Happiness is…

What is happiness, really? Happiness is in all the small things that makes us smile. The things that tickle our memories. And things that give us a warm feeling.

Happiness is…

  • Spending quality time with Family.
  • Coffee.
  • Chocolate milk.
  • Meeting Grandparents.
  • Goodnight hugs and kisses.
  • Smile on my parents’ face.
  • Playing games with siblings for hours.
  • Completing a drama.
  • Watching your bias.
  • Saving pictures of your bias.
  • Taking pictures of your loved ones.
  • Meeting relatives.
  • Long drives.
  • Petting cats.
  • Working out and eating right.
  • Completing unfinished work.
  • Chicken!
  • Spreading Nutella.
  • Yoghurt with lots of toppings.
  • Scrolling through old photos.
  • Drinking cold water.
  • Zaafran/Irani tea.
  • Eating California sushi roll.
  • Being punctual.
  • Eating Grandma’s food.




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