The Big Heart | Poetry

When you open your heart, You can change the world, And not just minor changes, But big ones, Ones that will be heard and seen by many, Ones that will be on every newspaper article, on every magazine, on every bricked wall that you pass by, Ones that will be carved on your tombstone and […]

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Blessing In Disguse | Poetry

I thought of doing so many things this year; Go skydiving, go Carting, trying out different dishes, Exploring new places, But it all came to a standstill, Just as the pandemic hit, Everything turned upside down. Everything faded into a distance, Just like a memory, Just like the broken shards of pieces which becomes so […]


Poetry | May 9th |

In the end,  we’re all awake now, just twisting and turning in our beds. The moon is nigh, the cicada’s chirp at night, the soft breeze calms our nerves,  but what good is it to have no one beside? Is this reality or just a dream? we hope it’s a dream because we’re afraid of […]


Don’t worry (A poem)

My love, take a deep breath and just let it go. This life is nothing,  but a wind that’s blowing. You’re just a traveler, a person living on rent, so why bother with worldly stuff, and enjoy yourself. Look at the ocean, at the birds that fly high, fill yourself with awe, and try to […]


Try to Survive

Why do we hate each other? What’s gotten into us? Why do we not understand one anothers feelings? Did our hearts become hard like stones; that not even stabbing in the heart with a sharp knife would make you cry? Why is it that we’ve become like robots? Heartless and merciless? When did we change? […]


Dancing in the Dark

Our bodies moved side by side, the old love song played in the background.  Your hand was on my delicate waist, a kiss on my forehead is all it takes, to make our hearts burn intensely, the night where the stars shine brightly, are the best nights of my life.  We would hold each other […]