I’m really enjoying everything about my trip here. I went to so many amazing places that I wish I could just live here. I thought I would update you all every day but sadly, that wasn’t possible so I just decided to write part 1, part 2 and so on. 

And believe me when I say that my memory is really bad. I can’t even remember what I ate last night so I’m not promising you guys all the deets haha. 

Alright, so after a couple of days, we went to Ghiradelli to eat some delicious ice-cream. Gosh, I seriously can’t believe that someone could make an ice cream taste so good! We ate something that had a warm brownie at the bottom, then a large scoop of coffee ice cream and on top of it hot fudge. Mmm…it was just…too good! It wasn’t too sweet either so I enjoyed it thoroughly. (Sadly, I was in such a hurry to eat the ice cream that I forgot to take a picture of it… :P)

Then after eating @Ghiradelli, we went to San Francisco viewpoint to have a look at the beautiful nightlife and bridge. It was extremely cold when we got out of the car but it was totally worth it! 

Showing a little of my photography skills 😛


Cut scene all the fun times with family and yummy homemade food. 

We went to Sacramento to my brother’s house. There, I just spent the time with him since we had met after a really long time and we had many things to discuss. We also went to Roseville and I gotta say, Sacramento isn’t all that bad. It’s quiet, perfect for elders and it has some great scenery. I loved the entire road-trip from Santa Clara to Sacramento. 

We had halted at McDonald’s to eat breakfast; I got a McMuffin with hashbrown and a black coffee. And then we also went to the outlet malls that come in between. (sorry, I don’t quite remember the name of the outlet…)

I loved the drive. It was soothing and I could see nature. So it was a win-win situation. 

After a few more days–specifically on a weekend–I finally went to Los Angeles. The one place I wanted to go to for a really long time. I don’t know, I just love L.A. Perhaps, it’s because of its liveliness or the people but I do. What I don’t like is the traffic. But, you can’t always be perfect, can you? 

In L.A, I went to Hollywood, Walk-Of-Fame, Rodeo and….roll the drums, please…SIX FLAGS! I took some photos at the very top of Hollywood where you literally have to pass through many beautiful yet expensive houses on the hills. I bought myself and my family some souvenirs, gifts and even T-shirts! 

Then, at night, we went to an Indian Restaurant to eat Biryani. Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started on it. We all were super hungry, super tired and the only thing to fuel us up until we got to my auntie’s house was by stuffing myself with chicken/mutton biryani. It was so good, I literally felt as if my stomach would burst! 

Alright, so let me just blabber on about Six Flags a little. I was nervous at first, but when I sat on the first ride named Full Throttle which was supposed to be a 160 feet full loop, I knew that I could do most of the rides. Not all, but I was brave enough to sit on many thrilling rides. I felt dizzy and nauseous, I agree on that but the excitement after the ride was just superb! Like, I have this love-hate relationship with Theme Parks but I guess I just have to let go of the fear and get strong out there first! 

I wanted to sit on the Drop but I was too scared…Yep, I’m a coward but I didn’t want to throw up or get my neck sprained so…But let me tell you one thing, I sat on the fastest roller coaster in Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E so that does pretty much makes me an Avenger, alright. I don’t have proof but I’m no liar either. 

I then came back to Roseville to rest for a day and then went back to Santa Clara. The trip was super fun and I just wish I had lived in L.A for a bit longer because it was such a beautiful and energetic place.


My visit to both the places was super fun and with family, I could create enjoyable and pleasant memories that I would never forget (which is a white lie because I do forget quite easily)

Anyway guys, do you have any memories you would like to share with me? If yes, then do comment below because I would love to know about it! 

PART 3 of the U.S.A Trip will come shortly. 

Read Part 1 here.

Until then,

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post! 


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Hello guys! I hope you’re all doing well. So finally, I’m in San Francisco, (Santa Clara) at my cousins house and I’m truly enjoying the weather and the atmosphere. I came here at 4th feb so I basically was travelling and sleeping all day haha.

Emirates is one of my favorite and preferred flights and this trip was truly amazing! Do you know why? Because my meals were all GLUTEN-FREE! Yaasss! It was delicious, healthy and I didn’t even have any gut problems lol. I already chose the information while checking in so they gave me the meals from time to time but a bit too early from the rest of the passengers. So it was like I was the only one eating and my family had to wait for another half hour or so till they got their regular meals which was a big bummer because I clearly don’t like eating alone.

Once I got to my aunt’s house, she made us dinner so we talked a little, ate a little and then I went back to sleep.

I thought I would be jet-lagged but surprisingly, I’m not which is very weird…But, it’s all good and I can’t wait for all the excitement in the future.

Today I also went to Costco and Target and bought a 2020 planner for myself. My old one is finished so I’m glad I got that sorted out. Even though I am on vacation, I am still working, meaning completing the projects by clients gave me.

So, if any of you all have work to be done such as content writing or ghost writing, I’m here for you! Just place your order on Fiverr.

Hm…oh! I almost forgot. I also got a Fitbit Inspire HR and I’m loving it! It’s tracking everything; from sleep, calories, steps to water. It’s just perfect. I just need to keep a watch on my diet because one wrong step, and everything could go back to how it was.

And although my parents are telling me to not workout since we’re on a vacation, I just can’t bring myself to stay still all the time. I’m not used to it. It’s like my body was built for exercising…Even so, Imma observe my surroundings for a few more days and then schedule my routine. I’m sure I can find the perfect timing to de-stress myself.

It’s 2:08 am now so I’m just going to schedule this for today morning so that you all can read my post when you wake up!

I’m just happy to be here in U.S and with my family and there’s a whole lot of adventure awaiting for me which I can’t wait to share with you all! Thank you for your love and support and see you in my next post~

Peace neighbors,


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