Let me introduce myself in a more creative way.

I’m Aaliyah, author of the not-so-popular yet ‘The 13- We all start as Strangers’. I am an amateur blogger and a self-taught artist who is addicted to coke and snickers. 

At the beginning, I first began writing my stories on Wattpad. I managed to get a few good reviews, so I wrote more. And more and more and read a few books and then one day, while I was just lazing around in my room, I thought, “Why not I start writing a novel?” 

Then BAM! In a year and a half, I proudly published my book, ‘The 13- We all start as Strangers’. 

My other hobbies are swimming, dancing and probably spending half of my time scrolling through my phone and chatting with new and uniquely talented people, because after all, “We all start as strangers, don’t we?”

My inspiration is J.K.Rowling and John Green. One day, I would like to be called a ‘best author’ just like them. One day, I hope my book becomes a best seller and one day, I hope I have a fandom of my own. 

And just like everybody else, I like Kpop, Anime, Games and other stuff that would be to annoying to list down now. So, there’s a chance we might have something in common. 

And that’s all about me. It didn’t turn out as creative as I had imagined it to be but oh well…At least it wasn’t that boring.