The Golden Snitch (A Harry Potter Poem)

“It’s not time yet, they won’t let me free.
The players are yet to get ready, yet to come to the vast field.

I’m stuck in this box until they are ready on their brooms,
Ready, set, go! And I’m free, invisible to all, flying round and around.

Two players from opposite teams try to catch me,
I’m excited, but I’m afraid that one or the other would see—

Alas, my freedom would be gone, I would have to wait until I’m once more set free.

So I try to run fast. Faster and away,
from the extended arms that come my way.

I’m golden, I’m bright,
that makes my chances of getting caught, more likely and tight.

Left, right, up and down, I dodge,
Time is slowly running out on the giant watch.

A few minutes left, and no one has caught me,
perhaps this is my chance to be wild and free?

By cheers and wind, I’m overdosed,
I go through the loops, the hoops, and the goalposts.

Hah! A few seconds are left, no one can catch me–
Damn, I’m stuck, why can’t I move forward? Why can’t I reach that tree?

Darkness surrounded me so suddenly,
My heart beat rose, and I realized,
That I was caught by somebody.

I fell in gloom, in utter despair,
I don’t want to be locked up in the box again,
I want to always keep breathing this fresh air.

Boisterous screams, and thundering claps sent a shiver down my spine,
Headmasters and Professors, each celebrated with a glass of wine.

I was raised high and shown to the people that I was defeated,
My pride and my joy were shattered to bloody pieces.

Locked again was I in the box all alone,
They think I’m special, but woe! They can’t hear my cry, my unceasing moan.

When will I come out again?
When will I be free?
Perchance in the next game,
I’ll be released from the pain,
and escape to the sea.”

– inspired by the Golden Snitch. 

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Thank You (A Poem)

“Thank you is such a small word,
but it says so much.

It contains so much emotion,
like the vast ocean, like the neverending desert.

Thank you, it softens our hearts,
it breaks our heart.

Thank you, it leaves a deep scar,
it burns, it stings, and it creates a wound that could never be stitched.

Thank you, a love can blossom so easily,
and as easily it could be shattered.

Two simple words,
everything turns out fine,
but only sometimes.

Thank you, say it once or twice or thrice,
it never gets old.

Use it as an excuse,
a reason,
or to hide your pain and blues.

Thank you, can be a curse,
can be a blessing.

Thank you, can be freedom,
can be a prison, an infinite eden.”

Comfort, consider–



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All I Need is a Good Friend

It has been so long since I’ve had any friends to talk with. Like real friends, not social, not strangers. Real human beings in front of me. Who I can see smiling or laughing.
I had dropped out of middle school due to some personal reasons (not that you need to know since it’s not so important right now) and since then and until now…8 years? I’ve never had a friend. I wasn’t too happy about it either, but as time went by, it became less of a concern to actually have one around.

But, whenever I see others being with their friends; hanging out, cracking indecent jokes, goofing around, I just wish that I had some of my own. I like creating memories and with friends, its all the more fun and precious. Yes, I won’t refuse that I get jealous. I envy those who have friends. I envy you right now who are reading this because hell, you might have a friend to with whom you can share your thoughts and feelings with. But, don’t leave right away…Finish this post for me, will you?

I can’t even properly remember the memories from 8 years ago…*chuckles dryly*

I just wish I had an awesome friendship like Betty and Veronica. Someone who would always stand up for me, be there whenever I called, reply to my messages without leaving me on ‘seen’.
Someone whom I could hug whenever I want. With whom I can bake cookies, discuss relationship problems and watch horror movies.

But, since the past 8 years, I’ve never really left my house and started a conversation with someone that could evolve into a blossomed friendship. No, I leave my house, maybe go to the gym, or grocery shopping and then come back home. The end. So, how do you suppose I make friends? I’ve a dozen social companions but they aren’t ‘friends’ friends. They are just ‘people’ with whom I randomly talk to because they just happened to stumble upon my Instagram page.

I still crave for a friend, for a friendship, for the joyful moments. Having someone beside you always seems so good. You can share your hardship and they’ll always support you.
Plus, its more fun to complete your bucket list with a friend than do it alone, right?
You pack your bags and whoo! You’re on an awesome road trip. An adventure.

