Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep20 ‘Shadow of Doubt’

*Beware of spoilers* 

The black Hood…who is he? Well, apparently, he’s not dead then who is bringing Justice to Riverdale?

In this episode, Betty is close to finding the true identity of the black hood with the help of our very own bomb, Cheryl. However, questions are still not answered until the very end, and it frustrates me entirely because I’m seriously getting fed up by this whole suspense! (Probably this is what Riverdale actually wants from us and we’re giving it)

Riverdale’s doctor calls Betty (well, the Register) saying that he found a mutilated body and that she should come and take a look at it. To her relief, it wasn’t Chic.

Fearful that it might be Chic, Cheryl and her cousin both go to see the dead body.

Per contra, guilt washes over her and she is all the more resolute in daring to shoot the arrow and land a bull’s-eye. Even if she has to lay all of the evidence she collected in front of her dad, or just threaten him with a gun to speak the truth.

The black hood appears again when Fred Andrews and Hermoine Lodge start their mayoral debate. Fortunately, none of them were injured, and its no surprise that Hal was there too with Betty.

This little incident shakes the entire town hall all over again. Veronica tells her mother to back off because of the dangers she might face ahead, but Hiram says so otherwise. He doesn’t want to lose this game, even if it means putting his own wife’s life in jeopardy.

With this, Veronica decides to now campaign for Fred Andrews, giving him all her support (and making love with Archie because now they are on the same team)

The new sheriff in town seems to have been making progress in finding the culprit of Midge’s killer, but due to hard evidence and testimonies, Fangs, a serpent is caught and put in jail for the time being. He was seen in Jughead’s Carrie ‘behind the scenes’ documentary talking (hooking) up with Midge, but because he was afraid, he didn’t spill the beans and came directly to Jones for help.

Jughead takes attorney Mccoy’s help and is successful in bringing Fangs out of the prison. However, the dark circle which is now controlled by Hiram, resolves to kill Fangs because they are convinced that Fangs was the one to kill one of their North siders. Reggie takes the lead and courage in brining a gun to the riot that was outside the police department, and was ever ready to kill the innocent individual. zn

But, Jughead calls Archie, now in desperate need of his help and unknowing that Archie isn’t leading the dark circle anymore. Our red head arrives at the scene at the right time and stops Reggie from firing Fangs.

But…there’s a sound of the gunshot and Fangs is bleeding. Archie is on top of Reggie, holding him down, but the gun is still in his hand…

Was it a misfire?

Or did Reggie was able to really put a hole in Fangs torso?

Nonetheless, a chaotic war between the North and South Siders break out and meanwhile that’s happening, Black Hood knocks on Cheryl’s door.

Why Cheryl? z

Well…Cheryl was Betty’s accomplice in trying to figure out black hood’s personality. And did you notice that Betty happened to mention that to Hal?

Mmmm….what is this dilemma really…

Will Cheryl’s life be in danger, or did black hood just appear in front of her to scare her? To warn her?

And will Fangs survive? I hope he does because clearly, he didn’t do anything wrong…well, he cheated although knowing that Midge was Moose’s girlfriend, but that was just a mistake and he doesn’t deserve to die for that.

Things are getting really twisty here…

Hopefully, someone will untwist it all (my bets on Betty) and end this black hood headache, the black hole to everyone’s doubts and emotions.

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~




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Mini Review of Fear The Walking Dead S4 Ep3 ‘Good Out Here’

*Beware of extreme spoilers*

This episode gave me the biggest shock since the death of Glenn in The Walking Dead series…me and my parents were like sharing confused and aghast glances because it was so unexpected. It was so sad and I wish time could go back and change whatever has happened.

Al unwillingly takes Nick’s group to where she found the numbered flag, however, in the middle of their lovely journey, Al manages to create a chaos that eventually ends up with the two group helping each other.

Al makes a simple deal; she’ll only lead them to where she found the flag only if they comply on telling their story. Though all of them perplexed at her little idea of capturing the moments, they agree to do the same.

However, their motive of finding the numbered flag is still unknown.

In the flashback, Nick, who couldn’t bring himself to come out of the gates, finally decides to help her mom find some food.

Nick recollects those memories; the talks they talked, the places they went, and it only makes us question even more as to where Maddie is right now and what might have happened to her?

