The Golden Snitch (A Harry Potter Poem)

“It’s not time yet, they won’t let me free.
The players are yet to get ready, yet to come to the vast field.

I’m stuck in this box until they are ready on their brooms,
Ready, set, go! And I’m free, invisible to all, flying round and around.

Two players from opposite teams try to catch me,
I’m excited, but I’m afraid that one or the other would see—

Alas, my freedom would be gone, I would have to wait until I’m once more set free.

So I try to run fast. Faster and away,
from the extended arms that come my way.

I’m golden, I’m bright,
that makes my chances of getting caught, more likely and tight.

Left, right, up and down, I dodge,
Time is slowly running out on the giant watch.

A few minutes left, and no one has caught me,
perhaps this is my chance to be wild and free?

By cheers and wind, I’m overdosed,
I go through the loops, the hoops, and the goalposts.

Hah! A few seconds are left, no one can catch me–
Damn, I’m stuck, why can’t I move forward? Why can’t I reach that tree?

Darkness surrounded me so suddenly,
My heart beat rose, and I realized,
That I was caught by somebody.

I fell in gloom, in utter despair,
I don’t want to be locked up in the box again,
I want to always keep breathing this fresh air.

Boisterous screams, and thundering claps sent a shiver down my spine,
Headmasters and Professors, each celebrated with a glass of wine.

I was raised high and shown to the people that I was defeated,
My pride and my joy were shattered to bloody pieces.

Locked again was I in the box all alone,
They think I’m special, but woe! They can’t hear my cry, my unceasing moan.

When will I come out again?
When will I be free?
Perchance in the next game,
I’ll be released from the pain,
and escape to the sea.”

– inspired by the Golden Snitch. 

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