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The ABC Tag

I was scrolling through We heart It, when I happened to stumble upon a post that was titled, ‘The ABC Tag’.

I didn’t know what that meant or what it was, but after going through a couple of articles, I found out that the ABC tag is quite a fun segment and an amusing way for your followers to get to know you. You’re supposed to go alphabetically (duh) and each alphabet has a personal question appointed to it, and you just gotta answer them.

I think its time my followers and readers get the chance to know me a little. Yes, I’m a stranger, but like I always say, ‘we all start as strangers’, don’t we?

Without further ado, let’s get right into it! (Hopefully, I’ll not bore you…)

A – Age ~ 18, turning 19 this May though!

B – Best Feature ~ My hands. I have long fingers, and mom calls them artistic hands.

C – Colour ~ I used to like pink, but nowadays, I’ve come to like darker, gothic shades. However, I do seem to fancy pastel colours a lot.

D – Drink ~ Chocolate Milk.

E – Everyday Starts With ~ Prayer.

F – Favourite Song ~ Currently, it’s Lo Siento by Super Junior ft Leslie Grace. That song is stuck in my head for the past few days…

G – Greatest Accomplishment ~ Publishing my book.

H – Height ~ 5’3, but I think I grew a bit the past month, so I’m guessing 5’4?

I – In Love With ~ If it’s a thing, then it would be the book I’m reading right now, ‘Six of Crows’. But, if it’s a person, then I would’ve to say, Kim Jongin. Yes, I’m in love with EXO’s Kai. Deeply, at that.

J – Job of My Dreams ~ I’m aiming to become a best-selling author someday.

K – Kindest Person ~ My sister. She’s kinder than a Nun.

L – Last Thing I Ate ~ Quinoa with boiled egg.

M – Movie That I enjoy ~ All of Marvel’s awesome creations!

N – Number of Brothers ~ I have an older brother.

O – One Wish ~ To marry the person I’m in love with…*refer to Alphabet I if you want to know who*

P – Person who sent a last text message ~ My brother.

Q – Question They Always Ask Me ~ “Did you write a new story?”

R – Reasons to Smile ~ Having a family. Breathing. Having shelter. Having enough food to eat. Having someone by your side. Having even the smallest things in life.

S – Series That I Like ~ Fear the Walking Dead. Riverdale. Supernatural.

T – Time I Wake Up At ~ At around 11 or 12. Uh-huh, always.

R – Regular Place to Hang Out ~ Hmm, if it’s with my siblings, then a coffee shop. But, if I’m alone, then it’s just in my room.

V – Vacation Destination ~ Japan, Korea and Norway to see the northern lights.

W – Worst Habit ~ I don’t know actually…I don’t have one I think.

Y – Your Favourite Food ~ Gosh, there are so many…How do you expect me to choose? However, if I had to choose, then the first thing that comes to mind is Cinnabon! Oh damn…I crave it right now.

Z – Zodiac Sign ~ I don’t really believe in these, so skip.

Huh, that escalated quickly, didn’t it, mate?
Anyway, I’m glad that I took out the time to do this Tag. It was so enjoyable. And if you took your time to really read it till the end, then I thank you from the deepest of my heart because it means a lot to me when people don’t just skip a post and take their precious time to read other people’s hard work.

Thank you and I hope to see you all in my next post as well.
Have a good day/night neighbours!




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