Alas, *sighs deeply* my wishes will be just wishes.

But, I won’t lose hope. Perhaps, If I try my best, maybe join a University or something…then maybe there’s a chance I can make one good friend.
One good friend is all I ask.
Is all I need.

Thank you though for reading this mini rambling of mine.
You’re a kind friend.


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The Stranger (A Poem)

Giggles surround me like the subtle tune of the black and white keys,
I’m happy, but I’m not happy.

I want to laugh with them too,
Know their inside jokes, rhythm and feel what they are feeling,

But I’m outside their group,
alone, knees to my chest, in my own universe, as they say.

Call me, I’ll come,
call me, I’ll join.

I’m not invisible,
I’ve no superpowers to make myself disappear.

Your words and jollity reaches me,
I’m greedy,
I’m lonely.

I have friends,
Only they are imaginary,

Help me fight them,
So that I can be with you—
in your giggles and tickles.

To those misfits, I feel you.


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The Taste of Black (A Poem)

Bitter to the tongue; like over-brewed coffee or ninety percent dark chocolate,
a heavy lump down my throat, I crave for sweet water.

Not too hard to describe, but not too easy to understand.
Like blood, just not sweet. The metallic taste everyone knows, but no one can bear.

An addiction, an overdose,
never tiring, always novel to the tasters.

It burns, it hurts,
the pain doesn’t die.

Like drinking alchohol,
but deadlier and raw.

I don’t want it,
I need it.

I don’t need it,
but I crave it.

Don’t give it to me,
It’s foul,

Give it to me,
I might not live anymore.

Poison for some,
Elixir for some.

Sinful for some,
Paradise for the rest.


– my power, my enemy, my life.

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Grandma’s Kitchen (A Poem)

Yellow cabinets, like sunflowers are planted on top of floral walls,
the sink is clean; the lemon scent still lingering in the corners, 

the cooker whistles, and the sound echoes excitedly, bringing smiles to the waiters, making Grandma herself hurry to the stove. 

The smell of meat overpowers everything; as every second passes by, our mouths salivate childishly. 

Awaiting Grandma’s voice, soft and sweet, calling us to dinner; a lovely family reunion. 

She mixes the curry, places the rice on the table, sets everything in place; a perfectionist. 

Round table, for everyone to join, none to miss. Merriment and stories pass around like a bowl of nachos and chips. 

Clinks and clanks of utensils and glasses, Grandma’s face is lighted up, with love and happiness.

Dirty dishes, finger licking fingers, stained stove, but in the end, for Grandma, it was all worth while; her everyday life story told in short.


– Love you Grandma. I miss the taste of your food. 

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This or That Challenge!

I’ve seen so many people doing this, and I wanted to try it too, because why not~ Also, since it’s Ramadan I’m not having any time to publish any posts for you guys, so why don’t I make it up to you all? I’ll try to be more active from now on! Because lately, I’ve been gaining followers and I certainly don’t want to lose them (shamelessly being honest)

Anyway, let’s start this challenge!

DAY or NIGHT? Night, of course. It’s always night.

RURAL or URBAN? Hm…This is hard. It also depends on my mood, but right now, I would choose Rural.

BUS or TRAIN? Train.

MOUNTAIN or BEACH? Mountains! I would love me some wind~

SUNRISE or SUNSET? – Ugh…this is hard. I love both! But if I had to choose…then it would be sunrise because nothing beats the beautiful sun rays as it comes up to greet us.

DOGS or CATS? – Cats! (I have a cat named Ginger by the way)

ZOO or AQUARIUM? – Aquarium because underwater creatures amaze me…


SINGING or DANCING? – Dancing all the way~ If you can move, you can dance *winks*

GOLD or SILVER? – Gold.

BOOKS or MOVIES? – Hm…I think I’ll have to choose books because you can easily get immersed in it and you get more feels than the movie is able give.

WINTER or SUMMER? – No doubt, it’s Winter.

ROSES or SUNFLOWERS? – Roses are good, but sunflowers have a story of their own.

KISSES or HUGS? – I’m more of a hugs person.

