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Go Anywhere~

What would you do if you could go anywhere in the world at any point in time—but sadly, you could only stay there for five minutes?

Hm…Well, first off, I would go to Korea because I’ve always wanted to go there. Its been my wish for almost 5-6 years, and if I really get the chance then that’s where I’m gonna land!

But don’t you think 5 minutes is like…blink of an eye moment?

What could a person do in 5 minutes?

It’ll take me the entire 5 minutes to just take a selfie, or to buy some food. Heck, I can’t buy souvenirs in 5 minutes because buying souvenirs is the hardest part in the entire trip.

You can’t really do much in 5 minutes, so what I’m going to do is, wherever I’ll be, I’ll just stand there, breathe in the air and live those passing minutes because that’s the beauty of going to a different country. There’s different air, different vibes and if you don’t take a moment to capture it all in your senses, your trips not worth it.

“Just close your eyes and drown in the noise, smell, and feelings.” – Me (^_^)v 

Where would you guys go and why?

Let me know in the comments below~ And well, see you in my next post neighbors,



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