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Sunday | June 16th | 2019

I slept late last night so I woke up late as well at around 10:30 am or something. I actually woke up because I was hungry. I don’t know how my brain worked even though I was super sleepy and I wanted to sleep some more.

Sometimes It really amazes me to just think about how our fabulous and miraculous the human body is.

So, I woke up, brushed my teeth and made myself some breakfast which was my Gluten-Free bread with a fried egg.

Yes, you read that right. Gluten-Free bread. I bought it from an online store and although my mom and dad don’t like it, in my personal opinion, I think it’s super delicious! Even more so when you spread butter on it.

(Gosh…I’m hungry now…Do I go and eat a slice of my Gluten-Free bread now?)

Anyway, I started watching the K-drama, Miracle that we met, and I’m already on episode 4 now. It’s a really interesting drama and I’m totally loving it! But I’m eagerly waiting for Kai to talk dammit! He has only appeared a few times but hasn’t said a single word! Ugh…it’s driving me crazy!

Honestly, I’m watching the drama just for him so…yeah.

I had myself some me time since my dad and sister were still sleeping. They too hadn’t slept well last night as the movie which we watched, Alpha finished at around 1:30 am at night.

Alpha too was a great movie. It was inspiring and it gave me an insight into humanity. It’s such a great story.

After watching and eating my breakfast, I went back to my room and slept because my eyelids were super heavy. I usually don’t sleep but I did and I am glad that I did because in the evening, I had to make dinner for my family and if I hadn’t slept in that half hour, my dinner would’ve been a disaster!

In fact, it was already terrible but I tried my best to save it.

I made Chicken Tikka Masala with white rice today and sadly…it didn’t go well. The curry became a bit too tomato-ish, leaving behind a rather sweet and tangy taste behind.

I should’ve taken care of the measurements but…guess sometimes, somethings just don’t work out. But the chicken was cooked well and although my sister and dad complained that it was sweet, they still ate it while licking their fingers…

I don’t understand why they ate it but they still ate it and I’m glad that there’s only a little bit leftover because no matter the outcome, I prepared the meal wholeheartedly.

My sister said she would eat the leftovers though. *sniffs* poor thing…

I was doing so well these past few days but I guess today just wasn’t my day. I became really disappointed in myself and I regretted giving such a not-so-tasty-but edible dish to my family.

However, I won’t give up! I will do my best to serve my family well from now on! I must work hard to make them proud and achieve a Michelin Star! (just kidding, I’m no star…just someone who suddenly got the passion for cooking.)In the end, all was well. We ate and we went to our rooms to do our work. I also started watching

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” but I haven’t completed the first episode yet so It’s hard to tell whether I will like it or not. The ending of the episode must always be left at a cliffhanger so that the viewers will be eager to click the next episode! 
I guess this summarizes my day for today. I am sleepy but In a few hours time I must wake up again so I’m thinking of not sleeping. 

Sleep is for the weak anyway, right? I wonder who said that…Probably some insomniac (not insulting those who are suffering from insomnia. Just saying)
So, with that, I shall end my post now. I have so many things to tell you guys but hey, we have all day, every day, don’t we? You’ll come back here again, right? To read my articles even if they’re boring? 

If you do, then man, I love you and your family as well because they grew you up so well! 

Until then,

Peace neighbors, 

See you in my next post~ 


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