind of ‘sad emotion’ pouring out of it, that the girl in the painting was asking for his help. Now that’s called a true painting right ? Man, people are waiting for his next painting and they can’t get enough of it ! Furthermore, the fans have also said that ‘Scarlet’ is Jellal Fernandez’s best painting ever painted. This is Levy Mcgarden, reporting for Fiore News. Thank you and have a goodnight.”


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