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Mini Review of LEGO Ninjago Movie

Movie Title – LEGO Ninjago Movie

Genre – Animated/Comedy/Adventure

Summary of the movie – A disdained teenager named Lloyd a.k.a Green Ninja, along with his fellow ninjas and the evil warlord Garmadon who happens to be Lloyd’s father, sets out on a journey to save Ninjago from utter destruction by Meowthra, the kitty.

Regardless of its reviews, I watched the movie and unexpectedly liked it. Well, not that much, but it was enjoyable and hilarious. The silly jokes made me laugh, the story line was good, the characters were all fun to be with, I love Jackie Chan and I like LEGO’s so for me, it was just another pleasurable movie night. The bond between an evil father and a good son was pretty amusing. The story of how the Green Ninja’s a.k.a Lloyd’s parents met touched me. I’ve no complains with how the story went or even the ridiculous yet logical jesters. LEGO was successful in bringing a smile to my face.

I like all the characters, especially Garmadon because of his absurd ways of destroying Ninjago and his on-point jokes that literally made me cackle. Not to mention, I like Kai just because it’s Kai (If you’re into Kpop, you’ll know what I mean…hehe)

However, I don’t recommend this movie to those who don’t want to waste their time. Adults would definitely feel bored halfway through the movie but for those who just want to pass some time, and who have the patience to really sit and finish the movie, who have the tolerance to understand the quick jokes, then good for them, this is the absolute movie.

Rating – 7/10

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