Are you afraid of death?

I’m being completely honest here. No, I’m not afraid of death.

If death comes to me right now, I’d happily let it take my soul.

What is there to be afraid of? You’re just going to go to a much better place where there would be no sin, no fear, no hunger, no poverty, no bad things. So why shouldn’t I be happy to die, right?

In this world, we’re just travelers. Just people who are living on rent. Our home is the hereafter. A place filled with light, happiness, limitless provisions and eternity.

I’m prepare for death. It can come anytime. It can come right now before I publish this post.

I’m not afraid of it. Rather, I’d take its hand and let it lead my soul wherever it wants to take me.

You shouldn’t be afraid either. Its just death. Not torture. Its just a passing moment. You’ll feel pain for a few seconds but then its done. The extraction of the soul is done and now, you’re free. All of that pain, anger, torment, stress and depression will be over.

And I tell you, you’ll be glad. Glad to just leave the wordly worries behind that were unimportant and unncessary.

I’m not afraid of death.

Are you?

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