Hell’s Keeper (A Poetry)

“The smell of blood is strong under my nose,

Butchered bodies, bloody chains and hooks sting my eyes.

I’ve been chasing the culprit for almost a year,

However, as each minute passes, his murders are more gruesome; I’m trembling out of fear.

I might not be the best detective there is in this Bureau,

But I managed to find the name of the killer; his names Francis Deniro.

I know that guy, he had been my friend at the university,

He was a harmless guy, had a part-time job in a pharmacy.

I still know where he lives, I still recall all about him,

So it startles me that he used ‘Hell’s Keeper’ as his pseudonym.

With a dozen cops behind me, I knocked on his door,

But the door was open, and a slaughtered body was on the floor.

Someone had killed the ‘Hell’s Keeper’,

Perhaps, it was someone with vengence, or itself the Grim Reaper.

The case was closed, the cops were joyed,

But in my gut, I felt a strange void.

This wasn’t how the case was supposed to close,

Something malignant has yet to be enclosed.

I won’t tell anyone that I’m still investigating this ‘Hell’s Keeper’ case,

I know the ‘Hell Keeper’, the dead body on the floor wasn’t his face.”


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