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Diary Entry | Wednesday, December 18, 2019

So I thought of eating Gluten today because my weight was increasing and I got terrified due to the fact that if I gain weight, then my PCOS will be back. 

So, I ate 1 Roti/Chapati and I regretted it right away. As I was eating, I felt my chest tightening and I just felt really weird… It was as if someone was choking me. Yet, I ignored those sensations and continued eating. 

Eventually, after I was done with my breakfast, I had to rush to the bathroom because my gut didn’t accept Gluten. I sat in the bathroom for like 10 freaking minutes and I was like, “okay… I’m done experimenting. Gluten is seriously not for me.” 

I now am a 99% sure that I am Gluten-intolerant. Well, now that I know, I will go back to my usual Gluten – Free diet and just forget about these experiments because damn… They made me exhausted and also, I have a freaking headache now so thank you, Gluten, for making my day worse. 

Anyway, how are you guys? 

Also, I want to bring to light that a pigeon had laid eggs in our little balcony in a small pot and the eggs are hatched! The pigeon began to feed her babies from today and they haven’t even opened their eyes yet! I believe that it’s really a blessing that animals are hatching eggs in my house. 

Because obviously, animals choose their places only if they’re clean and pure from any sin and filth. 

I can’t wait to see the 2 babies grow up and fly away!
I have a lot of work to do today as well. Really busy with my Freelance writing stuff. I also have to Vlog a reaction video so be sure to check that out in my YouTube Channel when I upload it. 

Hm… What else? 

I shall post a diary entry tomorrow as well, God Willing. And sorry in advance if I don’t haha. I’m really busy so these small things sometimes do slip my mind. 
I’m human too, people! 

So, today’s question for you guys is, do you have Pcos? If yes, then what diet do you follow? 

Please let me know so that I can compare our diets and see what’s best for me. 
Thank you and well, I will see you in my next post! 

Peace neighbors, 

P.S Check out my new video on my Youtube Channel!

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