My Prayer For Today…

I pray for everyone’s good health,
those who are suffering from illnesses and other diseases.

I pray for the one who is being oppressed,
for the one who is suffering greatly,
for the one who is depressed.

I pray for the people and animals that have no food, water or shelter,
for the ones who are in desperate need.
For the ones who have no family,
and for the ones who have no money.

I pray that everyone’s life is filled with happiness and joy,
that everyone achieves their dreams, their goals and enjoy their life.

I pray that everyone is successful,
that everyone is thankful,
and loving to their parents and their old ones.

I pray for this world to become better,
so that we can live without fear.
I pray that everyone gets what they want,
except those who are in the wrong.

I pray for those who are breathing their last breath,
Those who are afraid,
Those who are careless,
and those who are miserly.

I pray for everyone’s good end.
May The Lord of The Heavens and the Earth answer my Prayers.


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