Morgan and Nick end up spending some quality time together, when suddenly, Nick spots a familiar car passing by the road they were stuck in and somehow runs behind it.

With a few mishaps here and there, and with the help of Morgan, Nick finds the person who he seemed to loathe so much because of Charlie, who doesn’t seem to understand the difference between who the right group and the wrong group are.

Consequently, Nicky here kills the man in a struggling fight and sees to it that he be dead for good.

Seeing how the poor drug addict is going through the same phase Morgan himself went through, he urges him to read the book of attaining peace which was given to him by the individual who changed Morgan’s life. Morgan hopes that Nick could find the rightful path before its too late.

He keeps the book with him and sits on the threshold of an abandoned house; recalling the moment his mom found a beautiful field of flowers, and the tranquillity he felt at the time. When unexpectedly, Nick hears a gunshot.

He looks up and sees Charlie, the girl he was fond of, the girl he wanted to rescue from the clutches of the Vulture, had a gun pointed at him.

Realization strikes and he feels the pain of the gunshot. Nick falls, keeping his gaze at Charlie who hastily runs away. Although, judging by her appalled expression, we can only assume for now that she must have been forced to commit such a crime. And at this young age of hers, there’s not much she can do but oblige to survive.

At his last moments, Nick remembers the peacefulness that surrounded him, and albeit he died without warning and in suffering, leaving his family and friends behind, I’m guessing that he was relieved to leave the world where only the dead walk. Where humans betray, and where we are required to take on the form of a demon instead of an Angel.

With that, the episode ends. Tears in our eyes. Aching hearts. Utter shock that I still can’t get over.

Nick was the main protagonist. He was the absolute foundation of Fear the Walking Dead. The chief point of view.

So, I wonder how things will turn out now…I’m actually more worried about Maddie’s reaction. She’s the type to do whatever it takes to get her son back. The type to kill all those involved in the death of her son, which means, she might not spare Charlie’s life unless the little rebel has a reasonable excuse.

But, you know what? I won’t stop watching because I need to find out what takes place next. Sure, I will miss Nick, abundantly at that, but what’s more important is seeing the Vulture’s crucial death.

This really was heart breaking for me. And this desolated emotion isn’t going away because of the way it was all directed; thr flashbacks, the flowers, the whole placidity thing.

*cries inwardly*

Okay, let me just go to the bathroom and…cry a bit more.

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~ (that is if I succeed in getting out of my depressive state)



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Mini review of Supernatural S13 Ep21 ‘Beat The Devil’

*Beware of spoilers*

No offence, but Supernatural is turning boring all over again. Keeping the comedy aside, there is progress in the story but for some reason, I’m not feeling the excitement and apprehension of what’s to come next. Its like I’m just watching for the sake of completing the season…

I need the energy, the activeness and a deadly fight. Not that I’m not happy with family reunions. At long last, Sam and Dean, along with the help of an Angel, a witch and 2 Archangels, find Mary and Jack on the other side of the fatal universe.

Yes, you read right. 2 Archangels. One is Gabriel who accepted to help them and fight the alternate version a.k.a evil Michael. And the other Archangel as you know it, who is alive and in this world right now, is Lucifer. Somehow tricking Lucy, the odd couple, Gabriel and Rowena, capture him, bring him to the bunker and use his abundant grace to open up the rift.

You might be asking now that why didn’t Gabriel use his grace, right? Well, he did give his grace but apparently, it wasn’t enough and he still needs time to fill up his tank.

With Lucifer’s tap open and spilling at every second, the boys get to the other side, leaving Rowena in-charge of babysitting the Devil. However, as you all know it, Lucifer wouldn’t just sit there like a good boy. He body itches to create mischief, to whisper unnecessary stuff, to annoy the heck out of people. Using his words and singing skills and the gift of vexation, Lucifer manages to anger Rowena, who in-return says something that makes Lucifer furious and break the Witch’s binding spell on him. Lucifer was about to kill Rowena. Again. But the tiny Irish woman was able to fight back, thereupon making a threatening mistake (because like Billy, the Death said, Rowena will only be killed by Samuel)

She used her magic to push the Devil away from her, but ends up sending him directly into the rift. She thinks of leaving the bunker since she was done with her work and now whatever happens will not matter to her, but instead; feeling guilty and responsible, she stays back and searches for a way in the black book to keep the rift open.

