Go Anywhere~

What would you do if you could go anywhere in the world at any point in time—but sadly, you could only stay there for five minutes?

Hm…Well, first off, I would go to Korea because I’ve always wanted to go there. Its been my wish for almost 5-6 years, and if I really get the chance then that’s where I’m gonna land!

But don’t you think 5 minutes is like…blink of an eye moment?

What could a person do in 5 minutes?

It’ll take me the entire 5 minutes to just take a selfie, or to buy some food. Heck, I can’t buy souvenirs in 5 minutes because buying souvenirs is the hardest part in the entire trip.

You can’t really do much in 5 minutes, so what I’m going to do is, wherever I’ll be, I’ll just stand there, breathe in the air and live those passing minutes because that’s the beauty of going to a different country. There’s different air, different vibes and if you don’t take a moment to capture it all in your senses, your trips not worth it.

“Just close your eyes and drown in the noise, smell, and feelings.” – Me (^_^)v 

Where would you guys go and why?

Let me know in the comments below~ And well, see you in my next post neighbors,



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My Gratitude List

You don’t need to be grateful solely for the big things. I don’t know if you believe in God or not, but if you do, then you need to realize that he has created you and given you so much; sometimes better than other people. You’re alive and breathing and that’s what you can ever be grateful for. You’re not out there in a war, fearing the outcome, but you’re here, in your home or your office and reading this post because you just happened to stumble upon it.

Trust me, this is not a lecture, and I don’t actually have the right to lecture any of you, but this is just a friendly discussion, an inspiring and motivating thought that might or might not change the way you think about your life, or your future.

Being grateful is difficult for many people. Be it on getting a new job with less salary or getting a second-hand denim jacket from your cousin. But think about it, so many people don’t have a job, and even if they do, you’re getting paid more than they will ever do. So many people don’t have clothes to wear, but you’re getting an awesome jacket even though you didn’t ask for it. Why then can’t we appreciate the little things? Is it that hard to smile and be happy with what we have? Yes, we’re struggling, but after hardship, there’s always ease, isn’t there?

Sometimes, I myself get frustrated with the things I want, with the way I want things to be, but then somehow or someway I get reminded that no, you’re living your life fairly well and that right now what you have is what you must be grateful for. Life has its up’s and down’s, but if we aren’t satisfied with our lives now, then we won’t be in the future either. It’s going to ruin our life, and the next thing you know, you’re on your death bed, depressed and guilty because you didn’t enjoy the little moments or weren’t grateful with the things God had already bestowed on you. Again, this is not a lecture, just my thoughts.

So, what can you do to be grateful? To feel contented? To be always smiling and not worrying about tomorrow or next week?

Well, I don’t know if you’ll heed my words or not, but what you could do, and what I often do, is make a gratitude list. You could do it every day, or every week, or every month, but you should do it because in our busy lives and occupied minds, we forget what we’re truly missing. The tiny elements is what will make our lives better, and trust me, you won’t regret it. Furthermore, there’s no harm in making such a list is there? All you need is a pen, a paper, and some alone time and you’re good to go!

As for me, I’m always cheerful and elated because I value the smallest of things that happen to me, be it a kind comment on Instagram, or a smile from my mom.
Here is my gratitude list that gives me the strength to never give up, to keep thanking God for giving me such a life and to strive to keep it that way or make it even better.

  • Tea in the morning with brown bread and eggs.
  • Scrolling through Kim Jongin’s photos.
  • Flowers that sway with the wind.
  • The smell of my cat, Ginger.
  • Witnessing the sunrises and the sunsets.
  • The heavy rains that drench me, the darkness that surrounds and gives me the urge to drink hot chocolate or coffee.
  • Learning lessons from the mistakes that I’ve made.
  • The people on Social Media who make us laugh, who listen to our daily affairs and who are ever ready to stay awake and talk about useless stuff.
  • Bear hugs from my sister.
  • Watching Movies/Drama’s and playing games with family.
  • A family night out that’s always unplanned!
  • Hot showers while it’s raining outside.
  • Recalling our previous accomplishments; be it big or small.
  • Being healthy.
  • A home.
  • Having grandparents. A loving family.
  • Understanding that its no use stressing over our lives and that if we just wait patiently, everything will eventually fall into its places.
  • Eating chocolates.
  • Eating healthy, delicious food.
  • Watching the moon and the stars while your mind is completely free from all thoughts.
  • Getting mutual and financial support from your family whenever you need them.
  • Being able to help others; be It through writing, poetry, or just simple words.
  • Abundance love.
  • Abundance happiness.
  • Abundance faith.

What I need you guys to do now, is grab a book and a pen, or your laptop, sit down and write the things you’re thankful about, or things you truly appreciate in your day to day hectic life.
You’ll feel good and you’ll feel more content with the way you’re living. Perhaps, after making this list, you’ll get a goodnight’s sleep, at long last.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever made a gratitude list or not, and if not, promise me that you’ll make one right now after reading this post!

Peace neighbors,

See you next time~


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3 Things I Splurge On

The thing I usually splurge on is Food! Trying different cuisines, flavors and sweets is always a must on my list and I don’t regret it one bit! (Even if I didn’t like the dish. At least I now know how it tastes!)

