Steve the Seahorse #PlanetorPlastic

So, below is a short story which I wrote for the competition on Wattpad that’s held by National Geographic so that we could help and change this terrible crisis that has taken place. Millions of marine animals are dying because of plastic, isn’t it time to stop? Shouldn’t we protect these beautiful creatures? 

I hope my story will make an impact, if not a 100 percent, at least a 50? even 5% is fine because change starts with a thought. 


The seahorse wandered the vast ocean in search of a mate. For years, he had been caged by his parents in his little house that was between moss and weeds. All they wanted to do was protect him from the big, scary things out there. Things that would eat him alive like a delicious chocolate.

However, Steve the Seahorse was fed up of their “stories” about big whales and white sharks. He wanted to explore, enjoy his life, and find someone he could spend his life with. He didn’t want to waste his only life living in fear, he wanted to go out there and discover the wonders of the ocean, and see what it was really like.

Steve’s friends would always brag about going beyond their set boundaries. “I saw a dolphin! Isaw a beautiful star!” They would say. That would make Steve listen to them awe, and he too wished he had such memories to share.

One night, when Steve’s parents were asleep, he snuck out of the leaves that hid them from the big fishes and swam towards the fence that would taken him to the other side of the deep ocean. He swam and swam until he was met with a complete darkness. Hebreathed heavily, he was now afraid. He had already lost his way, he was now in distress.

Steve looked around and hoped to find someone for help. He swam a little more until suddenly,he saw something swimming at a distance. 

He cautiously swam toward it and saw a very thin creature silently swimming in the middle of nowhere.

“Excuse me? Can you help me get home? I think I’m lost.” Steve said, but the strange creature didn’t reply. It was quiet as if it was dead.

Steve touched it,but it took a step back. As weird as it may sound, it didn’t have an eyes or a nose or fins that would help it swim. “What are you…?” He asked, oblivious and astonished to see the creature in front of him.

The latter didn’t respond, it kept on swimming.

Steve looked around, and was filled with a sudden fear. He left the creature where it was and swam a little further. He met another weird creation, this one looked similar to a stingray, but it was more flat and thin, it was more transparent.

“Excuse me…can you help me?” Steve asked nervously. This creature didn’t respond as well. And so Steve went further away. He met many more of these peculiar looking things, he asked them for help, but none of them spoke to him. The more he swam further,the more he got lost.

There was no one to help him, which was strange. Because his friend had told him that the ocean was actually filled with lovely and helpful friends. Instead, all there was were transparent creatures, that didn’t talk or help. They just swam in the darkness as if they were dead. 


If you did like this story, then please vote in the link below~ It would really mean a lot and your good intentions of stopping the use of plastic will affect greatly! 

Until then, peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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