Who is excited for EXO’s comeback?!

Uh, I AM!

Who wouldn’t be excited for their comeback, right? We’ve been waiting for so so so long for them to release their MV, that it now almost feels like a decade. But thanks to Suho’s assurance, and SM’s quick thinking to upload a teaser video, we can now sleep in peace.

exo come back.JPG

That being said, I can’t wait for Lay’s solo album titled, “NAMANANA” of which the first song called, “Give Me a Chance” will be released on October 5th! Wohooo!


Yes, good days are here and I’m saving all my energy to when EXO finally upload their MV. No doubt, fans are waiting so patiently. And why won’t we, we waited for a year so a few more days won’t hurt, right?

Let’s keep supporting EXO and Lay’s solo album which he said he worked hard for and let’s give them as much of our love as we can!



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