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Mini Review of Supernatural S13 Ep20 ‘Unfinished Business’

*Beware of spoilers*

In this weeks episode of Supernatural, Gabriel shows up again, but with trouble written on his forehead, and well, evident wounds that the Winchesters couldn’t turn a blind eye to.

Now back and running, Gabriel finally decides to take revenge on the demigods that betrayed and sold him to Asmodeus. However, he’s low on grace and though he didn’t want to be in debt to the brothers, the three end up with a win-win deal, the brothers help Gabriel take his revenge and Gabriel will help them save the world from Michaels ambush.

On the other side, literally, Mary and Jack are at long last shown spending dangerously quality time together. You know, fighting and winning wars (not unusual at all…)

And as they win each war and save the people from the menacing Angels, Jack’s confidence in himself and his power rises to a great extent which also leads him to make choices that he never knew he would regret.

Being honest, this episode was kinda boring and went on too long. I mean, the events that happpened must take place so that Gabriel could eventually join their team, and we got to know how Gabriel ended up being a pitiful victim chained up in Hell, but I also thought that it was unnecessary and they could’ve just be done with it over a couple of beers.

In fact, both sides of the story were drab. And I hated it that they killed the other worldly Kevin too! I mean, come on, for a Prophet of God, he died a futile death! He didn’t deserve to die…*sniffs*

That’s all the more reason for me to hate this episode.

(Where did all the thrill and excitement disappear to?)

Lastly, Sam lets out his feelings to Dean to be kept on the side-lines as if he was weak, as if he couldn’t protect himself and its not his fault that he feels that way. Though Dean only did that to keep his brother from dying. Again.

Nonetheless, Sam made it crystal clear that from now on, whatever may take place; whether it be going to the other side, finding Mary and Jack or dying, they would do it together. They would deal whatever fate lends them…together.

As a matter of fact, I’m proud of Sam for making Dean understand that not every time will his terms and conditions work. That not every time he can put his own life at risk, and that not every time can he take the burden of getting himself killed.

Now the question still remains, can the Winchesters really save the world? Can Jake stop Michael before he arrives in their world and invades it? Or will all hells break loose for the umpteenth time?

Rating: 6/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~


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