On the other side, the gang tread north. They end up saving two people who mention were also heading north to where a rebel group leaded by a woman named Mary was saving and protecting the others from the menacing Angels.

The two groups use a dangerous shortcut to reach Dayton quicker, however, it only ends up bad. An army of vampires attack them, and as much as they put up a fight, one of them was successful in biting Sam and dragging him away further into their den. Dean was about to chase his baby brother but Castiel stops him, realizing that Sam was already gone.

Without wasting another moment, the two groups reach Dayton and eventually meet up with their mom and Jack. But no one is happy because with this family reunion because Sammy might as well be as good as dead…

When unexpectedly, Sam shows up; bloody but alright.

Like how in the world…?

Let me answer that for you. It was because of Lucifer.

Yes, you read it right again, Lucifer saved Sam. He prevented his death. Why? Because seemingly Sam was the only one now to know where his son, Jack would be and to because Lucifer knows too well that his son wouldn’t accept him, he decides to go to him with a simple, heart-touching gift. Samuel. The goose.

What a devil, isn’t he?

And eventually, Lucifer finally comes face to face with his son who obviously doesn’t seem too happy to meet his real father.

What will happen now?

Will the father and son talk it all out and join hands?

Or will Jack end up killing his own dad?

Or will Lucifer, to gain his son’s trust help the Winchesters save the world from Michael and his army?

I have no idea, but considering Supernatural’s ability to surprise us at unforeseen times, I’m guessing its going to be something awful or something out of the blue, or something direct.

Rating: 6/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~


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Mini Review of Fear The Walking Dead S4 Ep2 ‘Another Day in the Diamond’

The moment I had been waiting for. Fear TWD finally showed Madison and her group, but their life after the big break of the dam.

They had made an abandoned baseball stadium as their sanctuary and are still building it to make them and their visitors feel like there is a home to come back to.

Madison finds a little girl named Charlie and decides to help her by searching for her parents or group. Instead, she finds an armed middle aged woman. Though after much conflict, the woman named Naomi joins Madison and arrives at the stadium with them.

When things were about to settle down, another comes up like a turtle out of its shell. An unfamiliar group called the Vultures welcomes themselves in Madisons long haul perimeter. A group adamant on snatching away her possessions and her land.

They wasn’t any violence, just tranquil threats. But for how long? For how long will the two groups maintain their patience?

Well, judging from the present day where Alicia, Nick, Victor and Luciana are looking wary and armed but without Madison, all we can presume for now is that someone did lose their patience first and indubitably, the outcome wasn’t good.

Will Morgan, the gunslinger and the journalist help the four, lost people in hunting the Vultures, or will there will be animosity that can make things ugly for the two innocent groups?

Unlike The Walking Dead, watching Fear TWD somewhat excites me. Maybe its the characters, or the plot itself but being completely truthful, Fear TWD is much better than the actual TWD. Its more my style and it never disappoints to surprise and agitate me.

I actually think Madison and Rick have the same thinking, yet they are terribly diverse from each other in a way. Both are pretty good leaders, and both are the shoot first, ask questions later type, but in my speculation, they aren’t compatible. There’s just a tiny flaw in each of their reasoning and if ever, the two leaders end up face to face—well, fingers crossed that they shouldn’t.

But, of course, that’s just my judgement. Who knows? Perhaps, I’m wrong and Rick and Madison will end up being each others support.

P.S. I like their opening theme. Its short, simple and best.

I’m even more eager now to see the next episode!

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~


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Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep19 ‘Prisoners’

*Beware of spoilers*

This week’s episode of Riverdale dramatically starts with Midge’s funeral. It’s just so sad to realize that she won’t be hanging around anymore. I really liked her character and I still can’t believe that Black Hood is back. That Sheriff Keller killed a dupe and that Black Hood is still on the loose, all the more seeking justice and threatening to kill those who have escaped his clutches.

It gives me the goosebumps…

Also, I don’t think its right that Sheriff Keller is being attacked by eggs and tomatoes just because Black Hood has decided to show up again. He did what he had to and he’s doing his best to protect Riverdale, bur I guess some people just don’t get how much more stressed he is on catching Midge’s killer. Furthermore, he has been given a notice of debasing as a Sheriff and bringing in someone new to solve this brutal mystery that has completely shook Riverdale.

