EXO’s Kai finally makes an Instagram Account!

On June 5th, Kim Jongin, the lead dancer of EXO, made an Instagram account.
At first, fans were in doubt whether it was real or not, but after EXO’s manager, hair stylist AND Park Chanyeol himself followed and commented on Kai’s first post, it was apparent that the account was official!


In just a few hours, Kai’s account had gained 500k+ plus followers, and not long after he posted another picture of himself and wrote in his bio ‘Kai.’

Now, with over 1.2m+ followers, Kim Jongin has been active uploading pictures, recent one being his photoshoot of #gqkorea.

Kai account.JPG

Presently, since the members are getting popular, having a social platform is a must for them. Hopefully, they’ll have a good time and realize the love their crazy fans have for them.
And let’s hope he doesn’t discontinue using this account too.

Click here to follow Kai right now and let’s give him messages of love and support~ <3 

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