Poetry | May 9th |

In the end, 
we’re all awake now,
just twisting and turning in our beds.

The moon is nigh,
the cicada’s chirp at night,
the soft breeze calms our nerves, 
but what good is it to have no one beside?

Is this reality or just a dream?
we hope it’s a dream because we’re afraid of being alone,
dying alone.

We’re afraid of drying without seeing anyone else besides us.
Why do we fear death so much?
Why do we fear the soft and tranquil night that helps us sleep?
Why are we always looking to find someone?
Why do we fear the most beautiful thing?


Moon, night time
Source: Unsplash


A/N: Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well. Here is my question of the day: Would you prefer night or day? 

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