Meanwhile the teen investigators, Bughead discover disturbing things about Chic. Apparently, Chic isn’t Alice’s son. He was just his roommate. But, one day, a nasty fight broke out between the two and Chic lost his control, which led to Charles Cooper’s death. Chic also mentions Alice that Charles had knocked on her door, but she shooed him away. Recalling that incident, guilt washed over her and she immediately goes to FP and reveals the said matter.

Jughead was a strong support to Betty, but it would be kind of weird, don’t you think if the lovers find out that their mom and dad were together in high school? That what bonds them was a grave mistake?

In this episode, Alice was the one to suffer extreme anguish. I pity her and I hope she gets all the support she needs. But, what if she finds out that Betty actually released Chic from their basement and handed him to the Black Hood? What if she finds out that Chic, Charles murderer is no longer in their life?

Forget about all that though, because what came to revelation literally blew me away. After Betty comes home after saying her goodbyes to Chic, she consoles her mom but notices that she’s alone, drinking her sorrows away. “Mom, where’s dad?” she asks and Alice replies that he had come after her.


Hal had went after Betty? Hal has green eyes too, doesn’t he? And now that I think about it deeply, Archie and Hal haven’t really seen each other after all this Black Hood thing eventuated. But, Black Hood’s eyes doesn’t match Hals…and Hal is a sinner himself, right? Spending time with Penelope when Alice left him.

Ugh, I don’t even know anymore. Riverdale keeps getting mysterious and I just can’t seem to fit the pieces in the puzzle.

Evidently, Fred Andrews is in danger and Archie notices that someone is following him since the time of Midge’s funeral wearing a Black Hood.

I think for the first few times it was the actual Black Hood provoking Archie, maybe? But startlingly enough, it was the vulture Nick who showed up in Riverdale again. He attacked Archie, kidnapped him and asked Veronica for a million dollars as a ransom.

I hated it when Hiram Lodge refused to relieve Archie from Nick st. Sicko’s claws. I mean, didn’t they make a pact or something? Isn’t there enough trust and love between the boss and the son-in-law that he can’t even pay a million dollars?

Sure, he has his ‘reason’ but still. His attitude towards Archie isn’t right, that too after the red head proving so much to the Lodges that he can trust them and allow them in their family.

Ensuingly, Veronica decides to take the matters in her own hands. She steals some leftover money from her daddy’s safe, but being considerate, Nick gives her an easy way to save Archie from being buried six feet under.

And that was to finish what they had started in New York. What Veronica owed him.

She got all sparkled up for her date night with the sick individual, but we all know that in the end, she is a Lodge. A clever one at that. No matter how much she disguises herself as a Swan, deep inside she is a hyena.

Unable to see the live feed of what could’ve took place in Nick’s suite, he manages to escape from the dark den and heroically sprints to save her.

But he surprisingly finds out that Veronica doesn’t need saving. Doubtless, she is capable of saving herself.

Ronnie reveals the cruelty of her father and the two of them decide to have a quick talk in his office.

In determination and rage to find the Black Hood, Archie forgets about Hiram’s cowardice to save him, but only keeping in mind about his endangered father, asks him something more, something that can put him in debt to him. He asks Hiram to help him catch the Black Hood, no matter what it takes, and Hiram confidently agrees, probably because of his conscience, or he just might be thinking something else that’ll put Fred on the side-lines and make Hermoine the Mayor of Riverdale.

Who is the Black Hood?

How many people will he kill?

And will he be caught before someone else is murdered because of their sins?

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~



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Mini Review of Supernatural S13 Ep20 ‘Unfinished Business’

*Beware of spoilers*

In this weeks episode of Supernatural, Gabriel shows up again, but with trouble written on his forehead, and well, evident wounds that the Winchesters couldn’t turn a blind eye to.

Now back and running, Gabriel finally decides to take revenge on the demigods that betrayed and sold him to Asmodeus. However, he’s low on grace and though he didn’t want to be in debt to the brothers, the three end up with a win-win deal, the brothers help Gabriel take his revenge and Gabriel will help them save the world from Michaels ambush.

On the other side, literally, Mary and Jack are at long last shown spending dangerously quality time together. You know, fighting and winning wars (not unusual at all…)

And as they win each war and save the people from the menacing Angels, Jack’s confidence in himself and his power rises to a great extent which also leads him to make choices that he never knew he would regret.

