Stan Lee dies at 95

Well, this is a devastating and shocking news.
The writer, editor and publisher of Marvel comics passed away on the 12th of November, 2018. 

ABC's "Fresh Off the Boat" - Season Three
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Many actors and fans shared their condolences and thoughts on various Social Networking Sites and some even paid him tributes.

Stan Lee created worlds, heroes, villains and showed kids and adults alike that it’s okay to dream. That sometimes it’s okay to give up. Lee stories and characters are unforgettable and no doubt, they will still live for the years to come.

Marvel has taken us to so many different journeys, made us feel so many emotions and gave us the chance to dive into so many different worlds. 

It’s amazing how such a person was able to do all that. Stan Lee was gifted with talent and I would miss him and his short cameos.

He certainly marveled us with his marvelous comics. 


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Stan Lee dies at 95

Which Marvel story do you guys like and why?
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We love you Stan Lee!

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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