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Mini review of Supernatural S13 Ep21 ‘Beat The Devil’

*Beware of spoilers*

No offence, but Supernatural is turning boring all over again. Keeping the comedy aside, there is progress in the story but for some reason, I’m not feeling the excitement and apprehension of what’s to come next. Its like I’m just watching for the sake of completing the season…

I need the energy, the activeness and a deadly fight. Not that I’m not happy with family reunions. At long last, Sam and Dean, along with the help of an Angel, a witch and 2 Archangels, find Mary and Jack on the other side of the fatal universe.

Yes, you read right. 2 Archangels. One is Gabriel who accepted to help them and fight the alternate version a.k.a evil Michael. And the other Archangel as you know it, who is alive and in this world right now, is Lucifer. Somehow tricking Lucy, the odd couple, Gabriel and Rowena, capture him, bring him to the bunker and use his abundant grace to open up the rift.

You might be asking now that why didn’t Gabriel use his grace, right? Well, he did give his grace but apparently, it wasn’t enough and he still needs time to fill up his tank.

With Lucifer’s tap open and spilling at every second, the boys get to the other side, leaving Rowena in-charge of babysitting the Devil. However, as you all know it, Lucifer wouldn’t just sit there like a good boy. He body itches to create mischief, to whisper unnecessary stuff, to annoy the heck out of people. Using his words and singing skills and the gift of vexation, Lucifer manages to anger Rowena, who in-return says something that makes Lucifer furious and break the Witch’s binding spell on him. Lucifer was about to kill Rowena. Again. But the tiny Irish woman was able to fight back, thereupon making a threatening mistake (because like Billy, the Death said, Rowena will only be killed by Samuel)

She used her magic to push the Devil away from her, but ends up sending him directly into the rift. She thinks of leaving the bunker since she was done with her work and now whatever happens will not matter to her, but instead; feeling guilty and responsible, she stays back and searches for a way in the black book to keep the rift open.

On the other side, the gang tread north. They end up saving two people who mention were also heading north to where a rebel group leaded by a woman named Mary was saving and protecting the others from the menacing Angels.

The two groups use a dangerous shortcut to reach Dayton quicker, however, it only ends up bad. An army of vampires attack them, and as much as they put up a fight, one of them was successful in biting Sam and dragging him away further into their den. Dean was about to chase his baby brother but Castiel stops him, realizing that Sam was already gone.

Without wasting another moment, the two groups reach Dayton and eventually meet up with their mom and Jack. But no one is happy because with this family reunion because Sammy might as well be as good as dead…

When unexpectedly, Sam shows up; bloody but alright.

Like how in the world…?

Let me answer that for you. It was because of Lucifer.

Yes, you read it right again, Lucifer saved Sam. He prevented his death. Why? Because seemingly Sam was the only one now to know where his son, Jack would be and to because Lucifer knows too well that his son wouldn’t accept him, he decides to go to him with a simple, heart-touching gift. Samuel. The goose.

What a devil, isn’t he?

And eventually, Lucifer finally comes face to face with his son who obviously doesn’t seem too happy to meet his real father.

What will happen now?

Will the father and son talk it all out and join hands?

Or will Jack end up killing his own dad?

Or will Lucifer, to gain his son’s trust help the Winchesters save the world from Michael and his army?

I have no idea, but considering Supernatural’s ability to surprise us at unforeseen times, I’m guessing its going to be something awful or something out of the blue, or something direct.

Rating: 6/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~


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