Being honest, this episode was kinda boring and went on too long. I mean, the events that happpened must take place so that Gabriel could eventually join their team, and we got to know how Gabriel ended up being a pitiful victim chained up in Hell, but I also thought that it was unnecessary and they could’ve just be done with it over a couple of beers.

In fact, both sides of the story were drab. And I hated it that they killed the other worldly Kevin too! I mean, come on, for a Prophet of God, he died a futile death! He didn’t deserve to die…*sniffs*

That’s all the more reason for me to hate this episode.

(Where did all the thrill and excitement disappear to?)

Lastly, Sam lets out his feelings to Dean to be kept on the side-lines as if he was weak, as if he couldn’t protect himself and its not his fault that he feels that way. Though Dean only did that to keep his brother from dying. Again.

Nonetheless, Sam made it crystal clear that from now on, whatever may take place; whether it be going to the other side, finding Mary and Jack or dying, they would do it together. They would deal whatever fate lends them…together.

As a matter of fact, I’m proud of Sam for making Dean understand that not every time will his terms and conditions work. That not every time he can put his own life at risk, and that not every time can he take the burden of getting himself killed.

Now the question still remains, can the Winchesters really save the world? Can Jake stop Michael before he arrives in their world and invades it? Or will all hells break loose for the umpteenth time?

Rating: 6/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~


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Mini Review of Fear The Walking Dead S4 Ep1 ‘What’s Your Story?’

At long last, I saw the first episode of season 4 and I honestly loved it! It had a perfect start and the perfect cliff-hanger that makes everyone eagerly wait for the next episode.

However, I’m pretty sure that after this, those who didn’t and have yet to watch The Walking Dead, now might’ve watch it to know more Morgan. Who he is, from where did he come from and why he is alone?

The episode starts from the where The Walking Dead ends. Morgan living in the garbage people’s area. Jesus, Carol and Rick come one by one to call him back to their abode, but Morgan has a different thinking.

“I lose people, and then I lose myself.” – Morgan Jones

Morgan leaves the place and decides to go wherever the path may take him. Until he can have a clear mind, until he’s fine.

And so, he walks, he runs, he drives for days, weeks and probably months until he merges with the timeline of Fear TWD.

In his journey, he is hindered by foes and he involuntarily makes friends, but most of all, he discovers more about the world and the surviving people therein.

I liked how subtly they showed the long term migration of Morgan. It was almost minimalistic. I always thought that Morgan’s words, his present life, and his emotions are in a way poetic and sympathetic.

It only makes me wonder where his wandering will take him, and whether he will get back to Rick and the others or not.

Also, it was exciting to see our old characters at the very end of the episode. I was actually hoping to see them come soon in like halfway through the episode, but guess they were the element of surprise after all.

You definitely don’t want to miss this perfect because it was such a great start to the season.

Rating: 9/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~






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Mini Review of Supernatural S13 Ep19 ‘Funeralia’

*Beware of spoilers*

So, remember the time Sammy tore a page from the Black Grimoire and gives it Rowena because she desperately wanted to shield herself after Lucifer’s brutal attack on her?

Well, now unlocking her inner elemental powers like a ninja, Rowena unexpectedly turns into Wonder Woman; seeking utter justice!

That sounds unbelievable, right? Because it is. Rowena, a witch, striking for justice? Not a chance. Perceptibly, the real reason was just to attain Death’s attention (notice me Senpai~ kind of style)

After Fergus—Crowleys death, Rowena said she felt guilt and regret, that her son didn’t die justly, or the right way and the he deserved way better than a pity kill from Lucifer.

So, in order to bring back her son whom she realized she loves so dearly, Rowena kills a couple of people, including their reapers so that Billy a.k.a Death would take notice of the deaths that are happening before their appointed time.

A reaper sent by Death himself appears of a sudden in front of the Winchesters and asks them for help. Dean and Sam, eventually thinking that this will be the last of Rowena now that she betrayed Sam’s trust, hunt her down to stop her unwise decisions.

In the process, Sam finds out that Rowena true, permanent death wouldn’t be at the hands of Satan, but he himself would kill her.

This actually strengthens the bond between moose and the powerful witch, and its kind of a relief to know that Rowena won’t die any sooner. After all, she might be a big help in getting Mary and Jack back, or hell, saving the world and perhaps, finally, redeeming herself.

