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Mini Review of Supernatural S13 Ep19 ‘Funeralia’

*Beware of spoilers*

So, remember the time Sammy tore a page from the Black Grimoire and gives it Rowena because she desperately wanted to shield herself after Lucifer’s brutal attack on her?

Well, now unlocking her inner elemental powers like a ninja, Rowena unexpectedly turns into Wonder Woman; seeking utter justice!

That sounds unbelievable, right? Because it is. Rowena, a witch, striking for justice? Not a chance. Perceptibly, the real reason was just to attain Death’s attention (notice me Senpai~ kind of style)

After Fergus—Crowleys death, Rowena said she felt guilt and regret, that her son didn’t die justly, or the right way and the he deserved way better than a pity kill from Lucifer.

So, in order to bring back her son whom she realized she loves so dearly, Rowena kills a couple of people, including their reapers so that Billy a.k.a Death would take notice of the deaths that are happening before their appointed time.

A reaper sent by Death himself appears of a sudden in front of the Winchesters and asks them for help. Dean and Sam, eventually thinking that this will be the last of Rowena now that she betrayed Sam’s trust, hunt her down to stop her unwise decisions.

In the process, Sam finds out that Rowena true, permanent death wouldn’t be at the hands of Satan, but he himself would kill her.

This actually strengthens the bond between moose and the powerful witch, and its kind of a relief to know that Rowena won’t die any sooner. After all, she might be a big help in getting Mary and Jack back, or hell, saving the world and perhaps, finally, redeeming herself.

On the other hand, Castiel Hails Mary and turns to Heaven to get some help as they are gradually running out of time.

However, the Angels are in no less problem than Castiel and the Winchesters themselves.

Heaven runs on Angels, but because there are just a couple of them (precisely 9) after so much bloodshed and mistrust, Heaven needed an Arch-Angel to keep itself intact. To gain its power back.

And so, they did the silliest thing of welcoming Lucifer in the sacred place, hoping that Heaven would illuminate brightly once again.

Unfortunately, their plan didn’t work and now Heaven is on the verge of crumbling and its only a matter of time before the Angels burn out too.

Castiel asks them for help, but the Angels—keeping their loathe aside at the moment, ask back Castiel’s help. None of the Angels tell Castiel about Lucifer taking over Heaven, which is why things didn’t get any messier. No questions asked.

And guess what they need?

Yes, Gabriel. The Arch-Angel. Pure. And Heaven’s only hope.

Damn, they just missed him by a day…

Castiel, like the good and dutiful Angel he is, agrees to find Gabriel and bring him back. Until then, the gates of Heaven will be closed and they will wait with bated breaths for the end of their misery.

Sometimes, Supernatural episodes are either too boring, too interesting or just too deep, and this one, comes in the ‘too deep’ category.

I oddly liked the progressing relation between Rowena and Sam. Like, we all know Sam sees the good in everyone, but he also knows which people and which kind of people to keep close and which to kill and burn.

The way Death explains the reality and nature of things to Rowena was touching because being the greatest witch she is, no one (except Sam, of course) understood her feelings or tried to talk to her properly when in fact, she is a good listener and would comply to do good if given the slightest nudge.

After all, mistakes are just lessons we teach to and learn by and for ourselves.

Will Rowena join hands with the Winchesters to save their family? And will Cass be able to find the now MIA Gabriel?

Well, let’s wait for next week to find that out. Until then.

Rating: 7/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~





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