My Reaction to Avengers: Endgame Trailer

Being honest, my reaction when watching Avengers: Endgame trailer was; “…” Then,“What the…”Then,“Oh. My. Gosh…”Then,“This movie is gonna be so freaking sad and awesome!”Then,Here comes the breakdown, “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!” And yeah, story of a fangirl’s life.  Seriously though, The Russo Brothers did a great job with this emotional trailer of the Avengers which I’m sure many of […]


Mini Review of LEGO Ninjago Movie

Movie Title – LEGO Ninjago Movie Genre – Animated/Comedy/Adventure Summary of the movie – A disdained teenager named Lloyd a.k.a Green Ninja, along with his fellow ninjas and the evil warlord Garmadon who happens to be Lloyd’s father, sets out on a journey to save Ninjago from utter destruction by Meowthra, the kitty. Regardless of […]