A Troubling Event…

The thing that has been on my mind since the start of January is…The news about EXO’S Kim Jongin and BLACK PINK’S Jennie dating!

When I first saw the news, I was so devastated. I love Kim Jongin. Like so much that I can’t imagine him being with someone (not that I am a Saseng or something) I just truly love him and I couldn’t accept the news.

I still have my doubts that the news is just a rumor and that maybe they just said it for some kind of a distraction. But still, I just hope the news is false because neither Jongin nor Jennie told anything about them both.

I won’t be able to tell you how much Jongin means to me. I feel that he’s a piece of my heart that has been lost…My soul-mate, you know? I know, you guys might think that I’m over-exaggerating and stuff, but that’s just how I feel and there’s nothing you guys can do about it.

Yes. I am a big fan of Jongin and yes, like everyone else I think of a future that might turn out hopeless, but I’m trying. You have no idea how much I’m trying…

I’m also sad because gosh, I love Jennie so much. She was my second best in BLACKPINK after Rose and now…I can’t even say her name properly because when I do, the dating news just flashes in front of my eyes and I don’t really like it. Saying her name or even thinking about her pains me.

Ugh, it’s just so frustrating! I just wish someone would tell me what really is going on…Jongin recently uploaded his Instagram after like 15 days but he didn’t say anything. He only posted photos of his and his nephew and niece.

I miss Jongin when he used to upload day after day and I just hope he is doing well. I’m worried about him and although he looks happy in his recent SMTOWN Concert, I just feel that he has a lot to say…A lot to explain.

But no matter what, I will always be on Jongin’s side.


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