On the other hand, Castiel Hails Mary and turns to Heaven to get some help as they are gradually running out of time.

However, the Angels are in no less problem than Castiel and the Winchesters themselves.

Heaven runs on Angels, but because there are just a couple of them (precisely 9) after so much bloodshed and mistrust, Heaven needed an Arch-Angel to keep itself intact. To gain its power back.

And so, they did the silliest thing of welcoming Lucifer in the sacred place, hoping that Heaven would illuminate brightly once again.

Unfortunately, their plan didn’t work and now Heaven is on the verge of crumbling and its only a matter of time before the Angels burn out too.

Castiel asks them for help, but the Angels—keeping their loathe aside at the moment, ask back Castiel’s help. None of the Angels tell Castiel about Lucifer taking over Heaven, which is why things didn’t get any messier. No questions asked.

And guess what they need?

Yes, Gabriel. The Arch-Angel. Pure. And Heaven’s only hope.

Damn, they just missed him by a day…

Castiel, like the good and dutiful Angel he is, agrees to find Gabriel and bring him back. Until then, the gates of Heaven will be closed and they will wait with bated breaths for the end of their misery.

Sometimes, Supernatural episodes are either too boring, too interesting or just too deep, and this one, comes in the ‘too deep’ category.

I oddly liked the progressing relation between Rowena and Sam. Like, we all know Sam sees the good in everyone, but he also knows which people and which kind of people to keep close and which to kill and burn.

The way Death explains the reality and nature of things to Rowena was touching because being the greatest witch she is, no one (except Sam, of course) understood her feelings or tried to talk to her properly when in fact, she is a good listener and would comply to do good if given the slightest nudge.

After all, mistakes are just lessons we teach to and learn by and for ourselves.

Will Rowena join hands with the Winchesters to save their family? And will Cass be able to find the now MIA Gabriel?

Well, let’s wait for next week to find that out. Until then.

Rating: 7/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~





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Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep18 ‘A Night to Remember’

So, I’ve had a lot of catching up to do since I came back from my little trip to Dubai and just yesterday, I was able to see an episode of Riverdale and I absolutely loved it. It was entirely musical, like High School Musical and gosh…everyone has such lovely voices; especially Cheryl. They sang so well. I actually didn’t expect Toni, Kevin, Alice and Midge to sing too. This episode truly amused me, and yet filled me with utter apprehension…I still can’t forget about it. The anxiousness is still hanging in the air around me.

In this episode, Kevin is directing a musical act on Carrie, the telekinetic teen who kills her mother. The dark role is eventually played by our tragically sick Cheryl Blossom herself.

And so, the cast gleefully begins its rehearsals. However, I do have to ask you guys this question…has Riverdale ever stayed gleeful for that long?

The answer, we all know is a simple, “Nope.”

Kevin receives a mysterious letter in his locker, implying that he’s the Black Hood and that the role of Carrie should be recast.

Of course, anyone would think that someone’s playing a prank because Sheriff Keller himself shot the Black Hood, but because Kevin can’t take the threat lightly, he has no choice but to make bothersome decisions.

Our own Sherlock, Jughead soon tries to solve the mystery behind the letters, but ends up with more menacing questions.

On the other part of this sinister happenings, Betty and Veronica seem to be in bad terms because of the lies our poor V had to say to keep her friendship intact.

Archie too is quite in the dump because of Hiram Lodge’s gift to him; the Firebird! Which Archie hadn’t yet mentioned to his dad. Soon after, an evil plan occurs to Hiram that creates a rip between the son and dad.

Nonetheless, Archie, like the son he is and like the son his father made him into, contemplates and makes a decision that chops Hiram’s plan like a weak bark.

After all, the relationship of a father and son is stronger than a father-in-law a.k.a Boss and son.

Betty also tries to help her mom who seemed to have been gradually shattering into pieces. Hal gets back to Alice and they promise each other that there won’t be anymore secrets between them. Hopefully.

Because Penelope won’t let Cherly take part in the musical which she was so looking forward to show the world that she’s back and burning, Cheryl harmonizes the perfect Carrie White style plan to threaten her deviant mother.

And just when we all thought that nothing could go wrong on this lovely night where everyone is excited and just ready to enjoy a harmless night…A murder takes place right on stage!