TATTOOS or PIERCINGS? – Piercings. Tattoos are harmful, and I can’t do it, so.

DRESSES or SKIRTS? – I rarely wear skirts, so it’s dresses for me.

HEELS or SNEAKERS? – Sneakers. Comfort is everything.

LONG HAIR or SHORT HAIR? – Long hair because now I’m sick of having short hair.

MAKEUP or NATURAL LOOK? – Natural look. Makeup hides the true beauty.

TEA or COFFEE? – And this is a billion-dollar question…Hm…Mm…Uh…*Sighs* Coffee it is, I guess.

HAMBURGER or PIZZA? – Tell me one person who hasn’t chose Pizza.

VANILLA or CHOCOLATE? – Is that even a question? Chocolate is bae~

BATH or SHOWER? – Shower because I don’t like to spend much time in the bathroom.

DINE IN or TAKEAWAY? – I prefer dine in.

NIGHT IN or NIGHT OUT? – Night out. The city is the most beautiful at that time.

IPHONE or ANDROID? – Android.

CURLY HAIR or STRAIGHT HAIR? – Curly hair. Not that I hate straight hair, but curls are cuter.

ICE CREAM or DONUTS? – This is easy. Donuts.

SMILE or GAME FACE? – Smile.

And, the end.

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini article and I repeat, I’ll try to be more active!

Before going, let me ask you a THIS and THAT challenge: SLEEPING or WORKING OUT?

Let me know in the comments below~ Don’t forget to like and share this post if you like!

See you in my next post neighbors~


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Out of Reach

“The sea divides us,

The path is long, narrow and tiring.

I am low on cash,

But my heart is filled with your memories.

I try to find ways to reach you,

But all in vain.

I want to surprise you,

See the disbelief expression on your face,

And thereupon hug you tightly without turning back.

If I had the means I would’ve done everything in my power to see your beauty,

But alas, I’m locked in my cage of life, poverty, problems and duty.

You might be out of reach,

But I believe that one day, distance will be just a word in our unceasing speech.”

— To the one I’ve been longing for

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Recipe For A Perfect Life

Recipe for a perfect life

Servings – 1| Prep Time – 30 minutes| Total Time – It’s up to you


3 cups / Love

2 cups / Hope

1 cup / Faith

½ tsp / Humor

1/3 tsp / Sarcasm

1/3 tsp / Sweetness of your choice, it can be charity, feeding the poor or helping the needy.



Pre-heat the oven at 180°c. Once pre-heated, take Betty Crocker’s chocolate mix and bake it for you and only you.

Meanwhile, breathe in and out, ponder over your life choices and think of ways to make your life better and beautiful.

The more you anticipate the cake, the more you have to workout to maintain your body and your mind. Also don’t forget to spice up your life with a little cinnamon and kindness every day. It really helps in weight loss and keeping strong your relationships.

Lastly, don’t stress yourself too much and just eat the cake that’s now ready to be cut and served with vanilla ice cream and hot sauce, with a cherry on top.


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Ramadan is Here!

Alhumdulillah, Ramadan is here!

Its the month I eagerly await, incessantly praying to Allah in hope and fear.

Giving up food and water is only for his sake, just fast for a few hours, and then you can savour your delicious homemade cake.

Allah opens the gates of Paradise, and closes the gates of Hell,

And he chains the devils up, so that you can be free from their despicable impels.

Fast with complete faith and hope, my friends,

Before you regret your holy Journey as Ramadan ends.

Its a peaceful month, filled with abundant blessings and love,

At  every second of your life, Allah is watching you from above.

Pray and pray, and repent and repent,

Don’t you want the hereafter? The taste of delectable fruits and beautiful Paradise scent?

Ask forgiveness from Allah, the Most High, the Most Great,

Do not think that He won’t hear you, He is the All-Powerful, the Changer of Fates.

Open your fasts with sweet, sweet dates,

But don’t forget to help your mother wash the dirty spoons, kettles and plates.

Try to complete the Quran, try to get closer to your Creator,

His punishment is great, but his Mercy Greater.

“I wish you all a happy and peaceful Ramadan, May Allah accept our fasts, our prayers and our invocations and forgive all our sins.”







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