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Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep18 ‘A Night to Remember’

So, I’ve had a lot of catching up to do since I came back from my little trip to Dubai and just yesterday, I was able to see an episode of Riverdale and I absolutely loved it. It was entirely musical, like High School Musical and gosh…everyone has such lovely voices; especially Cheryl. They sang so well. I actually didn’t expect Toni, Kevin, Alice and Midge to sing too. This episode truly amused me, and yet filled me with utter apprehension…I still can’t forget about it. The anxiousness is still hanging in the air around me.

In this episode, Kevin is directing a musical act on Carrie, the telekinetic teen who kills her mother. The dark role is eventually played by our tragically sick Cheryl Blossom herself.

And so, the cast gleefully begins its rehearsals. However, I do have to ask you guys this question…has Riverdale ever stayed gleeful for that long?

The answer, we all know is a simple, “Nope.”

Kevin receives a mysterious letter in his locker, implying that he’s the Black Hood and that the role of Carrie should be recast.

Of course, anyone would think that someone’s playing a prank because Sheriff Keller himself shot the Black Hood, but because Kevin can’t take the threat lightly, he has no choice but to make bothersome decisions.

Our own Sherlock, Jughead soon tries to solve the mystery behind the letters, but ends up with more menacing questions.

On the other part of this sinister happenings, Betty and Veronica seem to be in bad terms because of the lies our poor V had to say to keep her friendship intact.

Archie too is quite in the dump because of Hiram Lodge’s gift to him; the Firebird! Which Archie hadn’t yet mentioned to his dad. Soon after, an evil plan occurs to Hiram that creates a rip between the son and dad.

Nonetheless, Archie, like the son he is and like the son his father made him into, contemplates and makes a decision that chops Hiram’s plan like a weak bark.

After all, the relationship of a father and son is stronger than a father-in-law a.k.a Boss and son.

Betty also tries to help her mom who seemed to have been gradually shattering into pieces. Hal gets back to Alice and they promise each other that there won’t be anymore secrets between them. Hopefully.

Because Penelope won’t let Cherly take part in the musical which she was so looking forward to show the world that she’s back and burning, Cheryl harmonizes the perfect Carrie White style plan to threaten her deviant mother.

And just when we all thought that nothing could go wrong on this lovely night where everyone is excited and just ready to enjoy a harmless night…A murder takes place right on stage!

And it was none other than Midge who was playing Carrie. And to make things even more perplexing, there was a note written in blood; apparently from the Black Hood again. But this time, the entire Riverdale knows it.

Black Hood is back.

Another funeral in Riverdale.

Another threat.

Too many questions.

What will happen now…? Does this mean that Sheriff Keller shot the wrong or fake Black Hood? Or is someone playing his role to finish what had been started?

Rating: 9/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~





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