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Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep20 ‘Shadow of Doubt’

*Beware of spoilers* 

The black Hood…who is he? Well, apparently, he’s not dead then who is bringing Justice to Riverdale?

In this episode, Betty is close to finding the true identity of the black hood with the help of our very own bomb, Cheryl. However, questions are still not answered until the very end, and it frustrates me entirely because I’m seriously getting fed up by this whole suspense! (Probably this is what Riverdale actually wants from us and we’re giving it)

Riverdale’s doctor calls Betty (well, the Register) saying that he found a mutilated body and that she should come and take a look at it. To her relief, it wasn’t Chic.

Fearful that it might be Chic, Cheryl and her cousin both go to see the dead body.

Per contra, guilt washes over her and she is all the more resolute in daring to shoot the arrow and land a bull’s-eye. Even if she has to lay all of the evidence she collected in front of her dad, or just threaten him with a gun to speak the truth.

The black hood appears again when Fred Andrews and Hermoine Lodge start their mayoral debate. Fortunately, none of them were injured, and its no surprise that Hal was there too with Betty.

This little incident shakes the entire town hall all over again. Veronica tells her mother to back off because of the dangers she might face ahead, but Hiram says so otherwise. He doesn’t want to lose this game, even if it means putting his own wife’s life in jeopardy.

With this, Veronica decides to now campaign for Fred Andrews, giving him all her support (and making love with Archie because now they are on the same team)

The new sheriff in town seems to have been making progress in finding the culprit of Midge’s killer, but due to hard evidence and testimonies, Fangs, a serpent is caught and put in jail for the time being. He was seen in Jughead’s Carrie ‘behind the scenes’ documentary talking (hooking) up with Midge, but because he was afraid, he didn’t spill the beans and came directly to Jones for help.

Jughead takes attorney Mccoy’s help and is successful in bringing Fangs out of the prison. However, the dark circle which is now controlled by Hiram, resolves to kill Fangs because they are convinced that Fangs was the one to kill one of their North siders. Reggie takes the lead and courage in brining a gun to the riot that was outside the police department, and was ever ready to kill the innocent individual. zn

But, Jughead calls Archie, now in desperate need of his help and unknowing that Archie isn’t leading the dark circle anymore. Our red head arrives at the scene at the right time and stops Reggie from firing Fangs.

But…there’s a sound of the gunshot and Fangs is bleeding. Archie is on top of Reggie, holding him down, but the gun is still in his hand…

Was it a misfire?

Or did Reggie was able to really put a hole in Fangs torso?

Nonetheless, a chaotic war between the North and South Siders break out and meanwhile that’s happening, Black Hood knocks on Cheryl’s door.

Why Cheryl? z

Well…Cheryl was Betty’s accomplice in trying to figure out black hood’s personality. And did you notice that Betty happened to mention that to Hal?

Mmmm….what is this dilemma really…

Will Cheryl’s life be in danger, or did black hood just appear in front of her to scare her? To warn her?

And will Fangs survive? I hope he does because clearly, he didn’t do anything wrong…well, he cheated although knowing that Midge was Moose’s girlfriend, but that was just a mistake and he doesn’t deserve to die for that.

Things are getting really twisty here…

Hopefully, someone will untwist it all (my bets on Betty) and end this black hood headache, the black hole to everyone’s doubts and emotions.

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~




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