Mini Review of The Foreigner Movie

Two of my favorite actors, Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan, and you expect me to not see it? I waited for so long for a good print, that I finally got to see it last night with my family.

The movie is an adaption of a novel, written by Stephen Leather titled, The Chinaman.

The story is about an ordinary Chinese man named Quan, who owns a Chinese restaurant. But when a brutal bomb blast takes place that takes the lives of many, including his only daughter, Quans past vengeful wishes divulges which makes him all the more determined to find the terrorists and bring justice to her daughter who turned out be a victim of an aberrant attack.

There wasn’t much action, but Jackie’s slightest moves awes me every single time.

Pierce Brosnan had a simple, yet strong character, and the combination of him and Jackie Chan didn’t feel bizarre.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but in the end, I liked the movie. It was honest, it was filled with humanely facts, and Jackie Chan certainly was outstanding in his performance and clearly he was successful enough to make us empathize with him.

Rating: 7/10

Peace neighbours,

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