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Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep19 ‘Prisoners’

*Beware of spoilers*

This week’s episode of Riverdale dramatically starts with Midge’s funeral. It’s just so sad to realize that she won’t be hanging around anymore. I really liked her character and I still can’t believe that Black Hood is back. That Sheriff Keller killed a dupe and that Black Hood is still on the loose, all the more seeking justice and threatening to kill those who have escaped his clutches.

It gives me the goosebumps…

Also, I don’t think its right that Sheriff Keller is being attacked by eggs and tomatoes just because Black Hood has decided to show up again. He did what he had to and he’s doing his best to protect Riverdale, bur I guess some people just don’t get how much more stressed he is on catching Midge’s killer. Furthermore, he has been given a notice of debasing as a Sheriff and bringing in someone new to solve this brutal mystery that has completely shook Riverdale.

Meanwhile the teen investigators, Bughead discover disturbing things about Chic. Apparently, Chic isn’t Alice’s son. He was just his roommate. But, one day, a nasty fight broke out between the two and Chic lost his control, which led to Charles Cooper’s death. Chic also mentions Alice that Charles had knocked on her door, but she shooed him away. Recalling that incident, guilt washed over her and she immediately goes to FP and reveals the said matter.

Jughead was a strong support to Betty, but it would be kind of weird, don’t you think if the lovers find out that their mom and dad were together in high school? That what bonds them was a grave mistake?

In this episode, Alice was the one to suffer extreme anguish. I pity her and I hope she gets all the support she needs. But, what if she finds out that Betty actually released Chic from their basement and handed him to the Black Hood? What if she finds out that Chic, Charles murderer is no longer in their life?

Forget about all that though, because what came to revelation literally blew me away. After Betty comes home after saying her goodbyes to Chic, she consoles her mom but notices that she’s alone, drinking her sorrows away. “Mom, where’s dad?” she asks and Alice replies that he had come after her.


Hal had went after Betty? Hal has green eyes too, doesn’t he? And now that I think about it deeply, Archie and Hal haven’t really seen each other after all this Black Hood thing eventuated. But, Black Hood’s eyes doesn’t match Hals…and Hal is a sinner himself, right? Spending time with Penelope when Alice left him.

Ugh, I don’t even know anymore. Riverdale keeps getting mysterious and I just can’t seem to fit the pieces in the puzzle.

Evidently, Fred Andrews is in danger and Archie notices that someone is following him since the time of Midge’s funeral wearing a Black Hood.

I think for the first few times it was the actual Black Hood provoking Archie, maybe? But startlingly enough, it was the vulture Nick who showed up in Riverdale again. He attacked Archie, kidnapped him and asked Veronica for a million dollars as a ransom.

I hated it when Hiram Lodge refused to relieve Archie from Nick st. Sicko’s claws. I mean, didn’t they make a pact or something? Isn’t there enough trust and love between the boss and the son-in-law that he can’t even pay a million dollars?

Sure, he has his ‘reason’ but still. His attitude towards Archie isn’t right, that too after the red head proving so much to the Lodges that he can trust them and allow them in their family.

Ensuingly, Veronica decides to take the matters in her own hands. She steals some leftover money from her daddy’s safe, but being considerate, Nick gives her an easy way to save Archie from being buried six feet under.

And that was to finish what they had started in New York. What Veronica owed him.

She got all sparkled up for her date night with the sick individual, but we all know that in the end, she is a Lodge. A clever one at that. No matter how much she disguises herself as a Swan, deep inside she is a hyena.

Unable to see the live feed of what could’ve took place in Nick’s suite, he manages to escape from the dark den and heroically sprints to save her.

But he surprisingly finds out that Veronica doesn’t need saving. Doubtless, she is capable of saving herself.

Ronnie reveals the cruelty of her father and the two of them decide to have a quick talk in his office.

In determination and rage to find the Black Hood, Archie forgets about Hiram’s cowardice to save him, but only keeping in mind about his endangered father, asks him something more, something that can put him in debt to him. He asks Hiram to help him catch the Black Hood, no matter what it takes, and Hiram confidently agrees, probably because of his conscience, or he just might be thinking something else that’ll put Fred on the side-lines and make Hermoine the Mayor of Riverdale.

Who is the Black Hood?

How many people will he kill?

And will he be caught before someone else is murdered because of their sins?

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~



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