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Mini Review of Fear The Walking Dead S4 Ep3 ‘Good Out Here’

*Beware of extreme spoilers*

This episode gave me the biggest shock since the death of Glenn in The Walking Dead series…me and my parents were like sharing confused and aghast glances because it was so unexpected. It was so sad and I wish time could go back and change whatever has happened.

Al unwillingly takes Nick’s group to where she found the numbered flag, however, in the middle of their lovely journey, Al manages to create a chaos that eventually ends up with the two group helping each other.

Al makes a simple deal; she’ll only lead them to where she found the flag only if they comply on telling their story. Though all of them perplexed at her little idea of capturing the moments, they agree to do the same.

However, their motive of finding the numbered flag is still unknown.

In the flashback, Nick, who couldn’t bring himself to come out of the gates, finally decides to help her mom find some food.

Nick recollects those memories; the talks they talked, the places they went, and it only makes us question even more as to where Maddie is right now and what might have happened to her?

Morgan and Nick end up spending some quality time together, when suddenly, Nick spots a familiar car passing by the road they were stuck in and somehow runs behind it.

With a few mishaps here and there, and with the help of Morgan, Nick finds the person who he seemed to loathe so much because of Charlie, who doesn’t seem to understand the difference between who the right group and the wrong group are.

Consequently, Nicky here kills the man in a struggling fight and sees to it that he be dead for good.

Seeing how the poor drug addict is going through the same phase Morgan himself went through, he urges him to read the book of attaining peace which was given to him by the individual who changed Morgan’s life. Morgan hopes that Nick could find the rightful path before its too late.

He keeps the book with him and sits on the threshold of an abandoned house; recalling the moment his mom found a beautiful field of flowers, and the tranquillity he felt at the time. When unexpectedly, Nick hears a gunshot.

He looks up and sees Charlie, the girl he was fond of, the girl he wanted to rescue from the clutches of the Vulture, had a gun pointed at him.

Realization strikes and he feels the pain of the gunshot. Nick falls, keeping his gaze at Charlie who hastily runs away. Although, judging by her appalled expression, we can only assume for now that she must have been forced to commit such a crime. And at this young age of hers, there’s not much she can do but oblige to survive.

At his last moments, Nick remembers the peacefulness that surrounded him, and albeit he died without warning and in suffering, leaving his family and friends behind, I’m guessing that he was relieved to leave the world where only the dead walk. Where humans betray, and where we are required to take on the form of a demon instead of an Angel.

With that, the episode ends. Tears in our eyes. Aching hearts. Utter shock that I still can’t get over.

Nick was the main protagonist. He was the absolute foundation of Fear the Walking Dead. The chief point of view.

So, I wonder how things will turn out now…I’m actually more worried about Maddie’s reaction. She’s the type to do whatever it takes to get her son back. The type to kill all those involved in the death of her son, which means, she might not spare Charlie’s life unless the little rebel has a reasonable excuse.

But, you know what? I won’t stop watching because I need to find out what takes place next. Sure, I will miss Nick, abundantly at that, but what’s more important is seeing the Vulture’s crucial death.

This really was heart breaking for me. And this desolated emotion isn’t going away because of the way it was all directed; thr flashbacks, the flowers, the whole placidity thing.

*cries inwardly*

Okay, let me just go to the bathroom and…cry a bit more.

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~ (that is if I succeed in getting out of my depressive state)



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