And it was none other than Midge who was playing Carrie. And to make things even more perplexing, there was a note written in blood; apparently from the Black Hood again. But this time, the entire Riverdale knows it.

Black Hood is back.

Another funeral in Riverdale.

Another threat.

Too many questions.

What will happen now…? Does this mean that Sheriff Keller shot the wrong or fake Black Hood? Or is someone playing his role to finish what had been started?

Rating: 9/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~





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Mini Review of The Walking Dead S8 Finale ‘Wrath’

Firstly, I apologize you all for not publishing any posts and I have a good reason for that. It was because I went to Dubai and everything went hectic; travelling, enjoying my life, destressing. But, I also thought of at least publishing a post or two about Dubai and my experiences, however, the most tragic part was that, my charger wouldn’t fit in the socket…And that’s when I had to bury my laptop in my week’s clothes.

Yeah, I know, I could’ve bought the charger that actually fits but I became so busy and tired every single day, that I decided to write once I come back home. It feels so good to let my fingers play on the keyboard again. Forgive me if I lost my touch a little but I promise you, that from now on, I’ll do everything I can to entertain you guys every day!

So, since I eventually had to leave the best city I’ve ever lived in, I started to catch up on shows that I’ve missed so far. Starting with The Walking Dead!

*Beware of ultimate spoilers*

As much as I was hyped about it all, the ending obviously didn’t satisfy me. Negan should’ve been dead. Whatever their point or reason be, he should’ve been dead because he took so many innocents’ lives unjustifiably. He doesn’t and shouldn’t get the chance to live, even if it’s behind bars. According to law, he should be hanged to death, right? And Rick knows that better than anyone, then why didn’t he do it? All because of Carl’s sentimental letter…Negan didn’t give a damn about Carl’s letter when Michonne read it aloud to him through the walkie-talkie, and as much as Rick’s decision for killing Negan once and for all was adamant, I was filled with complete rage and irritation when he told them to save him. No one saves the bad guy…

Where’s the justice for Glenn and Abraham then?

I’m with Maggie on this one. She might seem evil with her thoughts but in reality, she has a right to kill Negan and I’ll be a hundred percent glad if she did because the world needs to fair. A life for a life.
Jesus and Darly seem to be with her as well because they too know that what Rick did, by saving Negan is not just. Hell, he can start making a better world by keeping the Saviors but Negan…no, to stop the flowers from rotting, we have to pluck out the rotten ones first.

At least now we know that Morgan is going to leave and join with the group of Fear the Walking Dead. He made the right choice because he definitely needs some time away from killing and seeing much bloodshed. We all want Morgan to be sane again, don’t we? He’s a pretty strong character so I think he’ll be just fine on his own dangerous path.

Aaron was successful in bringing the Oceanside to fight the opposing group (In the end, the troubles he went through to just get them to join them had paid off)

Simon is dead because of his over-confidence in beating the man to be the man. And I won’t lie. I was more than happy to see him turn into a Walker. Darly leaves Dwight on his own with the jingling of the car keys and threatens him to never come back. Dwight then finally leaves to find his missing wife and realizes that she is waiting for him (well, the most unlikely person to have a happy ending got a happy ending)

Eugene was the most vexing person in this entire episode, nonetheless, it was because of him that Rick approached Negan and the Saviors. He seriously got me thinking that he was with their group, but I was wrong. He’s a good guy after all (just a bit irritating and talkative)

Oh, also our Father Gabriel got his sight back! Yay for that! For some reason, I like his character even though he has no vital role to play. Maybe that’s why I like him. He’s just there to give everyone some hope, faith and optimistic ideas. And maybe that’s why Negan didn’t kill him with the dozen chances he had of doing so.

So, the Saviors and the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Rick’s group are now joined forces and trying to build a place where there will be daddy-son times, Friday pizza nights and family dinners.

Ultimately, there’s a whole horde of Zombies in the city and the only one way they can protect each other is by being united. By thinking alive and fighting side by side. Maggie will build a place that will protect and save the people at Hilltop from any hazards, but when the time comes, oh…I wonder how she’ll kill Negan.

At some point I wish they could’ve ended the entire Walking Dead, like completely stop it but I also can’t wait for the next season because our widow, Margaret has other indefinite plans. Also, I don’t think they will be able to build a safe place without having any contingencies. Life isn’t always reasonable, am I right?

Rating: 6/10

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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