However, I won’t hold back on spending a few hundred dollars on game consoles or games. Games are my stress reliever which means it automatically becomes an important item in your life. And once somethings important, you can’t do anything to make it un-important.

And finally, in the third place would be tiny, essential things that are not more than a dollar or so, but once you go to the billing counter, BOOM! Its more than a hundred dollars, but you don’t care because you NEED those things, dammit! Its why you took them in the first place, right?

So, these are the three things I splurge on whenever I get the chance to do so~

In my opinion, splurging isn’t a bad thing…but if we just control ourselves a bit, then maybe we won’t complain about not having ‘enough allowance for the next three months’ or so.

Anyway, what are the things you splurge on? Don’t forget to comment below!

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~

I’m the Writer Next Door!

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Psychotic Sweetheart

My room turns cold,
although the heater is on.
it stinks here…
like expired milk, rotten meat and corn.
the door closes on its own,
a dark shadow follows,
i close my eyes and hope,
that it goes back to its gallows.
sweat drips from my neck and onto the floor,
when i open my eyes to no sound,
i see a blood and gore;
spilled everywhere, like soft cushions,
for a second, i thought i was dreaming, an epic aggression.
what took me by surprise was that i had a baseball bat in my hand,
it had fragments of brain and skin and hair twirled around it, like a friendship band.
i became breathless, i dropped the bat,
and ran out the room, like an helpless rat.
but the door wouldn’t budge,
i tried yanking it open, twisting and turning the knob;
though in vain, i swore ‘what the fudge.’
i was stuck, i was alone,
in my apartment, i thought there was a ghost.
but in reality, none of them exist,
it was just my mind, playing silly tricks.
the bat was mine, the brains were my lovers,
i hated him, for he cheated me,
so i killed him, forgetting to wear my leather gloves.
suddenly, i wasn’t feeling regret,
i fell on my knees, and took out a pack of cigarettes.
i lit it up, the smell intoxicated me,
i took a puff, and i felt free.
like a bird escaping from its cage,
i drowned my rage–
in the guts and blood of my beloved dead.
— insane lovers; obsession, possession, domination. 
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A Teenager in Love

“It was an unexpected love,
a first glance love,
a heart racing love.

I looked at you, 
and my irises expanded,
my legs turned weak,
my cheeks flushed red.

I still remember the feeling;
the quivering of my hands,
the confusion of my mind,
and the sudden pangs–in my heart.

I remember the way i searched for you,
all over social media, all over the news.

Who were you? 
Where were you?

A stranger,
a normal being,
A person I couldn’t forget when I was just a teenager. 

I remember that I thought it was destiny, 
Me and you.
You and me.

A memory I firmly hold close to my heart,
till death do us apart.” 

— The first time I saw 김종인.


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EXO’s Kai finally makes an Instagram Account!

On June 5th, Kim Jongin, the lead dancer of EXO, made an Instagram account.
At first, fans were in doubt whether it was real or not, but after EXO’s manager, hair stylist AND Park Chanyeol himself followed and commented on Kai’s first post, it was apparent that the account was official!


In just a few hours, Kai’s account had gained 500k+ plus followers, and not long after he posted another picture of himself and wrote in his bio ‘Kai.’

Now, with over 1.2m+ followers, Kim Jongin has been active uploading pictures, recent one being his photoshoot of #gqkorea.

Kai account.JPG

Presently, since the members are getting popular, having a social platform is a must for them. Hopefully, they’ll have a good time and realize the love their crazy fans have for them.
And let’s hope he doesn’t discontinue using this account too.

Click here to follow Kai right now and let’s give him messages of love and support~ <3 

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One Way (A Poem)


There’s only one way.
It would be hard, I know, but I also that I’ll survive.

Road to success doesn’t come easy,
There will be thorns, fire, hail storms and wars,
But deep inside, I know I was born to walk this path,
This dangerous road that leads to satisfaction.

One way,
No left, no right,
Just straight ahead I walk.
Killing the regret, the sorrow, and the pain,
Holding hope, faith and trust’s hand.

I cry, I scream, I lose self-control and patience,
But now, here I am, standing with the crown.

It was my belief that brought me here,
Just like an exodus, a path without fear.

I am now at the top,
Filled with joy and pride,
I never thought In my dreams that I would come this far,
With only a single path.

-To those who are on that ‘one way’, You can do it. I know you can.


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Byun Baekhyun is the first EXO member to create a Twitter Account~

On June 2nd, Byun Baekhyun created a twitter account and fans are hyped up about it!

At first, the former EXO Member tweeted his confusion on using the twitter for the first time, but apparently, he got the hang of it. It’s only been twenty-four hours and he has already gained 630K+ Followers!

However, an anti-fan has already began bashing Baekhyun on twitter. Many EXO-L’s are blocking and reporting her. Hopefully, she’ll stop with this nuisance and let our puppy Baekhyun enjoy his time tweeting~

His profile picture is of an aesthetic photography of what appears to be a series of poles/lines.

Baekhyun twitter 1.JPG

Click here to follow Baekhyun and don’t forget to turn on your notifications to get notified whenever he tweets!


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