Paradise (A Poetry, A Musing)

“I hope for a hereafter, where there would be four rivers,
one of clear water, one of milk, one of honey and one of wine.
a place where there would be high thrones and tall people;
where green silk clothes would be worn, with gold bracelets and crown full of rubies.
Peace will be lingering in the air,
evil will be jealous, its heart blaring as bright as the sun rays.
the sand underneath the feet would be of gems, from emeralds, to sapphire, to topaz and diamonds.
and there would be boys like pearls walking around, their beauty too bashful to perceive, unimaginative to fathom.
a life I want,
a life I dream of.
where every sound is like a soft piano key,
where every heart beat is tranquility.
There would be nothing but what you wish for,
a place filled with possibilites, infinities and everlasting certainties.
Smiles will be on each and every face,
a joyous moment that will never perish.
a place that will never end.
an irresistible beginning that will last forever.
Oh, how I would give anything to stain myself with a piece of heaven,
Oh, I would rather get martyred than die in vain.
everyone asks if there is a life other than this, other than today.
I will say Yes, there is.
A Nirvana that will be a thousand times better than your lousy Saturdays.
You wont be sad,
you wont be hurt,
you’ll only feel glad,
you’ll be overflowing with mirth.”

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