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Byun Baekhyun is the first EXO member to create a Twitter Account~

On June 2nd, Byun Baekhyun created a twitter account and fans are hyped up about it!

At first, the former EXO Member tweeted his confusion on using the twitter for the first time, but apparently, he got the hang of it. It’s only been twenty-four hours and he has already gained 630K+ Followers!

However, an anti-fan has already began bashing Baekhyun on twitter. Many EXO-L’s are blocking and reporting her. Hopefully, she’ll stop with this nuisance and let our puppy Baekhyun enjoy his time tweeting~

His profile picture is of an aesthetic photography of what appears to be a series of poles/lines.

Baekhyun twitter 1.JPG

Click here to follow Baekhyun and don’t forget to turn on your notifications to get notified whenever he tweets!


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