Review of Freaking Romance Webtoon by Snailords

Freaking Romance


Zylith finds herself enchanted by what she assumed was a figment of imagination in her new apartment. Except…he exists. Somewhere…

5 (Ongoing)

My opinion:
I am in love with this webtoon. The characters are interesting. I’m especially in love with Verose who is Zylith’s (The main protagonist) friend. The art and music are amazing, and the flow of the story is well paced and in rhythm.
There are some flaws with the heroin, but that aside, the plot is great. It’s a page turner because of its magical and mysterious elements. I can’t wait to see what happens next! I would definitely recommend it to all those who love a romance with a little hint of enchantment.

Words to describe this book:
Interesting, funny, magical, mysterious.


Review by:
Aaliyah Salia (Writer Next Door)

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